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Role Played By the Various Tourism Sites

Different tourism sites have been developed to facilitate different factors within tourism business. The four sites analyzed in this case include the national park service website, the site, and Walt Disney world. All four sites offer almost similar features to their visitor (Walt Disney, 2017). The main role of the site is to influence visit and participation of tourists in services being marketed by the respective sites.

The sites mentioned above have facilitated tourism in different ways. Some of them have continually worked together towards generating a suitable environment that ensures attraction of tourists to the various destinations. Others have influenced tourism by facilitating the travel and economic structure. Therefore, it is important to acknowledge the different site characteristics and their influence on tourism.

One of the most advocated for principle in most of the sites is offering the list of different destinations available for the visit. Sites like national park service and have offered search criteria to identify the various destinations available for purposes of the visit by tourists. This, in turn, facilitates tourism as it enables visitors to identify the various locations available for the scoop of their visits (Walt Disney, 2017). The identifying destination is usually difficult especially for those tourists visiting the location for the first time. It makes it easier for tourists to identify a specific location and find out on the various destinations available for visitation. 

It is therefore within the capacity of these sites to ensure identification of different locations for visit. Another associated feature of these sites is offering an appealing view of tourism culture within the mentioned regions. This gives the tourists the desire to visit the various locations. Under this capacity, the sites offer marketing strategy for the tourism industry as they influence the total number of people opting to visit the various locations (Recreation, 2017). The next feature of these websites is offering a breakdown of schedule and pricing for different visits. Almost every tourist is interested in understanding the resultant economic impact and cost relevance of his or her respective visits.

Therefore, it is usually important to inform them of the corresponding charges involved in visiting the destinations. Such prices include travel and accommodation services. It is the role of the different sites to offer the tourists with the special guide on the spending patterns of their visit. The site like Walt Disney world has encouraged tourism by educating and informing on the respective cost charges involved in tourism (Recreation, 2017). The site identifies the different discount options available to the tourists’ disposal so that they can choose the most appropriate financial strategy.

It also informs of the relevant accommodation strategies tourists can use thus influencing their visit to the different destinations. The final influence of these sites on tourism is addressing the importance of nature on humans thus encouraging their support for nature. has educated people on the available food solutions that have both medicinal and hygienic characteristics (NPS, 2017). With such upgrade, the resulting influence will be on tourists as they are assured of a suitable diet awaiting them. Therefore, these sites have influenced tourism in various ways thus facilitating maximum visits from tourists. 

Comparison Between Las Vegas Strip and Yellowstone National Park

The section identifies the various differences between two patterns within the tourism industry, commercial tourist destination and government sponsored destination. Under this category, the analysis is carried out to determine the difference between Las Vegas commercial strip and the Yellowstone national park (NPS, 2017). The Las Vegas strip is the international gambling destination best in the word. It is located in the midst southern Nevada. Casinos are located all over Las Vegas with the strip which is the stretch of the Las Vegas boulevard south contain most of the casinos.

The design of these casinos offer tourists major reason to visit Las Vegas as they are more appealing, lavish and much more offering attention to detail. On the second side is the Yellowstone national park (The Spruce, 2017). This is the first national park ever developed in the world. The Yellowstone national park was set aside to preserve the vast number of geysers and springs. It lies on top of the gigantic hotspot where light, hot molten mantle rises towards the surface (The Spruce, 2017). These two destinations have extreme characteristics attributed to the demands of the tourists. Each of the destinations is strong independently offering tourists the reason to visit. Government sponsored destinations are appealing to the entire family as they offer the natural view of the world and historic patterns since early days. Commercial destinations on the other hand appeal most to businesspersons and are much relevant for business-oriented tourists. 

Economy and Tourism

Given the state of the economy, it is important to scope in the cost effects of tourism on the visitors. Based on this characteristic, it can be noted that the main site that has moved towards guaranteeing visitors of their economic background is the Walt Disney world. The site offers visitors and tourists with an economic structure that will help manage their finances. While educating tourists of the available solutions and more attractive locations in the region, the site also keeps them up to date with the changing patterns in prices and cost orientation. It offers visitors with information regarding most suitable accommodation at fair prices, discount properties and any relevant information regarding prices. 

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