System Change Interventions for Smoking Cessations

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The EBP source that has been identified is titled System Change Interventions for Smoking Cessation with the authors being Thomas Dennis, Abramson, Michael, Bonevski Billie and George Johnson. The source from which the article has been retrieved is the Cochrane Library. The evidence-based practice that the authors utilize in the paper is the use of change interventions in facilitating smoking cessation. 

The EBP enlists a professional practice on how smoking addicts can be aided through research methods that have been proven to be useful in solving the addiction menace against different people. The main reason for choosing the source is the reference that the article has to other seven studies. The seven studies that the authors have referred to in the journal are all reputable sources. The sources are all cluster randomized control studies that detail various smoking cessation studies and research. According to Melnyk and Fineout-Overholt (2011), a quality evidence based paper needs to highlight best research evidence, patient values, and the clinical expertise. The three components are integrated into the article that is under analysis.   

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The EBP repositories that the authors have utilized in the paper include Cochrane Tobacco Addiction Group Specialized Register, CENTRAL, MEDLINE, Embase, CINAHL, and PsycINFO (Thomas, Abramson, Bonevski & George, 2017). The choice of the articles that were to be selected for analysis is only those published not later than five years ago, thus, affirming that the most recent information is presented in the journal article. Evidence-based practices need to be valid and must offer proof of their effectiveness in the recent past, to warrant their application in a clinical context. However, there is need to improve on the number of clinical trials to draw strong conclusions from the evidence-based practice being discussed in the paper.  

The intervention review that was used as a source for the EBP study has the characteristic of its use in the services of existing staff to come up with the intervention. Neither of the studies that were done combined all the six system change strategies, but five of the studies used the four system level strategies, while the other two implemented three system strategies. Using the intervention review method, four of the studies identified smokers using a system of a vital stamp to do patient records marking; whereas in another study, the little 2009, used a new field dependent on electronic health record. The last study, Patwardhan 2012, incorporated the identification of smokers by dental clinicians through asking of their behavioral consumption of tobacco. While none of the studies reported an intervention involving tobacco necessity services except one, smokers were advised to seek for quit line services. In four studies, provision of pharmacotherapy services by an organization was necessary. The intervention are usually policies and practices premeditated to incorporate knowing of all smokers and followed by giving of evidence-based treatments of cessation. The search methods included electronic search of databases and search of clinical trial registries like the WHO clinical search registry. The selection criteria were randomized control trials, clusters with two intervention sites and two comparator sites. Data collection was done through information from piloted tested standardized extracted collection form, from which the collected data was entered in a review manager. Although it was difficult to draw conclusions about the system success, the evidence was quite important for primary outcome of smoking cessation.

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