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An organization requires corporation to ensure success. Every organization has a target audience. Analyzing the need of the audience is the most important thing. Evaluating the reaction of the audience towards a product can tell whether the product is appreciated or not. There are also many factors that determine the response of the audience. The credibility of an individual must be checked before interacting with the target audience. Technology has been the driver in our economy and daily activities. Technology companies have been ranked as the best institutions in which any organization can make their investments. Technology enables communication and better working in many institutions. With this knowledge, our organization has selected technology products such as mobile phones and computers. The organization can invest its capital resources in these products to develop and market itself in the global environment.

Characteristics and importance of the product

Technology is developed every day.  Many people rely on technology thus it has proved to have various functions in the modern world. The aim of the organization is to invest in technology gadgets such as phones and computers and services that come along with technology. Mobile phones are very important when passing messages from one person to another. People do not have to be in the same area. Computers are used in many institutions such as schools, business organizations, and hospitals among others. Any organization can invest its resources in a tech company. They are the leading companies in the whole world (Castles et al., 2013).

The world we live in is very modern and many activities are defined by technology. Technology has been effective in easing communication. Education has been referred to as the key to success. Teachers and students can therefore benefit by using computers in their learning activities. By the organization investing in a technology firm, many people in the whole world will benefit a lot. Students will be able to do their research work in schools thus improving their academic performance (Wu et al., 2013). There are very many remote areas especially in Africa. They can also benefit and improve their learning activities. Teachers also require computers to perform their duties in the right way. This can make the teaching process easy for the teachers. Other business firms can also benefit. Managers can send the required information to the employees very easily. They can also monitor the activities of their institutions even when they have travelled to other places.

There are very many benefits that are brought about by technology. Technology companies have been ranked as the best firms that any organization can make its investment. The products involved in technology have many advantages. People from different countries can communicate without any barrier. Technology is a way of ensuring that people benefit globally. The ability of a country to control its growth and economic development depends on the level of technology growth. Thus, technology products such as phones and computers are worthwhile.

The profile and needs of the audience

The most important thing is understanding the audience. How the well the intended message is delivered to them is also important. Understanding the audience involves prioritizing their needs. The main audience involved include managers in firms, heads of schools institutions, and leaders from African countries. The audience have different needs and they all have to be addressed. Having a target audience is very crucial in any organization. The more the audience, the higher the chances of success in any business. Every category of audience have their significance in an investment firm.

Managers are the people who oversee that all the activities in a company are conducted in the right way. They are also in charge of integrating new technological methods in the companies. They are important to our organization because they understand technology better. Companies need mobile phones and computers. With computers and mobile phones, employees can finish their work within the expected time. But the only way the employees can get information concerning the importance of technology gadgets is only through their managers. The sales of the products will not only increase locally, but also in the whole world. Therefore, involving the managers as part of the audience is very important.

The heads of school institutions ensures that the learning activities in their specific schools are in accordance. They have to ensure that the teachers are using the right methods to impact knowledge to the learners. They also have the duty of ensuring that the students are using the right methods of studying to improve their performance. The education system has embraced the use of computers in the process of learning. The heads of education institutions are very important because they can educate the teachers and students on the importance of using technology in education. Research can be done using computers while teachers can make use of internet access using computers thus relieving them from the finance difficulties. By involving the heads of education institutions, the sales of the products will increase as a result of an increase in the demand.

African countries are referred to as third world countries. They have not maximized the use of technology in their day to day activities.  African leaders are the only people who can initiate change in these countries. They first have to recognize the importance of technology. Our organization aims at investing their resources to expand the number of sales in the global environment. Involving the African leaders could make this come true very easily. Leaders have a way of influencing their people (Landes, 2015). By doing this, the number of computers and mobile phones supplied to Africa can increase thus improving the market and sales of the product.

The needs of the audience have to be catered for and cannot be ignored. How people deliver message to the audience defines how the audience respond. Etiquette and having a positive attitude is important when approaching the audience. The way of approaching each audience is usually different. They have different needs, thus they have to be approached in a different manner. Each category of audience is supposed to be approached in a different manner. Learning their values and knowing their expectations helps in approaching the audience.

Establishing credibility

The ability of people to trust another person is referred to as credibility. The manner in which the audience react highly depends on credibility. Credibility measures the level which an individual believes in something. Sometimes the audiences view an investor as a stranger but still believe in that person. Therefore, it is important to establish credibility to earn the trust of the audience. Establishing credibility involves factors such as honesty, confidence, being sincere, being aware of the needs of the audience, being objective and having enough knowledge (Thill et al., 2013).

Honesty is the main requirement in establishing credibility. Sometimes, the audience may oppose to the ideas or messages delivered, but being honest to them, shows how much they can count on you. Confidence convinces the audience that the message delivered is true. It shows that the person is not afraid and believes in himself. Confidence involves being polite and humble. It is important to be sincere when establishing credibility. It helps the audience in improving themselves and knowing their mistakes. Recognizing the needs of the audience is important because they usually feel appreciated. It can be done in a direct manner or an indirect way. Being objectives shows that a person can handle any situation affecting an investment. Finally, in establishing credibility, having enough knowledge is of great importance. It proves to the audience that enough research has been done before delivering the message.


There are many products or services in which any organization can make their capital investment. The type of service or product depends on the needs of the organization and the amount of information they have. Technology has been the leading sector where any organization can make an investment. There are different types of audiences depending on the organization. Analyzing the needs of the audience is the first step that any organization can take. Audience defines the progress of an organization. The information delivered to them determines their reaction towards a service or a product. Thus, establishing credibility must be encouraged. It enables the audience to gain trust and confidence. The people who interact with the audience determine how well an organization can perform. Thus, to create a better name for an organization, we should focus on building credibility.

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