50+ Brave New World Essay Topics

Updated: June 12, 2023

Brave New World Essay Topics

The modernity witnessed today has changed a lot in every aspect of life. Therefore, the development wave has changed different life aspects such as technology, education, among others. Hence, modernity has been the reason behind Brave New World essay that has become common amongst students. However, the question is, are you conversant with what’s required to compose such essays flawlessly? Buckle your belt as you are about to be immersed in the world of essay writing. First, you need to ensure you are fresh and away from distractions. Take your time and go through the instructions to ensure you get the concept, scope, and the context required.

What’s more, ensure that you are conversant with the selected theme and skilled in writing such a topic. Begin by an introductory paragraph which should be as catchy as possible to keep the reviewer hooked to the topic. The first section of your paper matters a lot. It determines whether or not the reader will have an interest in reviewing the entire write-up. Start by an opening clause which briefly informs the audience about the subject issue and your position regarding the position. Secondly, briefly introduce the primary points which support your stance on the topic issue. Lastly, write a closing remark which should phrase the theme of your articles and give the direction of the paper. It is the thesis statement.

The second part of your paper should be the body paragraph. Here, you need to give a detailed explanation on each primary point briefly introduced in the first paragraph. Ensure you back up your explanation with well-researched evidence and present argument that is relevant to your stance. End each body section of your write-up by rephrasing the thesis statement without altering its meaning but ensure the wording is different.

Lastly, conclude your paper with a memorable and concise summary of the whole content discussed. Your conclusive paragraph is a crucial section since most readers gauge the comprehension of your article through going through the conclusion since it is short and easy to read. However, the current school environment entails a lot of activities and assignment workload, which prevent students from writing quality Brave New World assignments. We can help.

Need a Trick on How to Select the Best Brave New World Essay Topic?

Selecting an essay should no longer be a nightmare to you. It is easier than you can imagine! First, you need to assess whether the topic you intend to select is of interest to you. Secondly, try to ask yourself whether the topic excites. What’s more, figure out if at all the research process teaches you a new thing you didn’t know before. Lastly, figure out whether the topic has enough resources to write the standard length required if the answer to all these queries is YES. Go ahead and choose the topic for your write-up.

A List of Brave New World Essay Topics to Make Your Work Easier

Get the most promising list of topics to help you come up with an outstanding draft when writing these types of essays:

  1. Compatibility of excitement and Truth
  2. Cloning and its effectivity in today’s society
  3. Comprehensive analysis of the themes of freedom and liberty
  4. A clear manifestation of dehumanization relevant to the text
  5. Analysis of Mond’s perspective on individual freedom
  6. The cautionary story of modern society
  7. Identity of numbers relative to the brave world text
  8. Ultimate analysis of the consumption and happiness in the text
  9. The subsequent relationship between technology, innovations, and science
  10. A meticulous analysis of the theme, plot and the characters of the Brave New World
  11. The primary significance of individualism and diversity in a society
  12. Implications of john’s death to the society
  13. The reduction of family conception in the Brave New World
  14. The consequence of hierarchical genetic community
  15. Analysis of gender, men and women role in the text
  16. The presentation of emotions in the novel
  17. The positive implications of the Brave New World to society
  18. General analysis of female character repression in the book
  19. The manifestation of the theme of escape in the story
  20. Analyze the use and implication of symbols in the book
  21. The description of Huxley’s society and its functionality
  22. Loneliness and its manifestation in the text
  23. The relationships versus sexuality in the text
  24. The social and political elements of Huxley’s society
  25. The expression of progressive society influenced by technology
  26. Socio-cultural analysis and aspects of the Brave New World
  27. The dystopian aspect and its implication to the Huxley’s society
  28. Compatibility of truth and happiness
  29. The relevance of the Brave New World to today’s world
  30. Comparison of the novel to the running man movie

Brave New World Essay Questions to Help You Get Started

Here are some of the questions that will help you in conducting thorough research and come up with an appropriate selection for your assignment:

  • How does the theme of conflict manifest in the play?
  • How has sexuality been depicted in the Brave New World?
  • What’s the concept of family reduction in the plays?
  • What’s the relationship between John and Linda in the Brave New World?
  • How does the Brave New World influence other writers?
  • Do you think Shakespeare contribute much to the Brave New World?
  • What is the meaning of conscience and science, as illustrated in the play?
  • What is the primary message of the Brave New World
  • What is the importance of individualism in the play?
  • How does the Bokanovsky process operate?

Argumentative Essay Topics for Brave New World

  1. A Brave New World was banned from many libraries in the 1980s. Why do you suppose that is?
  2. Discuss the relationship between John and Linda.
  3. How do you suppose the author influenced other writers?
  4. What themes are introduced in the book?
  5. What role does individualism play in the book?
  6. Is science dangerous? Support with evidence from the book.
  7. What is the moral of the story?
  8. Does happiness come from conformity, or does it take away our freedom?
  9. How are classes structured in the book, and what message does the author intend to send?
  10. What are the main conflicts throughout the book?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics Brave New World

  1. Compare and contrast the themes of “Brave New World” and George Orwell’s “1984.”
  2. Compare and contrast the portrayal of individuality in “Brave New World” and Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451.”
  3. Compare and contrast the use of technology in “Brave New World” and Isaac Asimov’s “I, Robot.”
  4. Compare and contrast the portrayal of gender roles in “Brave New World” and Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale.”
  5. Compare and contrast the role of government in “Brave New World” and Aldous Huxley’s “Island.”
  6. Compare and contrast the use of drugs in “Brave New World” and Philip K. Dick’s “A Scanner Darkly.”
  7. Compare and contrast the portrayal of religion in “Brave New World” and George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series.
  8. Compare and contrast the depiction of love in “Brave New World” and William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.”
  9. Compare and contrast the portrayal of happiness in “Brave New World” and Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “One Hundred Years of Solitude.”
  10. Compare and contrast the role of education in “Brave New World” and Paulo Freire’s “Pedagogy of the Oppressed.”

20 More Good Brave New World Essay Topics

  1. Analyze the role of the Savage in Brave New World and his impact on the novel’s themes.
  2. Compare and contrast the portrayal of community in Brave New World and Aldous Huxley’s Island.
  3. Analyze the use of soma in Brave New World and its impact on society.
  4. Analyze the symbolism of the World State’s motto “Community, Identity, Stability” in Brave New World.
  5. Analyze the role of hypnopaedia in shaping the beliefs and behaviors of characters in Brave New World.
  6. Discuss the role of conditioning in shaping the identity of characters in Brave New World.
  7. Analyze the portrayal of science and technology in Brave New World and their impact on society.
  8. Discuss the impact of consumerism on society in Brave New World.
  9. Analyze the role of sex and sexuality in Brave New World and its impact on society.
  10. Compare and contrast the portrayal of happiness in Brave New World and the film The Truman Show.
  11. Analyze the impact of the caste system on society in Brave New World.
  12. Analyze the portrayal of individualism and conformity in Brave New World.
  13. Compare and contrast the portrayal of love in Brave New World and the film Her.
  14. Discuss the role of art and literature in Brave New World and their impact on society.
  15. Analyze the portrayal of death and mortality in Brave New World.
  16. Analyze the impact of propaganda and media manipulation in Brave New World.
  17. Discuss the role of religion in Brave New World and its impact on society.
  18. Analyze the portrayal of youth and aging in Brave New World.
  19. Compare and contrast the portrayal of freedom in Brave New World and George Orwell’s 1984.
  20. Discuss the impact of the novel’s ending on its themes and message.

Brave New World Essay Ideas to Assist in Composing Outstanding Topics

Below are some ideas to help you come up with good topics:

  • Huleyx blindness
  • Conflict
  • Freedom
  • Lifestyle and class
  • Technology

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