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Updated: November 8, 2022

100 Best Art Essay Topics

While in college, students face many challenges in writing articles on various subjects, including choosing art essay topics. If you are a student with the difficult task of selecting a topic for an art essay, you can contact our service, and experienced specialists will help you.

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How to Select the Best Art Essay Topic?

Every college student is faced with choosing a topic for an essay. This process is an essential and responsible part. If you have a question about how to select the best art essay topic, we have prepared some tips to make this process easier:

  • Try to choose a topic for an essay on art close to you.
  • Choose a relevant and exciting art topic.
  • Try to narrow the issue down to a specific subject.
  • Use a narrow area for analysis.
  • You can write an article on the topic you have already done the research on; consider the issue from the other side.
  • Find a subject about which there is a lot of information.

List of Art Essay Topics

To make it easier for you to decide on the topic and you do not spend a lot of time searching, we have prepared a list of art essay topics from which you will find the right one:

  • How art therapy helps to improve the emotional state of a person.
  • Surrealism analysis.
  • Description of the artist and his work that you like.
  • Abstract expressionism: what is it?
  • Is graffiti a separate art form?
  • How did the Renaissance influence art?
  • Analysis of printing and photography.
  • Analysis of the Canadian landscape.
  • Portraiture: what techniques are used?
  • How can art therapy help boost self-esteem?
  • Subculture K-Pop.
  • Vietnamese Water Puppet Theater.
  • Analysis of Japanese Edo.
  • What are the color-blocking methods?
  • Assembly art: what is it?
  • Does he need drawing lessons for school children?
  • How can art affect a person’s personal life?
  • Computer games: is it an art form?
  • Who is Banksy?
  • Analysis of modern art education.
  • Can artificial intelligence make art on its own?
  • Study of art therapy in general.
  • What does sacrifice mean in Mayan art?
  • Are cartoons art?
  • Analysis of sculptures of the Renaissance.

Art History Essay Topics

Here is a list of art history essay topics that will help you choose the right one and ease the time-consuming process of searching for issues on the Internet:

  • How Science Influenced the Sculptures of Ancient Greece.
  • History of ancient art.
  • How were women depicted in ancient art?
  • Renaissance analysis.
  • Analyze the art of the Baroque period.
  • Why is Paris the center of art?
  • Old TV shows, is it an art form?
  • History of Inuit Art.
  • An analysis of the history of sculpture in the United States.
  • Art Description Dada Beowulf Essay.
  • Analysis of jewelry in ancient Egypt.
  • Describe three old musical instruments.
  • Engraving in Europe.
  • Comparison of conceptual art and drawing.
  • Photography and painting: what do they have in common?
  • Comparison of ceramics and sculpture.
  • Description of ancient art in Greece.
  • Comparison of dance and music in ancient times.
  • Description of modernism.
  • Art in Africa: definition and features.

Art Appreciation Essay Topics

Check out the list of art appreciation essay topics to choose the most interesting and exciting subject:

  • Analyze your favorite Da Vinci work.
  • Constructivism: what is it?
  • Analysis of the play in the local theater.
  • An analysis of a famous Renaissance painting.
  • Pottery in Ancient Rome.
  • Discuss the development of technology and art.
  • Analyze how art has changed over time.
  • Design and analyze the sculpture yourself.
  • Tell us about the best works of art in the style of modernism.
  • Tell us about how the artist influences the development of art.
  • Analysis of the artist’s biography.
  • Conduct complete research on one of the artworks of your choice.
  • Basic principles of Futurism.
  • How are Goyas and French cartoons connected?
  • Analysis “Portrait of a Cardinal” by Lorenzo Costa.
  • Encaustic: what is it?
  • Abstract painting: what is it?
  • Traditional embroidery.
  • Baroque analysis.
  • Analysis and characteristics of boho art.

Art Argumentative Essay Topics

With this list of art argumentative essay topics, you can find the best case that will earn you a high college score:

  • Works of art of the 20th century: what is the most significant and why?
  • What is the relationship between vandalism and graffiti?
  • Banksy: who is he, a vandal or an artist?
  • Is photography art?
  • Why is Paris considered the center of art?
  • Why does a person need skills in everyday life?
  • What causes the obsolescence of TVs?
  • Are print media relevant in today’s world?
  • Classical music: what are the benefits of listening?
  • Is it true that art therapy helps to get rid of mental disorders?
  • What kind of artists do you like and why?
  • What is a true artist, and why do you like it?
  • What type of art would you do if you were an artist and why?
  • How does nature influence art?
  • Your attitude to art therapy.
  • What is the difference between an American artist and a French one?
  • Animation history.
  • What is the importance of censorship in art?
  • Harvest art: where did it come from?
  • Meanings of urban sculptures.

Art Music Essay Ideas

Read essay topics about music and choose the one that is the most exciting and relevant for you:

  • How does music influence events in the world?
  • Analysis of musical production in art.
  • How did the art of music develop in different countries?
  • What do different musical genres have in common?
  • Popular music and contemporary art: what do they have in common?
  • Analysis of one modern musical work.
  • Does social status affect musical preference?
  • Did art help develop music?
  • Importance of music in today’s world.
  • Poetry and music: what do they have in common?
  • How does music affect society?
  • History of classical music.
  • How does the art of music affect the human brain?
  • Women and Music: Their Role in Music Production.
  • Analysis of the modern music industry.

We have given you some music essay ideas to keep your research interesting and relevant to readers. All of the above topics are related to art, and among them, you will be able to find the most interesting and more suitable one. If you cannot do this, please contact our service and place an order so that our specialists start writing as soon as possible.

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