The case of Trump’s executive order on cybersecurity

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The U.S. Government under the leadership of President Trump pledges to “keep America safe”; hence, the government often formulates and implements security policies like the recent executive order on cybersecurity signed by Trump on May 11, 2017 (Jackson & Weise, 2017). The cyber-security executive order is part of the larger policy strengthening initiative covered under the National Defense Authorization Act and the National Security Strategy. The National Defense Authorization Act 2017 focuses on modernizing the U.S. military capabilities to counter any aggressions from domestic and foreign enemies (Garamone, 2017).

From a personal perspective, it is apparent that the U.S. Government seeks to gain unrivalled power in the global defense stage so as to discourage any enemies intending to cause harm to the ‘homeland’ (Garamone, 2017). The cyber-security executive order and other policy changes covered under the National Security Strategy 2017 are geared towards giving the U.S. military extraordinary strength in the global arena; hence, counter threats posed by potential belligerents including North Korea, Russia, and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) (White House, 2017).

The cyber-security order is a suitable policy change in the quest to recalibrate and strengthen the U.S. national security systems. National security policies should evolve at the same or faster pace as the evolution of tactics used by a nation’s enemies (White House, 2017). Over the recent years, potential enemies including North Korea, Iran, and China have demonstrated significant capabilities in cyber warfare. Thus, Trump’s executive order on cyber-security is an example of security policies aimed at modernizing the U.S. military in relation to emerging warfare tactics.

Apparently, Trump’s National Security Strategy is inclined towards preserving and advancing national security for the purpose of promoting economic prosperity as expressed under the expression ‘Make America Great Again’. Thus, national security strategies like the cyber-security executive order reflect the intention to provide a safe environment that favors for economic growth.

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