100 Bullying Essay Topics

Updated: January 8, 2024

Writing about cool stuff like a science project or proving a theory based on some substantive evidence is straightforward. However, life experiences, which, to some, might be hard to talk about, pose a significant challenge. One of the most controversial topics assigned to students is bullying. The psychological effects of bullying are quite drastic, and if not solved at an early stage, it can adversely affect the life of a young person.

This is interesting – a short story about a rarely talked about the topic! Although that is the main interest of the essay, the only key to have the ideal one is via proper composition. You also ought to have a clear structure with a swift transition between the introduction, body, and conclusion. As a student looks at bullying from the perspective of both the bully and the victim, they earn deeper comprehension of the possible repercussions. In such an essay prompt, you’ll have to analyze your passive and active involvement in bullying instances.

Would You Like to Know How to Select the Best Bullying Essay Topic?

An essay’s appeal resonates from its topic, and that is why you ought to get the most prolific one. Well, bullying article topics are broad, which makes it quite challenging to figure out the ideal one. Who are you writing for? If you think about your audience and what they don’t know about bullying, then you will have a myriad of topics. Abide by this simple logic:

  • Brainstorm: If you have a few ideas, list all of them. Also, you can have a sit-down with your peers and discuss the recent trends in school bullying and get some clues.
  • Discuss: You might have a great idea: why not reinforce it by seeking some oversight from your tutor before it is too late. They are always open for discussions and can offer you guidance where possible.
  • Explore: It is integral that you grasp as many details about your possible topic to figure out if you possess enough data from your sources.
  • Eliminate: Get rid of ideas that you don’t like or those that you know sourcing relevant information would be difficult.

It is not that natural settling on an exposition topic. It is a unique idea to settle on something that you have some personal experience with. Your encounter is going to allow you to compose from a unique perspective, and that means you will come up with the perfect project.

List of Bullying Essay Topics that Rock

As you are trying to settle on a bullying paper subject, give preference to ideas that provoke your curiosity. If you love a topic, you are going to develop a deep and exciting piece. A subject that evokes a sense of sharing will always work wonders. The list below will offer you some exceptionally worthy ideas:

  1. The variations in bullying between boys and girls.
  2. The bad effect of bullying in schools.
  3. My bullying experience.
  4. Cyberbullying is harmless than bullying in school.
  5. The profile of a bully.
  6. The profile of a bullying victim.
  7. The effects of bullying in adult life.
  8. Common reactions when people get bullied.
  9. How to feel safe in school if you are a victim of bullying?
  10. Bullying survivor: How I managed to overcome.
  11. The significant signs that your child is being bullied.
  12. Psychological things that bullies do to their victims.
  13. Essential adjustments to prevent bullying at school.
  14. The rise of the internet has increased bullying, and here’s why.
  15. Parents ought to be aware of bullying and take action.
  16. Essential steps to aid a child recover from bullying.
  17. The best tricks to overcome bullying.
  18. How I saved my friend from bullying?
  19. Possible legal measure to halt bullying in schools.
  20. Suggestions on how to stop bullying in learning centers.
  21. The adverse effects of bullying in school.
  22. Learn how to resist bullying.
  23. How to support your peer that has already been bullied?
  24. Ingenious ways of overcoming your urge to bully.
  25. The consequences that bullied kids suffer.
  26. Bullying ought to be an open discussion and tackled head-on.
  27. How to increase awareness about bullying?
  28. A parent that turns a blind eye encourages bullying.
  29. Life-saving actions to take when someone is getting bullied.
  30. The reasons why people bully others.

Once you settle on a topic, do some preliminary research and come up with a thesis statement. This will be your main point in the article, and all other ideas will flow logically.

Best Bullying Essay Topics for 2024

Bullying continues to be a prevalent issue that affects children and teenagers worldwide. As we move into 2024, it is important to continue raising awareness, educating students, and advocating for change. Writing essays about bullying is an effective way to achieve these goals. In this list, you will find essay topics that can inspire students to reflect on the issue of bullying and explore its impact on themselves and others.

  1. The effects of social media on bullying.
  2. The role of bystanders in preventing and addressing bullying.
  3. The impact of the pandemic on the prevalence of bullying.
  4. The effectiveness of current anti-bullying policies in schools.
  5. The importance of teaching empathy and kindness to prevent bullying.
  6. The impact of bullying on mental health.
  7. The connection between bullying and substance abuse.
  8. The impact of bullying on academic performance.
  9. The use of technology in bullying prevention.
  10. The role of parents in preventing and addressing bullying.
  11. The effectiveness of restorative justice in bullying prevention.
  12. The impact of bullying on physical health.
  13. The importance of mental health resources for victims of bullying.
  14. The impact of bullying on social relationships.
  15. The importance of promoting diversity and inclusion in preventing bullying.
  16. The role of school counselors in addressing bullying.
  17. The connection between bullying and self-esteem.
  18. The effectiveness of peer support groups in preventing and addressing bullying.
  19. The impact of bullying on the bully.
  20. The importance of creating a culture of respect and acceptance to prevent bullying.

Cyber Bullying Essay Topics You’d Love to Write about

  1. Is cyberbullying more, less, or equally damaging than bullying in schools?
  2. Should cyberbullying be punishable?
  3. How does bullying affect children in their adult lives?
  4. What behaviors do children who are bullied exhibit?
  5. How do children react when they are bullied?
  6. Should children who defend themselves from bullies be punished?
  7. What role do teachers and administrators play in putting a stop to bullying?
  8. Should schools offer counseling for children who experience bullying?
  9. Discuss children’s behavior at home and how parents can help stop bullying.
  10. Should bullying and its effects be taught in schools? If so, at what age?

Essay Topics For Bullying Kids

Bullying is a serious issue that affects children and teens worldwide. Writing essays about bullying is an effective way to raise awareness, educate students, and promote change. In this list, you will find 20 essay topics that can inspire kids to reflect on the issue of bullying and explore its impact on themselves and others.

  1. The long-term effects of bullying on mental health.
  2. Strategies for preventing bullying in schools.
  3. The impact of cyberbullying on mental health.
  4. The importance of empathy in preventing bullying.
  5. The connection between bullying and self-esteem.
  6. The impact of bullying on academic performance.
  7. The effectiveness of anti-bullying policies.
  8. The role of teachers in preventing bullying.
  9. The role of bystanders in bullying prevention.
  10. The impact of bullying on physical health.
  11. The psychological consequences of bullying on victims.
  12. The impact of bullying on the bully.
  13. The connection between bullying and substance abuse.
  14. The role of parents in preventing bullying.
  15. The importance of communication in preventing bullying.
  16. The impact of bullying on social relationships.
  17. The importance of self-care for victims of bullying.
  18. The effectiveness of restorative justice in bullying prevention.
  19. The role of technology in bullying prevention.
  20. The importance of kindness in promoting a culture of respect and acceptance.

Argumentative Essay Topics On Bullying

  1. Schools should have stricter consequences for students who bully others.
  2. Cyberbullying should be treated as a criminal offense.
  3. Bystanders who witness bullying but do not intervene should be held accountable.
  4. The use of social media has increased the prevalence and severity of bullying.
  5. Bullying prevention programs in schools are not effective.
  6. The media should do more to raise awareness about the harmful effects of bullying.
  7. Victims of bullying should be given legal recourse to sue their bullies.
  8. Schools should be required to report all instances of bullying to parents and law enforcement.
  9. Teachers who fail to address bullying in their classrooms should be held accountable.
  10. The mental health consequences of bullying are often overlooked.
  11. Bullying can be a predictor of future violent behavior and should be taken seriously.
  12. The use of restorative justice practices can be an effective way to address and prevent bullying.
  13. The bullying of LGBTQ+ students is a systemic issue that needs to be addressed by schools and society.
  14. The use of physical force to defend oneself against a bully should be allowed.
  15. Zero-tolerance policies for bullying in schools are counterproductive and should be replaced.
  16. Schools should provide more resources for mental health counseling to prevent bullying.
  17. The “boys will be boys” mentality perpetuates a culture of bullying and toxic masculinity.
  18. Bullying prevention should start at home with parents teaching empathy and kindness to their children.
  19. The culture of competition in schools can contribute to bullying and needs to be reevaluated.
  20. The failure to address bullying perpetuates a cycle of violence and trauma that affects individuals and society as a whole.

What are the Bullying Essay Questions You Should Expect?

Ordinarily, you are going to get a prompt, and you have to try your best to answer. These are common questions:

  1. How can you stop the culture of bullying?
  2. What is the distinction between teasing and bullying?
  3. Have you ever been bullied by another person? How did it make you feel?
  4. Have you ever bullied another individual?
  5. Do you think that certain character traits contribute to bullying?
  6. What are the risks associated with standing up when bullied?
  7. Compose a short paragraph on the different types of bullying. How do you think that people in such a situation feel if it went on for a week?
  8. What are the legal measures that are supposed to be taken to solve bullying?
  9. Have you ever saved anyone from bullying?
  10. Why do some people think that there is nothing wrong with bullying?

There are many perspectives on bullying, which means that there are many arguments. If you comprehend the essay prompt well, you are going to have a clear and concise piece.

Bullying Essay Ideas to Help You Compose the Ideal Piece

When you are composing a bullying essay, you ought to engage in-depth research on your topic, so that you can get significant leads that support your arguments. Everyone knows that bullying is a grave issue, and we need a fast solution. If you base your disquisition on this cliché idea, no one will read it, or it will get you poor marks. However, if your context matches with something new, then you will captivate your audience. Here are a few ideas that you can stick to build a remarkable piece:

  1. Think about the lasting effects of bullying on people; you are sure to come up with some ingenious ideas.
  2. Bullying doesn’t only happen in schools but at the workplace, too; have you thought about creating relevant content on this?
  3. What happens to bullies when they finish school? Do they abandon the unwanted behavior and reform?
  4. Do you think learning institutions should be liable for bullying? This is an approach that will generate quite controversial content, and that’s what the reader is looking for.
  5. Is bullying curable, or is it just a psychological disorder that goes away after some time?

Well, the main aim of a bullying composition is to prove that this issue matters; however, you ought to choose a direction that invokes intrigue.

Stuck with Your Bully Essay? We Can Help

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