The Fall – Psychological Thriller

Subject: Art
Type: Critical Analysis Essay
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Word count: 256
Topics: Film Analysis, Crime, Criminology, Police

This is a crime, psychological thriller that surrounds the lives of the lead detective who is a woman and a serial killer she has been set to catch. It is really a battle of wits between the detective and the serial killer as each race to outwit the other. This crime thriller has aired in the UK where it is set together with Ireland since 2013 up until towards the end of 2016. It is deemed one of the most exhilarating crime television series that tells the life of police woman who tries to balance between her work and child and trying to catch a dangerous criminal amidst it all. 

This series is not really about the criminal but focuses more on the policewoman detective assigned to the case. It indicates the challenges that the women in this field really undergo. The detective not only has to prove that she is better despite having a child to raise, but also duly carry out her work as a police officer better than her male colleagues. The show tells of the challenges that women undergo in their daily working environments and what they have to give up as they toughen up in their professions. The detective is deemed and termed as cold, but this is the only way that she will be able to beat all odds and challenges and catch the serial killer putting to an end the injustice that he is inflicting on the victims and ending the fear from the citizens. 

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