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The chosen TV film is Frequency which is available on Netflix.  The case was about the resentment of the main protagonist Raimy Sullivan against his father Frank Sullivan because she thought her father gave in to corruption when he was an undercover which caused his death.  It changed when she began hearing from his father’s old ham radio where she was able to talk to her father himself.  Her father Frank was able to communicate with her while in the past (1995 to 1996) while she remains in the future.  Frank was able to clarify the issue during her undercover days and both of them strove to change Frank’s death.  They were successful but uncovered a serial murderer called Nightingale that caused Raimy’s mother Julie Sullivan’s death.  Again, they tried to change it.

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Synopsis of facts

After changing the event of Raimy’s father’s death, it was her mother now that died in the hands of a serial killer dubbed Nightingale because of the ritualistic killing of nurses.  At first, they thought it was Deacon Joe Hurley who was the Nightingale killer but it was in fact, the son Robbie Womack.  For twenty years, the case was considered solved because Joe Hurley confessed about the crime and sent to jail.  Robbie did not strike again for 20 years. Until Raimy found out that it was not Deacon Joe who was the nightingale killer but was Robbie and she communicated it to her father in 1996.  Robbie was about to strike again with Julie Sullivan as the target but Frank Sullivan was able to stop it because of the warning from Raimy Sullivan.  Julie Sullivan survived the attacked because she continued to live with Raimy in her time in the future.

The offense

The offence is first degree murder.  Among those who were victim of the murder were Raimy’s mother Julie Sullivan, Meghan Womack, Amanda Baldwin and a host of other nurses.

Applicable statute

The applicable statute is Minnesota is Minnesota Statutes Section 609.185 – Murder in the First Degree (www.statelaws.findlaw, nd).  In sum Minnesota Statutes Section 609.185 – Murder in the First Degree, states that a premeditated (planned, prepared or deliberate) killing constitutes first degree murder.  

Elements of the crime

The Nightingale killer is a serial ritualistic killer who kills nurses thinking they are saving them and that the only way to save them is to give them a good death.  Each victim whom the Nightingale killer thought to be a sinner is identified and then goes on an elaborate plan to abduct, then give her a good death to save her soul.  Among the victims are Raimy’s mother who is a nurse and the Nightingale’s mother.  Having these facts, the elements of the crime present in the TV series Frequency are;

  • Premeditated killing with the intent to kill the person.
  • Killing someone with violence.
  • Killing someone while committing domestic abuse, after having engaged in a pattern of domestic abuse on the victim or other family or household members.
  • Causing anyone’s death while committing, conspiring, or attempting to commit a felony in furtherance of terrorism, that is to terrorize or intimidate the public and disrupt or interfere with the government or laws (www.statelaws.findlaw, nd).

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