Anthropology Research Paper Topics

Updated: June 22, 2023

Tips on How to Select Anthropology Research Paper Topics

Perhaps, you’re struggling with anthropology research paper topics and writing.

Academic writing is classified into 3 major steps. These are pre-, writing, and post-writing. Each of these steps is vital in creating a quality anthropology research paper.

Topic selection is one of the critical aspects of the pre-writing stage. It is because topics give direction to your writing.

Many students struggle with them. So we will provide some of the best in this article.

Do you want to compose a winning anthropology research paper?

Here are some tips to consider:

  • Do not select a broad or too narrow subject — it must have enough information for easy writing
  • Find topics that first interest you — it is the key to enjoying your writing process
  • Ensure the topics are relevant to your field of study
  • Think from a broader perspective and get ideas from different views
  • Do proper research on the topics you want to consider

Many students fail to write a quality research paper because they select topics to impress. Ensure you get topics that you can handle.

Here are some quality anthropology topics to choose from and write a winning paper.

Cultural Anthropology Research Paper Topics for Easy Writing

Anthropology is divided into different sections.

So we have classified our research topics for easy understanding.

In cultural anthropology, you can get topics such as:

  • Cultural beliefs and marriage rituals
  • Supernatural in different cultures
  • Cultural perspectives on the origin and life of the early human
  • Definition and understanding of cultures
  • Chaste systems and social ranks in societies
  • Rise and fall of the ancient Roman Empire
  • Death as viewed by different cultures
  • Clothing designs in various cultures across the world
  • Death rituals and beliefs across societies
  • The role of ancestors in different communities

The above-noted themes are part of the more extensive selection in cultural anthropology. They will enable you to compose an excellent anthropology research paper.

10 Physical Anthropology Research Paper Topics to Make an Outstanding Paper

We have also compiled topics for anthropology research paper in the physical area. Your work is to select the right research topic and write a comprehensive paper.

  • Early primate and hominid evolution
  • Study of Apamean graves in Turkey through physical anthropology
  • Co-evolution of language and human brains
  • Role of physical anthropology in the repatriation of Native American Indians
  • The shift of skeletal biology analysis to diet investigation
  • Racial deviancy in the Khmer society through Mollison’s deviation curve
  • Measuring stress as a mean of psychological disruption
  • Cremation in the community: a weak point in establishing bone morphology
  • Forensic anthropology and its legal implication
  • Combination of neurology, psychology, and primatology in the review of child development

You can be sure to get an easy time writing on these research topics because they provide enough information.

Get the facts right about the anthropology subject you have selected and deliver an exciting research paper!

Well-Researched Biological Anthropology Research Paper Topics

Are you finding a hard time writing your biological anthropology research paper?

Do not strain. We have done the most significant part of finding good topics.

The topics below will help you compose an excellent research paper:

  • Considerations of multivariate analysis in biological anthropology
  • Haddon’s metaphors on anthropology
  • Biological distance analysis in skeletal studies
  • Allostatic load indices: how stressors affect health and well-being
  • Interpreting character from fossil remains
  • Species and integration in biological boundaries
  • Population variances in heritable adaptations to ecological factors
  • Ethics in excavating human remains
  • Biological distance analysis in skeletal studies
  • The shift in biological variation to health and diet investigation

There is no more struggling!

The themes we have provided will give you the right direction in your writing.

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Medical Anthropology Research Paper Topics for a Premium Piece

Writing a winning medical anthropology research paper requires apt skills. You can achieve that with a good topic.

Here are some different subjects of interest in medical anthropology:

  • Modernity and distribution of risk
  • Bioethics in 19th century Europe
  • Effects of new medical technologies on global health
  • The placebo effect and causation healing
  • Specialization of health systems in the US and the respective impacts
  • How culture shapes ideas of wellness and health
  • Female genital mutilation and the effect on sexual and health reproductive
  • Effects of western medicine on Chinese remedies
  • Globally integrated approaches to the medical crisis
  • The interface of macro and micro environments affecting health

Linguistic Anthropology Research Paper Topics

  • Language and identity: Exploring how language shapes and reflects individual and group identities.
  • Language revitalization efforts: Investigating strategies and challenges in revitalizing endangered languages.
  • Language and power: Analyzing how language is used to exert power and control in different social and cultural contexts.
  • Language socialization: Examining how language is learned and transmitted within specific cultural communities.
  • Language variation and dialects: Investigating the social, cultural, and historical factors influencing language variation and dialect formation.
  • Language and gender: Exploring the relationship between language and gender identity and the construction of gender roles.
  • Multilingualism and language contact: Analyzing the effects of language contact and multilingualism on linguistic and cultural practices.
  • Language and migration: Investigating the role of language in the experiences of migrants and their communities.
  • Language ideologies: Examining beliefs and attitudes towards different languages and their impact on social hierarchies and power dynamics.
  • Language endangerment and documentation: Assessing the documentation and preservation of endangered languages and the ethical considerations involved.

Forensic Anthropology Research Paper Topics

  • Human skeletal variation: Analyzing the patterns of skeletal variation in different populations and its implications for forensic identification.
  • Forensic age estimation methods: Evaluating the accuracy and reliability of different techniques used to determine the age of skeletal remains.
  • Forensic taphonomy: Investigating the processes and factors that affect the decomposition and preservation of human remains in various environments.
  • Skeletal trauma analysis: Examining the identification and interpretation of skeletal trauma to determine the cause and manner of death.
  • Forensic facial reconstruction: Assessing the methods and techniques used in reconstructing the facial features of unidentified skeletal remains.
  • Forensic DNA analysis: Analyzing the use of DNA technology in forensic anthropology and its role in human identification.
  • Human rights investigations: Investigating the role of forensic anthropology in documenting human rights violations and providing evidence for legal proceedings.
  • Forensic anthropology and mass disasters: Assessing the protocols and challenges in the recovery and identification of victims in mass fatality incidents.
  • Forensic anthropology in archaeological contexts: Examining the application of forensic techniques in archaeological investigations and the interpretation of past human populations.
  • Forensic anthropology and ancestry estimation: Analyzing the methods used to determine the ancestral origins of skeletal remains for identification purposes.

Easy Anthropology Research Paper Topics

  • Cultural practices and rituals surrounding marriage in different societies.
  • The significance of food and eating habits in various cultures.
  • Gender roles and expectations in different cultural contexts.
  • The impact of globalization on indigenous communities and their traditional practices.
  • Cultural perceptions of beauty and body image across different societies.
  • Cultural taboos and their influence on social norms and behaviors.
  • The role of storytelling and oral traditions in preserving cultural heritage.
  • Cross-cultural perspectives on child-rearing and parenting practices.
  • Cultural beliefs and practices related to death and funeral rituals.
  • The role of music and dance in cultural expression and identity.

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