What is the AHA?

The AHA is an American Homeschool Association that was launched in 1995 in the US and currently is sponsored by Home Education Magazine’s publishers. This organization’s main goal is to provide homeschoolers with high-quality education on a national level. The services of AHA include the latest news, the needed resources and other important information and data for students who have chosen homeschooling, education officials, and useful media contacts.

About the importance of homeschooling and its benefits for students

Lately, more and more people choose homeschooling because it’s safe, useful, and provides a great range of benefits to students. Here are just a few advantages anyone can get from homeschooling:

  • Choosing a personal learning pace. With homeschooling, every student can study in their own rhythm, without slowing down or going too fast. Every subject and every theme can be learned thoroughly to understand it well.
  • Flexibility. Every student can choose their own schedule and attend lessons online following their needs and personal plans. This is very comfortable when you can plan your own studying by yourself!
  • Individual approach. You can make priorities in learning various subjects and select from a wide choice of disciplines to study on the certain course you are interested in.
  • Home environment. Nothing can be better for a student than studying in the warm atmosphere of the home, supported by the family.
  • Community activities are included. Every student plans their own time for entrepreneurship, volunteering, and other community activities.
  • Effective studying. There is no wasted time thanks to productive student-teacher communication that leads to an effective and quality learning process.
  • No tests. Homeschooling avoids teaching with testing students and any other standards of usual studying.
  • Free time for something interesting. Homeschooling requires a student to choose time for outdoor activities, games, arts, projects, and any other activities.
  • Less stress. Thanks to homeschooling, students feel more relaxed and calm when they are studying at home. The reduced level of stress affects the process of studying positively.
  • Ability to move to another place easily. Homeschooling is a great option for students who live in military families or those families who travel a lot.
  • Homeschooling is legal. Every US state and many other countries have laws about homeschooling’s legacy. Any student can choose between studying in a standard school or homeschooling and getting a document to confirm this.
  • Homeschooling is fun. Many students hate studying in a public school just because it’s too boring, uninteresting, and “usual”. Homeschooling shows students this process from another angle, and everything seems more interesting and attractive.
  • More time with family. Homeschoolers feel more comfortable during the process of studying because they can spend more time with their family members to feel their support and love.
  • Deeper knowledge. Thanks to homeschooling, every student can spend extra time learning difficult subjects and themes to know the material better and get higher grades.
  • Students are protected from violence and bullying. With homeschooling, students do not have any problems like in public schools, including drugs, bullying, and other negative things.
  • A vacation is possible anytime. Public schools have their planned sessions, but if you are a homeschooler, you can plan your time individually and go on vacation just when you want without being lost in the studying process.
  • Students are provided with more individual time. In large classrooms, teachers cannot provide a lot of individual time to every student. Homeschoolers can get as much individual time with the teachers as they need.
  • Homeschooling is safe. In the current situation, when the problem with COVID 19 still exists, homeschooling is a great option to stay safe and minimize any personal contacts with other people.

Who is AmericanHomeSchoolAssociation.org?

The American Homeschool Association is a company that was created to provide people with the latest information and other aspects of homeschooling. Here are our main goals:

  • Providing quality homeschooling for every student
  • Making homeschooling available for more students
  • Raising the quality of homeschooling
  • Providing reliable homeschooling resources
  • Assistance with essay writing for students (our essay writer is ready to help with any work)
  • Providing important facts about homeschooling
  • Informing students about the homeschooling option instead of public school
  • Increasing the quality of homeschooling education

With AHA, homeschooling gets fun and simple for any student all over the world!

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