Theodore Roosevelt’s square deal

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The New York Times dated 18th August in 1905, had an article that changed the history of the United States as far as government fairness to the Americans was concerned. This article was dubbed as the THE KOREANS’ APPEAL.; They Ask President Roosevelt to Get Them a Square. The article speaks much about the policy of square deal developed by Theodore Roosevelt for the Americans. The square deal was to any ensure that no group of the Americans should be favored and that business regulations would be in place to realize social and political reforms which were progressive. Theodore Roosevelt was very influential during this times of progressive era. One if his quoted stated that he would see into to it that every man in America gets a square deal. Theodore Roosevelt way of leadership had a great influence on economics, environment and international affairs. In 1902 it was witnessed when Theodore Roosevelt got involved with the United Mine Workers Strike where he intervened with the management to find a solution to the stalemate. Due to his endeavors, a deal was secured between the management and the mine workers where increased wages, and shortened workday was agreed on. Monopoly power was also on the radar of Theodore Roosevelt. He believed that when a company controlled a certain market, then equality will not be achieved. This is because a monopoly business restricts market entries by new businesses which is not good for economic development which is achieved through competition. In 1904 a company, Northern Securities Company was on the receiving end of Theodore Roosevelt strictness on monopoly. The monopoly Act which was enacted in 1890 had not been strictly followed by companies such as Northern Securities Company due to laxity of the authorities. Theodore Roosevelt directed the attorney general to file a lawsuit against this company. This saw Northern Securities Company dissolved after court directive.

After his reelection in 1904, Theodore Roosevelt focused in the environment. He realized that there was poor sanitary conditions in most of the food plants and that dangerous ingredients were used in food industry. Theodore Roosevelt pushed for an action which included Pure Food and Drug Act 1904. This ensured that any poorly labeled foods and foods that do not have proper ingredients were prohibited. In his quest to conserve the environment and achieve economic prosperity, Theodore Roosevelt designed a program that would favor both. He set aside two hundred million of land covered with natural resources that included mineral reserves, forests, and water sites. Also, the plan also included five national parks and monuments. This reserves were termed as protected lands.

Theodore Roosevelt Leadership also had a great interest in diplomatic relations. As part of his square deal, he developed a policy in diplomatic relationships that the United States should consider itself first. The building of the Panama Canal which was part of Colombia government then, had an immense positive impact on the united states economy. The then Colombian government refused to give the land to the United States thus rendering Theodore Roosevelt angry. In retaliation, Theodore Roosevelt sponsored a revolution in Colombia which saw a new government took power in Colombia hence able to give the land easily to the United States. Theodore Roosevelt believed that the United States should always come first as far as any diplomacy negotiations are concerned. Due to his believe the United States was respected around the world. The Monroe Doctrine was as a result of Theodore Roosevelt’s strong constitution on the diplomatic policy. He was the one who deterred European countries from trying to rule the Latin America. He emphasized that it was only the United States which is supposed to control the Latin America.

As at now, just two months shy to may eighteenth 2017, a lot has changed, but Theodore Roosevelt’s beliefs is what is being held on to. The square deal policy of Theodore Roosevelt that every America should be equal has been given another named as the American dream. The American dream is the idea that every American and any other person in America should uphold. The American dream is defined as a situation that everyone has an equal opportunity to without depending on someone so as to achieve success. The American dream also reminds the Americans that hard work, determination, and initiative should be the guiding pillars to achieve success. There exists a difference between the current American dream and Theodore Roosevelt’s square deal which is in a square deal is the government doing, while the American dream is an individual doing. The American dream, however, has turned many Americans to be selfish and despise those who do not make it in life. This is because of the individualization of the success of the Americans.

Currently, the diplomatic relationship between American and other countries still applies the tactics of Theodore Roosevelt which was referred to as big stick. It is no secret that the United States always engage with the diplomatic relationship if it has something to benefit out of it. For instance, the United States engage with the Chinese because they can provide cheap raw materials and cheap labor in regards to technology. Also, the United States have maintained its fearful nature and are referred to as superpower. It has advanced its military power since the World War II that has made it become respected by even its mother country, Britain.  The current president of the united states Donald Trump is embarking on Theodore Roosevelt’s big stick in diplomacy. The president has shown interest in ensuring that the Americans become first in anything. Donald Trump has vowed to protect the Americans from any terrorist threats by preventing visitors from Islamic countries and also deporting those who are likely to be potential threats.

The United States through Environmental Protection Agency are ensuring that flora and fauna in the United States are protected from any potential harm. The United States participate in the G-20 summit which is a campaign against environmental pollution.

In conclusion, the events of the past define the contemporary events. From the New York article of 1905, is it crystal clear that the policies of Theodore Roosevelt are practiced today but with a different angle which leads to the same results. This makes it correct to say that the history is the future.

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