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There are three main challenges when it comes to integrating technologists into a team, and all of them are about attitude and perception. First of all, many technologists will claim that the rest of the team does not understand what they are doing (Katz, 2005). It is especially the case for extremely technical areas like security coding. Another challenge is that most teams do not have leadership systems which cater to the specific needs of technologists. Most people in technical areas would prefer a self-managed system where they manage their skills and tasks. Finally, language can be and is usually a barrier. Technical experts do have their professional language, and they can and usually find it difficult to communicate with other members of the team. 

The key to the whole process is proper team management and communication. To begin with, the team leader should pay special focus to the norming part of the team building. Cain (2012) says that each member’s ideas should be represented in the creation of the team ethos and values. Any mistakes at this point will see some members feeling isolated and taken for granted. A comprehensive communication plan is also critical when one has technical experts on the team. It should be crafted in such a way that it makes communication as straightforward as possible. Every member should know who to speak to on whatever subject and what the most convenient method is. The best measure of the success of the twin strategies is how often the technical members communicate with others (Lynda, n.d). They need to feel comfortable enough to speak to and seek information from any member of the team. If the technologists are comfortable, they will be productive, and that is good for the business. Indeed, taking care of the technologists’ interests directly caters to the business’ interests as well.

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