70 Animal Farm Essay Topics

Updated: June 12, 2023

Writing Animal Farm composition is common among students. These are write-up issued to students to gauge their level of understanding of a subject matter. Therefore, they carry a significant point that contributes much to the final degree program a student is pursuing. However, how you draft these papers determines the grade, you get after assessment. You need to compose such write-ups with utmost concentration, time, and most importantly writing skills.

The introductory paragraph matters a lot. It determines whether the reader will have an interest in reading the rest of your content. Hence, begin your introduction section with a hook. The first sentence should be catchy enough to attract the reader into knowing much of your write up. Thus, the first sentence should be attractive and at the same time, introduces the topic issue briefly to the audience. Provide brief primary points to showcase to the reader your stance regarding the topic issue. Lastly, draft a strong thesis statement as the closing clause and also the direction of the paper.

Move to the body paragraph. Here is where you need to explain the primary points highlighted in the introductory paragraph but now give a detailed account. Back up your primary points with well-researched evidence and arguments that are relevant to the stance chosen. What’s more, you should use parenthesis to highlight the source and the author from where the information was extracted. Therefore, write the author of the source article and the publication date in parenthesis after every primary point that supports your stance on the subject. Ensure that a comma separates the source and the author’s name. End this section by rephrasing the thesis statement without altering its meaning but using different words.

Lastly, conclude your article with approximately 80-150 words summarizing the entire content memorably and concisely. The conclusion paragraph is a crucial section since it gives the reader a picture of what your whole content consists of, hence, the reader does not need to read the entire content if your draft is too long. End by a closing remark which should showcase how the author has managed to accomplish the purpose of the write-up at the same time rephrasing the thesis statement. Achieving all this in an article can be challenging more so if you are not determined enough. However, in such circumstances, we can help. We’ll write a top-class paper that adheres to all the instructions at cost-effective rates.

Do You Know How to Select the Best Animal Farm Essay Topic?

Selecting an excellent topic for your assignment should no longer be a problem. Ask yourself whether the topic you are about to pick is of interest to you. If YES, go ahead and figure out whether you are familiar with most of the aspects needed. Lastly, figure out if you can access all the resources required and whether they have the information you’ll require to compose the needed standard length. If you are familiar with all these aspects, go ahead and select the underlying topic.

A List of Animal Farm Essay Topics for Good Papers

There are a variety of topics you are likely to encounter throughout your academic voyage. Some of the topics about the Animal Farm that you can consider:

  • Democracy manifestation in the story of Animal Farm
  • The depiction of Hitler’s Russia inversion in the Animal Farm
  • Animal Farm and how the animals give away their freedom
  • The importance of freedom in the book; Animal Farm
  • The perspective of a character in Animal Farm explanation
  • The use of symbolism in the Animal Farm
  • Biography of George Orwell and his links to the Animal Farm
  • The theme of fear and its manifestation in the Animal Farm
  • Instances of corruption in the Animal Farm
  • Animal Farm a soviet Allegory
  • Squealer and the use of propaganda to scare the animals
  • The effects of the focus of power in Animal Farm
  • The manifestation of communism in the Animal Farm
  • The faults of the Animal Farm
  • The effectiveness of napoleon propaganda in Animal Farm
  • The use of fear to spread propaganda as a weapon
  • The rhetoric problems in the Animal Farm
  • The evolution of efficiency in the soviet union portrayed in Animal Farm
  • Dealing with corruption in the Animal Farm
  • Subsequent effects of favoritism in the Animal Farm
  • The deterioration of democracy in the farm
  • Subsequent impacts of curtailed freedom
  • The implication of ignorance in the Animal Farm
  • Freedom and its implication to the subject
  • The stranger and the Animal Farm
  • Comparison of the Nazi and the Animal Farm
  • Socialism vs communism in Animal Farm
  • The Marxist perspective of the Animal Farm
  • The dictatorship of Napoleon in Animal Farm
  • The harshness of freedom in Animal Farm

From Revolution to Totalitarianism: Exploring the Themes and Events of Animal Farm Chapters 1-8

  • The Rise of Animalism: Analyzing the Foundation and Principles of the Animal Farm Revolution (Chapter 1)
  • Old Major’s Vision: Evaluating the Ideals and Goals of Animalism (Chapter 1)
  • The Rebellion Begins: Exploring the Events and Consequences of the Animals’ Takeover (Chapter 2)
  • Building a New Society: Examining the Challenges and Triumphs of Animal Farm’s Early Days (Chapter 3)
  • The Rise of Napoleon: Analyzing the Transformation of Leadership on Animal Farm (Chapter 4)
  • Propaganda Tactics: Unveiling the Manipulative Strategies Used by Squealer and Napoleon (Chapter 5)
  • The Corrupting Influence of Power: Tracing the Devolution of Animal Farm’s Revolutionary Ideals (Chapter 6)
  • The Betrayal of Boxer: Uncovering the Exploitation and Injustice Faced by the Working Class (Chapter 7)
  • The Pigs’ Dominion: Investigating the Erosion of Equality and the Emergence of a Totalitarian Regime (Chapter 8)

Unveiling the Layers of Allegory and Power: Animal Farm Literary Analysis Essay Topics

  • The Allegorical Nature of Animal Farm: Analyzing the Symbolism and Critique of the Russian Revolution
  • Power Dynamics and Corruption: Examining the Transformation of Leadership in Animal Farm
  • Animalism as a Failed Utopian Ideal: Exploring the Flaws and Paradoxes of the Animals’ Revolutionary Principles
  • The Role of Propaganda in Maintaining Control: Investigating Squealer’s Manipulative Tactics
  • The Corruption of Language: Unveiling the Distortion and Manipulation of Communication on Animal Farm
  • The Tragic Fate of Boxer: Understanding the Exploitation and Betrayal of the Working Class
  • The Transformation of Napoleon: Analyzing the Evolution of a Tyrant and the Emergence of Totalitarian Rule
  • The Loss of Revolution’s Spirit: Tracing the Devolution of Animal Farm’s Revolutionary Ideals
  • The Significance of the Windmill: Examining its Symbolism and Representation of False Progress
  • The Role of Fear and Intimidation: Investigating the Tactics Employed to Maintain Control on Animal Farm

Animal Farm Intelligence Essay Topics

  • The portrayal of intelligence and manipulation in “Animal Farm.”
  • The role of education and knowledge in the rise and fall of power in “Animal Farm.”
  • The use of propaganda and rhetoric to manipulate the animals’ intelligence in “Animal Farm.”
  • The representation of different types of intelligence among the animals in “Animal Farm.”
  • The correlation between intelligence and corruption in “Animal Farm.”
  • The consequences of intelligence being used for personal gain in “Animal Farm.”
  • The parallels between the animals’ struggle for intelligence and the human experience in “Animal Farm.”
  • The theme of intellectual suppression and control in “Animal Farm.”
  • The manipulation of history and memory to control intelligence in “Animal Farm.”
  • The failure of the intelligent animals to recognize their own oppression in “Animal Farm.”

Animal Farm Essay Questions That Can Help You to Write an Outstanding Paper

Here are some of the question that may help you conduct research and come up with an outstanding topic for your assignment:

  • How was napoleon a dictator?
  • What are some of the primary problems in Animal Farm?
  • Was Squealer a dictator?
  • How has symbolism used throughout the text?
  • How is democracy manifested in the text?
  • What are some of the faults committed by the animals?
  • How is the theme of fear manifested throughout the text?
  • How has favoritism affected animals?
  • What are the implications of freedom in the Animal Farm?
  • What is the effect of focusing on someone for power in the book?

Animal Farm Essay Ideas to Help You Get Started Without a Glitch

To get started, you need to have the following essay ideas to help you formulate a research question and eventually select an interesting topic. Below are some good ideas to help you:

  • Dictatorship
  • Freedom
  • Leadership
  • Democracy
  • Ignorance

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