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The most compelling topic I learnt in this course was the process of software development lifecycle. It involved the processes of creating, learning, planning, testing and the information system deployment. The whole process involve both software and hardware and or it can either be hardware or software only. I couldn’t understand the different types of software development processes. I couldn’t understand the difference between the waterfall and traditional lifecycle process of development (Kay, 2002). The discussion was very fruitful since something that I couldn’t understand alone in the room reading for one hour, I managed to understand within less than fifteen minutes of explanation. 

Are there areas that need clarifications?

Inasmuch as I managed to grasp many parts and teaching on this course, there are still some critical areas that I have not understand. The part that stands out is I have not managed to know which software development process to apply to which problem. The matching of a specific software development lifecycle process to a certain problem still remains a toll order for me and I think I would need more clarification. 

The approach that could have been used

The processes both classroom learning and discussions were all fruitful with regards to the topic. However, I think for more achievement and motivation towards the same, I think the use of appropriate practical examples and direct involvement in solving problems in class would yield more results. The practical would give the students additional hands-on skill and expertise in the process of software life cycle development. 

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