180 Best Architecture Thesis Topics

Updated: June 12, 2023

Do you need to write a successful architecture thesis, but you cannot select an eye-catching and interesting topic for your future work? In this guide, you will find 140 exciting thesis topics on architecture to get inspired and choose a great subject for writing! Read all the topics to create your own ideas!

Tips on How to Select the Best Architecture Thesis Topic

Choosing a successful subject is the most important thing because all your work depends on it. Here are useful tips you should follow:

  1. Brainstorm your subjects. Do not just pick up something that came into your head, but think twice before you do it! Brainstorm all the possible topics you can think up, and only then create an captivating and unique subject to impress readers.
  2. Choose something eye-catching. Even if you are going to write about something famous, think up an attractive topic that will turn the attention of future readers. People like fascinating headings, so give them what they want and provide them with a super-exciting subject!
  3. Write about something you know well. Needless to say, it’s not smart to try to write about something you are not good with. Architecture includes thousands of interesting topics, and we are sure there are some just for you! Select a subject you are familiar with and keep writing hard!

List of Architecture Thesis Topics

  1. Design of homes from Russian fairy tales
  2. Religious buildings in India
  3. Apartments for big families
  4. Hotels for couples: how is it better to build them?
  5. A swimming pool inside the house
  6. Multifamily homes for poor people
  7. How to create an architectural object within a certain budget?
  8. How to deconstruct a typical house to make it bigger?
  9. Creating a garage for multiple families
  10. What is the future of architecture?
  11. How are skyscrapers built?
  12. A project of ideal garden for an ordinary family in a village
  13. The project of a research center for school
  14. Planning college classrooms
  15. Development of museum building
  16. How does architecture change with time?
  17. Modern features in architecture
  18. A building everyone should see
  19. The main features of architecture of England in 18th century
  20. A concept of children’s playground

20 Naval Architecture Thesis Topics

  1. Shipbuilding development in different countries
  2. A project of the tanker: the main data for building
  3. Yachts and boats: is it easy to design them?
  4. How long does it take to build a small ship?
  5. Naval architecture in 19th century in USA
  6. A project of ideal submarine
  7. Creating a boat without nails
  8. Newest materials used for shipbuilding
  9. Which techniques are used to make a yacht?
  10. Designing a big ship for military goals
  11. How was the first ship built?
  12. How people were creating marines in the last century?
  13. The main elements of the yacht’s design
  14. Designing a marine wessel
  15. The reconstruction of naval architect’s office of the 1900s
  16. The main components to create a wessel ship
  17. Rebuilding and modernization in naval architecture
  18. Damage-control rules in naval architecture
  19. Creating a model of the future ship
  20. Is it easy to be a naval engineer?
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20 Ecological Architecture Thesis Topics

  1. Can architecture be eco-friendly?
  2. Ecological materials to build houses
  3. Which architectural materials are bad for ecology?
  4. Creating an eco-house of future
  5. How does architecture impact ecology?
  6. Ecological buildings in the USA
  7. How to project a house without any harm to the ecosystem?
  8. A town’s ecosystem: how does it change with new buildings’ appearance?
  9. Is it ecological to build houses from wood?
  10. Houses from glass: an ecology project
  11. How do modern architectural materials affect animals?
  12. What impact building materials make on people?
  13. Can we have diseases because of non-ecological toxic building materials?
  14. Is it ecological to use glue in building?
  15. Creating a new city: which ecological aspects we need to consider?
  16. How fast will the empty town turn into jungles?
  17. Eco-houses projects in various countries
  18. Building a skyscraper: will it harm any bird?
  19. How do wild animals live in modern cities?
  20. Is it possible to make houses without using harmful polymer materials?

20 Landscape Architecture Thesis Topics

  1. Making natural swimming pools
  2. The main problems in landscape architecture of our times
  3. Urban design and sketching
  4. What does a landscape architect build?
  5. How to create a beautiful park in the city?
  6. Making zones for rest in the center of the town
  7. How to make a proper climate inside the landscape zone?
  8. The project of urban square
  9. Creating roof gardens in the city
  10. How to make a town more green with landscape design?
  11. Creating a proper zone for walking
  12. Projecting green highways
  13. Landscape architecture and its impact on our lives
  14. The main goals of the landscape engineering
  15. Building an ideal park for urban people
  16. How to protect parks and squares from vandals?
  17. The Importance of landscape architecture for our world
  18. How does landscape architecture affect ecosystems?
  19. The benefits of creating parks
  20. Why are green zones important for any city?

20 Unique Architecture Thesis Topics

  1. How to build the house of your dreams?
  2. Which elements should any modern museum have?
  3. The secrets of projecting an ideal rest zone
  4. Compare the architecture of different countries
  5. Which architecture elements characterize the baroque style?
  6. Is it possible for humans to live without a house?
  7. Why is architecture important?
  8. Modern and classic architecture: the main similarities
  9. Compare architecture of New York and Moscow
  10. The most famous architecture buildings in the world
  11. Is it simple to become a good architect?
  12. How does architecture help people to impress themselves?
  13. Is architecture connected to our nature?
  14. How to create a skyscraper in areas where earthquakes are a common thing?
  15. How to build lightweight houses?
  16. Smart house: the main features
  17. An architecture of a small town
  18. The main features in contemporary architecture
  19. How does architecture affect other sides of our life?
  20. Compare various architects of different times
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20 Sustainable Architecture Thesis Topics

  1. Evaluating the impact of green building certifications on energy efficiency and environmental performance.
  2. Designing sustainable and energy-efficient urban neighborhoods to promote livability and reduce carbon footprint.
  3. Analyzing the use of natural and renewable materials in sustainable building design and construction.
  4. Investigating the integration of renewable energy systems in buildings and their impact on energy consumption.
  5. The role of biophilic design in promoting health and well-being in sustainable architecture.
  6. Analyzing the effectiveness of green roofs and vertical gardens in urban heat island mitigation.
  7. Designing sustainable and energy-efficient retrofit strategies for existing buildings.
  8. Investigating the role of passive design strategies in reducing energy demand in buildings.
  9. The impact of sustainable materials and construction techniques on indoor air quality and occupant health.
  10. Analyzing the use of rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling systems in sustainable building design.
  11. Designing net-zero energy buildings and evaluating their performance in real-world scenarios.
  12. Investigating the potential of building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) in sustainable architecture.
  13. The role of smart technologies and building automation systems in energy-efficient building operations.
  14. Analyzing the social and economic benefits of sustainable architecture in urban communities.
  15. Designing regenerative and self-sustaining buildings that contribute to ecological restoration.
  16. Investigating the role of sustainable urban planning and transportation in reducing the environmental impact of buildings.
  17. The impact of sustainable building design on occupant productivity and well-being in work environments.
  18. Analyzing the use of natural ventilation and passive cooling strategies in tropical and hot climate zones.
  19. Designing sustainable and resilient buildings that can withstand the impacts of climate change and natural disasters.
  20. Investigating the potential of circular economy principles in the design and construction of sustainable buildings.

20 Interesting Architecture Thesis Topics

  1. Adaptive Reuse: Transforming Abandoned Industrial Buildings into Community Spaces
  2. Sustainable Urban Planning: Designing Eco-Friendly Neighborhoods for the Future
  3. Biophilic Design: Integrating Nature into Urban Environments
  4. Resilient Architecture: Strategies for Building in Disaster-Prone Areas
  5. Cultural Identity in Architecture: Exploring the Intersection of Tradition and Modernity
  6. Smart Cities: Harnessing Technology for Urban Development
  7. Public Space Design: Creating Inclusive and Engaging Environments
  8. Architecture for Aging: Designing Spaces for an Aging Population
  9. Innovative Materials in Architecture: Exploring New Possibilities
  10. Architecture and Health: Designing Spaces that Promote Well-being
  11. Regenerative Design: Redefining Architecture’s Impact on the Environment
  12. Zero-Energy Buildings: Strategies for Achieving Sustainable Energy Efficiency
  13. Urban Farming: Integrating Food Production into Urban Landscapes
  14. Temporary Architecture: Designing Structures for Temporary Events and Pop-up Spaces
  15. Post-Disaster Reconstruction: Approaches to Rebuilding Communities
  16. Heritage Conservation: Preserving Historic Buildings and Cultural Heritage
  17. Responsive Architecture: Creating Spaces that Adapt to User Needs
  18. Urban Mobility: Designing Infrastructure for Sustainable Transportation
  19. Vernacular Architecture: Reviving Traditional Building Techniques in Contemporary Design
  20. Parametric Design: Exploring the Intersection of Mathematics and Architecture
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20 Architecture Thesis Ideas

  1. The most famed houses built by well-known architects
  2. Creating a project of city center
  3. Shopping mall: how to design it successfully
  4. Projecting a modern train station
  5. Making comfortable and eye-catching parking places in a town
  6. The main elements of ancient architecture in Greece
  7. Describe an ideal house
  8. Which building would you create if you were a famous architect?
  9. High-tech elements of architecture in a modern city
  10. Why do contemporary towns look similar?
  11. How to make a great park without destroying any other elements of the town?
  12. Road building and architecture: are these things connected?
  13. Describe the building without naming it
  14. Egypt Pyramids: ancient architects and mysterious buildings
  15. Why do third countries have poor architecture?
  16. Architecture of London’s Palace
  17. Describe the Saint Petersburg’s architecture
  18. World-famous architectures and their features
  19. Park design: simple ideas for a cozy place
  20. How to make your town beautiful with easy architecture ideas

20 Thesis Topics About Architecture

  1. Project of an ideal stadium
  2. Outdoor theater: the main benefits
  3. How to create a model of a house?
  4. How to make an architectural plan?
  5. Is it legal to build houses in woods?
  6. Architecture of a modern city
  7. Architectural complex and its parts
  8. Building an indoor swimming pool
  9. How is a museum different from a theater?
  10. Creating a new building and projecting a new ship
  11. Dubai: a city in a desert
  12. How does architecture affect climate?
  13. Smart houses and their future
  14. Projecting a beautiful garden near your house
  15. Similarities and differences in architecture of India and Pakistan
  16. Ancient Greece architecture
  17. Creating a perfect museum
  18. A parking zone and its elements
  19. How to make a zoo?
  20. The importance of architecture for people


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