US and foreign perspectives of threat analysis and policy practices

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In quest to analyze how the US reacts in regards to threat analysis and policy practices, the issue of terrorism surfaces as one of the crucial aspects with a view of gaining deeper insight. Past terror incidents including the 9/11 attack that ensued in the year 2001 yielded to both massive destruction and loss of life in US due to four planes crashing onto a field in Pennsylvania, the Pentagon and the World Trade Center in New York. This has prompted the EU realizing it is extremely crucial to cooperate with the United States in order to put in place effective measures (Utley, 2016). Owing to this realization and coming to together, there are significant similarities in the way both the EU and US handle this issue of terrorism. 

Over time, both the EU and the US have found it beneficial to work on new initiatives that would propel combating terrorism as well as improve police, judicial and intelligence cooperation among different countries especially those within the EU, which are goals that both the EU and US have in common (Boon, Huq & Lovelace, 2012). The US has been particularly being receptive to these efforts by cooperating to eradicate the terrorist threats while still working to avoid any future threats. In particular, EU and the US have enhanced their discussions on law enforcement and homeland security matters even coming up with policies on the same (Fukuyama, 2008). 

In addition, the US-EU relation has included the information-sharing arrangements between the police and judicial systems of either side. This in place coupled with the integration of treaties on extradition and mutual legal assistance will end up aiding to cripple terrorism at many levels (Boon, Huq & Lovelace, 2012). However, there are still some challenges that emerge such as the need for data privacy by key stakeholders. Hence, not all the strategies by both the US and the EU may be as effective in combating terrorism.

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