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Over the years toys have been an important aspect of the development process of children. Ultra Engine is a toy car that is fixed with cameras and computerized audio response. The toy can be remotely controlled, a factor that makes it likely that it will be attractive to boys. Much of the greatness of the toy is the ability to give children the chance to have a view of parts of the house that they are not at.  The chimeras are fixed in a way that they can be rotated into angles that match the exact position that the child using the toy will be interested in seeing. The remote control which is a pad whose size is 15 by 10 centimeters has a 7” screen fixed in the middle so that the person in control can have a view of what the camera is focusing on.  There are controls on the remote for both the car and the camera. Notably, the movement of the car is silent such that the child can be able to view parts of the house that they intend to see without being noticed. Most parts of the toy are made using recycled products.

According to Jeffrey Goldstein, the mental aspect of playing is the most important part of playing by children and is a good reason as to why parents should be involved in making sure children and offered a conducive playing environment. As a toy, Ultra Engine provides children with an opportunity of putting some of their imaginations into action. Toys give children the opportunity to do more than what they can do in reality. This is exactly what Ultra Engine does. Ultra Engine gives children the opportunity of using technology to seek information about places that they are not present at in the process of playing. Because of such an interaction, any child who uses this toy involve themselves in playing activities that engages more than just their bodies and thus contributing to their mental development.

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Toys that are developed by innovative technology have been the center of competition in the modern toy market. There has been a huge change in the preference of children on toys. As compared to the previous generations, tthe current generation has shown a high interest in innovative toys. They are no longer interested in the toys that they are already conversant with. They want toys that give them a completely different experience. This is a factor that makes Ultra Engine a hit for the toys market. This toy will give children a totally different experience in playing. The experience will definitely be a healthier alternative to some of the video games that the current generation is attached to. Furthermore, it is more engaging as it will definitely involve more physical movement as compared to the video games.

It should also be noted that the convenience that is associated with this toy cannot be compared with any other. Both the car and the control come with charging systems that make it easy for them to be conveniently charged. Furthermore, they have lithium batteries that enable children to use them for approximately five hours without the need to be recharged. This is an implication that children can be subjected to uninterrupted play time. This is a factor that will make marketing of Ultra Engine easier than it is to market other toys. Additionally, the technology, ease of use, and the silence mean that there are more facts that the company could use in marketing the toy than they can imagine. The silence is an implication that the toys can be used by children in the presence of adults without turning them into a nuisance. 

In the recent past, there have been interests in the sustainability of the products that are produced. Consumers always go for greener products. The fact that most of the parts of Ultra Engine are produced using recycled products can be a great point for marketing the product to environment-conscious consumers. Furthermore, there is the design of the toy is that there is battery that can be charged frequently as opposed to buying the AAA dry cells that need to be disposed of after use. This is an implication that the sustainability of the choice of energy storage is not only economical but also environmental. Furthermore, they will also save the money that is frequently needed to replace the AAA dry cells.

Evidently, Ultra Engine will be a hit in the toy market. It is unique and gives the users and experience that cannot be comparedto any other experience. The difference in the nature of the product and the experience that is associated with it will definitely make it easy for Ultra Engine to be marketed. Furthermore, it is a product that will definitely attract boys of the age who are likely to buy toy. Its simplicity is also a factor that can be used in supporting the assertion that Ultra Engine will be easy to introduce to the market.

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