160 Best Accounting Dissertation Topics

Updated: June 13, 2023

If you’re pursuing an accounting degree, you know how critical it is to choose a relevant and intriguing topic for your dissertation. With the help of our experts, we have compiled a list of 120 best accounting dissertation topics to help you get started with your research. We understand that selecting the perfect topic can be a daunting task, so we have also included some tips on how to choose an accounting dissertation topic that will capture your interests and impress your professors.

Your accounting dissertation is an opportunity to showcase your knowledge, skills, and creativity in the field of accounting. It is a long and complex project that requires months of research, analysis, and writing. Therefore, selecting the right topic is crucial to your success.

Whether you’re interested in financial accounting, management accounting, auditing, or any other subfield, we have got you covered. Our list of accounting dissertation topics is comprehensive and covers a wide range of topics, from the latest trends in accounting to traditional accounting practices.

In this guide, we will provide you with all the information you need to choose the best accounting dissertation topic for your project. So, let’s get started and explore the world of accounting dissertation topics together.

Tips on How to Select the Best Accounting Dissertation Topic

If you are eager to choose an accounting dissertation topic on your own, you should need a few essential guideline pieces of advice. Writers with vast experience in the field will let you know more about the most effective tips for choosing a topic for a dissertation!

  • Choose a fundamental issue.

A dissertation is not a regular research paper; it is a complex work requiring a specific approach. That’s because the topic for your dissertation should be sophisticated too. Moreover, if the subject is accounting, the matter you raise should be fundamental and not primitive at all.

  • Make a topic thorough.

If making up a topic for a research paper, you should write concisely, be short and to the point; in the case of a dissertation, you can somehow bend the rule. The formulation of your issue should be thorough and sound extremely smart.

  • Choose a topic within your interests.

A dissertation is a paper of large volume. It is time-consuming. That’s because you should spend hours and days writing it. However, you can simplify it somehow. If you choose a topic that is interesting to you, chances to get a dissertation with honors will become much better!

List of Accounting Dissertation Topics

  1. Analysis and improvement of the performance of control accounting bodies in municipalities
  2. Analysis of the factors of formation of shareholder value, taking into account the requirements of stakeholders
  3. Control of settlements with the budget based on analytical procedures
  4. Multidimensional accounting: theory, methodology, tools
  5. Improving the quality of reporting when using accounting information systems
  6. Development of information and methodological support for strategic accounting of an economic entity
  7. A risk-based approach to control and supervision of suspicious transactions in commercial banks
  8. Accounting for digital transactions
  9. Harmonization of accounting in the context of economic unions
  10. Methodological tools for accounting and internal control of social obligations
  11. Development of accounting methodology for corporate treasury operations in leasing companies
  12. Formation and analysis of segment reporting of IT companies
  13. Evolution of audit theory and methodology
  14. The evolution of double-entry bookkeeping in the first century of its use
  15. Internal audit of risks of formation of estimated reserves and liabilities in commercial organizations
  16. Tools for determining and recognizing in the reporting impairment of intangible assets
  17. Analysis of consolidated statements of electric power companies
  18. Organization and methodology for auditing consolidated financial statements
  19. Development of methods and organization of accounting for outsourcing costs
  20. Organizational and methodological support for the forensic audit

20 Good Accounting Dissertation Topics

  1. Development of the methodology of accounting and control processes in the digital economy
  2. Development of audit consulting
  3. Management accounting based on a risk-based approach
  4. Methodological support for accounting of movement of stocks at enterprises
  5. Comprehensive methodological approach to cost accounting in organizations with seasonal nature of the activity
  6. Formation and disclosure of information on social obligations in the financial statements of the organization
  7. Accounting and estimate work-in-progress
  8. Accounting and audit of environmental obligations of coal mining enterprises
  9. Development of accounting for innovation costs in commercial organizations
  10. The Genesis of public sector accounting
  11. Methodological tools for the formation of accounting information in national accounting systems
  12. Integrated reporting: theory, methodology, and practice
  13. Conceptual approaches to the standardization of the audit of economic subjects of construction in the context of the integration of their activities
  14. Organization and methods of accounting for the transaction costs of a corporation
  15. Company accounting in the second half of the 19th century
  16. Improving the information content of cash flow reporting
  17. Accounting and analysis of equity in organizations
  18. Formation of a control-oriented accounting system
  19. Evolution of accounting methodology and cash flow analysis
  20. Harmonization of accounting and analysis of financial results of an agricultural holding

20 Management Accounting Dissertation Topics

  1. Development of accounting for human resources in the context of managing an economic entity
  2. The evaluation function of internal audit in credit institutions
  3. Organizational and methodological support for strategic economic analysis of the corporation
  4. Management accounting and analysis of entrepreneurial activity
  5. Methodological support for corporate accounting and reporting
  6. Accounting system of an economic entity for strategic management
  7. Methodology for analyzing and assessing the risk of insolvency of small businesses
  8. Development of analytical tools for auditing the performance of an organization
  9. Convergence of management accounting principles and IFRS
  10. Methodological tools for quality control of audit organizations
  11. Analysis of the influence of key stakeholders on the assessment of the financial viability of organizations
  12. Development of a methodology for auditing the accounting policy of a commercial organization
  13. Organization and technology of personnel audit in commercial organizations
  14. Management accounting system for the risks of the financial and economic activities of the enterprise
  15. Development of management accounting within the Kaizen concept
  16. Formation of standards and regulations for management accounting of an economic entity
  17. Internal control of business processes in an insurance company
  18. Intercompany financial reporting of a branch in the controlling system
  19. Operational audit as a management tool
  20. Management accounting in public corporations
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20 Finance and Accounting Dissertation Topics

  1. Consolidated financial statements of insurance companies
  2. Financial analysis of the competitiveness of a commercial organization
  3. Generalized actuarial valuation concept
  4. Accounting for financial results in construction organizations
  5. Formation of financial statements of educational institutions of higher education under international standards of the public sector
  6. Inventory of material assets
  7. Financial analysis of organizations implementing applied projects in the digital economy
  8. Statistical assessment of the reliability of financial statements
  9. Development of methods of economic analysis of detection and prevention of bankruptcy of organizations
  10. Audit of receivables of a coordinated group of organizations
  11. Accounting reservation system
  12. Methodology for detecting distortions in accounting (financial) statements
  13. Methods and tools for accounting valuation of investment property in the process of preparing financial statements
  14. Tax analysis in organizations
  15. Cash flow statement: modalities for the preparation, information, and analytical value
  16. Statement of comprehensive income of the company: modalities for the preparation, information, and analytical value
  17. General characteristics of financial and internal accounting
  18. Accounts receivable and accounts payable of the enterprise: the reasons for their occurrence and repayment terms
  19. Liquidity: Liquid and illiquid economic assets
  20. Accounting for depreciation of fixed assets

20 Environmental Accounting Dissertation Topics

  1. The role of environmental accounting in promoting sustainable development and corporate responsibility.
  2. Assessing the effectiveness of carbon accounting and reporting in mitigating climate change risks.
  3. Investigating the impact of environmental regulations on financial performance and disclosure practices.
  4. The role of environmental cost accounting in improving resource efficiency and waste management.
  5. Exploring the integration of environmental and financial performance indicators in sustainability reporting.
  6. Assessing the implications of biodiversity accounting on natural resource conservation and management.
  7. Investigating the challenges and opportunities of incorporating natural capital accounting into corporate decision-making.
  8. The role of environmental accounting in evaluating the social and economic impacts of ecosystem services.
  9. Examining the effects of environmental liabilities on financial reporting and risk management practices.
  10. Assessing the disclosure practices of companies regarding environmental risks and their impact on investor decision-making.
  11. The role of environmental management accounting in supporting environmental decision-making and performance improvement.
  12. Investigating the effects of carbon pricing mechanisms on financial performance and investment decisions.
  13. Exploring the role of sustainability accounting in assessing and valuing environmental externalities.
  14. Assessing the impact of environmental accounting standards on corporate reporting practices and comparability.
  15. The role of environmental audit and assurance in ensuring the credibility and reliability of environmental information.
  16. Investigating the relationship between environmental performance and financial performance in companies.
  17. Assessing the effectiveness of environmental performance indicators in monitoring and benchmarking sustainability performance.
  18. Exploring the potential of environmental footprinting in assessing and managing supply chain environmental impacts.
  19. Investigating the role of environmental risk assessment and management in enhancing corporate resilience.
  20. Assessing the adoption and implementation of environmental management accounting practices in different industries.

20 Forensic Accounting Dissertation Topics

  1. Investigating the role of forensic accounting in fraud prevention and detection.
  2. The use of data analytics in forensic accounting: Opportunities and challenges.
  3. Assessing the effectiveness of forensic accounting techniques in identifying earnings management.
  4. Exploring the impact of forensic accounting on litigation outcomes and dispute resolution.
  5. Investigating the role of forensic accounting in uncovering money laundering schemes.
  6. The use of forensic accounting in investigating financial misconduct in non-profit organizations.
  7. Assessing the effectiveness of forensic accounting in detecting and preventing occupational fraud.
  8. Exploring the role of forensic accountants in identifying and quantifying damages in commercial disputes.
  9. Investigating the challenges and techniques of forensic accounting in the digital era.
  10. The role of forensic accounting in assessing the financial impact of cybercrimes.
  11. Assessing the effectiveness of forensic accounting in tracing and recovering assets in cases of financial fraud.
  12. Exploring the role of forensic accountants in uncovering financial statement fraud.
  13. Investigating the use of forensic accounting in investigating insider trading and market manipulation.
  14. The impact of forensic accounting on improving corporate governance and ethics.
  15. Assessing the role of forensic accountants in evaluating financial irregularities in mergers and acquisitions.
  16. Exploring the challenges and best practices of forensic accounting in cross-border investigations.
  17. Investigating the role of forensic accounting in detecting and preventing bribery and corruption.
  18. The use of forensic accounting techniques in assessing economic damages in personal injury and wrongful death cases.
  19. Assessing the effectiveness of forensic accounting in identifying and investigating Ponzi schemes.
  20. Exploring the role of forensic accountants in providing expert witness testimony in legal proceedings.

20 Accounting Dissertation Ideas

  1. Organization of accounting on a remote outsourcing basis
  2. Development of the balance sheet method in accounting
  3. Segmentation of accounting information in the audit of wholesale organizations
  4. Improving audit sampling justification methods
  5. Development of accounting and reporting in commercial organizations in the context of sustainable economic development
  6. Accounting and reporting of lease transactions: international and domestic experience
  7. Compatible financial reporting: logic and construction technique
  8. IFRS and US GAAP: problems of convergence
  9. Consolidation of financial statements according to IFRS
  10. The order of disclosure of conditional facts of economic activity in reports
  11. Problems of consolidation of complex vertical groups and its exposure in the financial statements
  12. Disclosure of information on impairment to assets in the financial statements of the company: issues and solutions
  13. Methodology for generating the statement of financial position of the company at the end of the reporting year
  14. Necessity, opportunities, and problems of fair value application
  15. Issues of valuation of assets and liabilities in IFRS
  16. Regulation of the quality of services in audit
  17. Ethics regulation mechanism in audit and its implementation
  18. Interaction between audit and accounting
  19. Interaction of audit and economic analysis
  20. Using the methods of the probability theory and other sciences in audit

20 Featured Dissertation Topics About Accounting

  1. Interaction between audit and tax accounting
  2. Strengthening the role of the economic mechanism for regulation in audit
  3. Audit as a tool for measuring (and increasing) the reliability of financial statements
  4. Control of audit activity
  5. Functions of accounting and their application in legal practice
  6. Accounting policy of the organization and its expert assessment
  7. Audit users and analysis of their information needs
  8. Audit as an infrastructural branch of a market economy
  9. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the implementation of audit
  10. Accountancy profession and professional ethics of an accountant
  11. Competition in the market of audit services
  12. Analysis of the audit model and specific features of the audit in developing countries
  13. Creation of the audit economy as an industry
  14. Analysis of mechanisms, types, channels, and instruments of regulation in audit
  15. The systematic and organizational basis for the economic analysis of reports prepared under IFRS
  16. Possibilities and feasibility of using management accounting information for reporting under IFRS
  17. International accounting standards
  18. Problems of disclosing information on inflation in the reports prepared according to IFRS
  19. Purpose and the procedure for the preparation of notes to financial statements
  20. Accounting in the management system

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