Where the Hell is Matt, is it Art

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Topics: American Culture, Architecture, Dance, Music, Song Analysis

The video “Where the hell is Matt?” is a dancing phenomenon that involves people from all over the world. The essence of the video is to inspire people to travel, discover, and explore the world. It features various places around the world where Matt shares in the different cultures of his hosts. The creativity of the video certainly qualifies it as an art.

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First, the video captures a dancing phenomenon that Matt shares with people from all over the world. Dance is a form of performed art that is used to express non-verbal communication. In the video, there are no writings or voices that tell people what is going on. It is the presence of Matt in different places that unveils the meaning of the video. He joyously mingles with people from all walks of life learning different dance moves from them. It depicts the joy and freedom of travels inspiring the rest of the people to join the movement. As McFee (2003) says, dance is defined according to social, cultural, aesthetic, artistic, and moral boundaries and that the type of dances ranges from simple functional movements like folk dances to sophisticated movements such as ballet, which is all observed in the video. In Zimbabwe, Matt is seen being taught a traditional dance while in many other places such as Millan, Italy, he joins in group dances. McFee (2003) further believes that dances were performed to relieve stress. This confirms to us why the video exhibits a lot of joy among the participants.

The video also exhibits aspects of visual arts. In Beirut, Lebanon, the video captures a sculpture of a man lying on a pedestal. For long, sculptures have been used to express different ideas in societies in a captivating way to the viewers. The video also displays architecture found around the world. For instance, the building captured in Medellin, Columbia, and in Karachi, Pakistan, displays creatively rich architectural skills. Its design is fabulous an idea that paints a great picture of the Columbia. Even though the whole idea of exploration and discovery is not told in the video, people are inspired to visit these places. This concept of visual art is what is known as conceptual art. The concept of the video is carried and clearly displayed all through the video. As Matt visits the different places, meets new people, and learns their dance moves, people across the globe are move with him. The video makes you feel like you are part of the travels. This is not a very easy thing to achieve. It requires great works of art.

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Another form of art that the video exhibits is the music used. Music can be classified as a performed art, auditory art, or fine art. The music helps tell the story. First, it helps keep the viewer’s attention and concentration completely to the video. Proper concentration and attention help us understand the video even more easily. It is created to inspire people’s mood and therefore, inspire how our brain function. It is easy for people to create images of them visiting the places shown after watching the video. It is a fact that everything you hear or see program your mind.

The song in the video creates certain ideas in one’s mind. For instance, one is captivated by the fact the words in the song match the scenes making them appear as one with the viewer in it. The song helps connect the viewer to the acts taking places in the video. Words are a powerful weapon that easily convinces us. Watching the video while at the same time listening to the background music allows the song to go directly into the subconscious mind. The song can hence, easily motivate your thinking. According to Alban (n.), people respond to songs universally because music has the ability to motivate every part of the human’s brain. In this way, the people who dream of traveling the world to enjoy its beauty are easily convinced how wonderful the idea is.

As the above evidence points, it is only accurate to classify the video as an art. It is not only the fact that dance is an art but also the fact that the moves displayed in the video comprise of very good skills of choreography. This is the reason as to why Matt keeps trying to learn the moves. Visual art displayed in the video boosts art. The video could have been shot from places that did not have the features. The fact that they were included was no accident. It is a skill of art. Lastly, the background music included in the video helps bring out the entire idea of the video. The effect would have been totally different if the music was not included. The video would have been dull and people would struggle to concentrate. The video is one of the most intelligent pieces of art ever displayed. It is a masterpiece.

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