The Red Violin

Subject: Art
Type: Analytical Essay
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Topics: Film Analysis, Film Review, Movie Review, Music

The Red Violin is a detailed, beautiful, impressive, and a visually spectacular movie that begins by describing an interesting art house movie. This movie is about the users, owners, and creators of a strange red violin that not only cover over 300 years but also uses seven languages (Ebert). The Red Violin begins with Samuel playing the violin as he goes to an auction. Later, Irene dies during childbirth after several prophecies. In this movie, violin becomes the center of interest of many people. It moves from Italy to Poland, England, China, and finally Canada (Girard and McKellar). The movie shows some moral trouble spots such as a Tarot card reading that foresees future happenings, worshiping of a man-made object, the violin. It also shows some brief but graphic sexual scenes.

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The movie is morally about obsession (Ebert). The creator of the violin appears to love his wife and the unborn child, but apparently, he loves the violin more. For example, Kaspar’s music teacher appears to desire fortune and fame. Furthermore, the producer portrays Pope’s obsession with sensual satisfaction where he severally engages in sexual intercourse with Victoria. In other scenes, Sylvia Chang appears to love the violin so much that she practices courage and save it from the tyrants of the Cultural Revolution. She hides the violin and does not use it for selfish gains. In addition, the movie is about love and mortality. It shows how the society survive mortality through art, beauty, and craft. It reveals the importance of art in the society and even the extent individuals go to get what they need.

After watching the movie, I have learned that many people in the society believe in prophecies. In this particular movie, the society gave credence and recognition to Tarot cards. Irene eventually died after a series of prophecies from the village fortune-teller upon reading the Tarot cards (Ebert). In other words, this practice by the society suggests that violin has some magical, mystical powers over its owners. In addition, I have also learned that ancient objects are very important in the society. Some members of the community treasure them so much that they even worship it. This is clear from the way users and by the bidders treated the violin as an idol. Additionally, I learned that an idea has the power to move and threaten people after incorporating such beliefs in our minds. The power of the red violin took people captive and many wanted to associate with the instrument while putting their lives in danger. For example, Sylvia Chang courageously guarded the violin not considering the dangers that she was exposing herself to.

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This movie relates to the music appreciation class in the following ways; the movie teaches some elements of the western culture, especially just how the society value art and performance. The film appreciates how the violin is a very important instrument to people during musical performances. Besides, it expresses the way people develop a liking to a particular tune produced by the violin. Individuals in different countries expressed their love for the violin to an extent of even putting their lives in danger like Sylvia. The movie also reveals other cultural beliefs that the society believes in their daily lives, for instance, the Tarot cards. Moreover, in music appreciation class, students are expected to know available opportunities and utilize them. In The Red Violin movie, Irene knew the existence of Tarot cards and constantly sort it to know her fate.

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