The Case of Extreme Scientists


Cloud computing is a type of technology that uses a central remote server that can be accessed through the internet and is used to store and maintain data and applications (Catteddu, 2010). The virtual architecture enables data analysis and processing of large data amount in a fast mean possible. In the last couple of years, cloud computing has attracted a large number of users. It has cost-effective, quick, and flexible data management and analysis technique (Pavlik, Komarek, & Sobeslav, 2014). The case of Extreme Scientist presents Dr. Schadt as a user of cloud computing for his biology research work which is also dedicated to sharing information concerning diseases and treatment. He decided to use Amazon’s services as a third party agent to make detailed analysis of the complex data and also unleash dependable results. Virtualization is a vital element to deal with massive data amounts. Many organizations have recorded business success by using virtual systems.

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The Architecture Used by Dr. Schadt in His Research

Dr. Schadt uses a service-oriented architecture (SOA) or web-based architecture (WBA) for his medical research firm. This structure connects users and systems through a world wide web (www) globally linked based on the architecture of the web (Catteddu, 2010). The framework contains a web browser running on a client machine and a web server through which information and analysis capabilities are enabled and can be accessed through the internet. The service-oriented architecture (SOA) is highly flexible and most of the data computing capabilities are implemented over the internet. Dr. Schadt’s research work is fully reliant on data analysis. He works with huge data emanating from collaborative research teams in a social network. Such data requires complex analysis, adequate data storage space, and powerful processor to enable efficient virtual computing. Web-based computing technology unleashes analytic resources with scalability via the cloud. Amazon is one example of SOA, and Dr. Schadt uses its services to perform analysis of data while he flies. He only required an internet connection and a computing device, and he was able to access remotely located data as well as services. We can; therefore, say that the web-oriented architecture approach adopted by Dr. Schadt is the best solution for meeting research goals of wide aspects.

Risks and Benefits Dr. Schadt Faces

Other than the benefits of cloud computing services like those of Amazon, there are also risks associated with online based analysis services. Some of the risks that Dr. Schadt was exposed to when using the Amazon’s services for his supercomputing include; data security and privacy issues, environmental security, server crash problems, and data availability and business continuity (Heiser & Nicolett, 2008). The data that Dr. Schadt uses is stored in the third party server (Amazon) and, therefore, fully depends on the Amazon’s data security policies. The data also risk security threats that target cloud computing environment and the data may be vulnerable to brutal incidences such as brute force and malware attacks. Another risk on data is when the server crashes. This situation can lead to data loss; however, many service providers store data redundantly for data safeguarding in the event the server crashes. Moreover, in case the law enforcement agencies call for a seizure of a data-hosting server, the repercussions may extend to the unrelated services kept on the same machine.

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The benefits of web-based services that Amazon provides for its clients are enormous. For instance, like other firms using cloud computing service, Dr. Schadt was able to save the cost for his researches. Businesses only pay for the services offered or the service they request for but not for owning the equipment (Catteddu, 2010). The approach helps businesses to save on instrument installation costs. Another benefit of cloud computing services is its flexibility. There is no need to be at the office to work, but as long as one can access the internet connection, he or she can work from anywhere since installation, software or hardware installations are not needed. Finally, an optimized IT infrastructure delivers quick access to the required computing services. In the case of Dr. Schadt, he used the Amazon’s services for his research while traveling with the airplane and by the time he landed, the process he was handling was complete.

Advice to Organizations

The advices I would give to the company that is yet to decide to use cloud computing for its operations are as follows. First, before transferring their services to the cloud, I would recommend that it should ensure that the service firm has set policies that ensure integrity, accessibility, and confidentiality of data for the organization (Pavlik, Komarek & Sobeslav, 2014). Second, the company should know that the services that it pays for are on a pay as you use basis. It only pays for using the resources and not for owning them. The organization needs to go through the costing policy of its service provider to be safe (Pavlik et al., 2014).

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