About Campus2careers.com

The company Campus2Careers was launched in 2010, and its main goal is to help every student to search for the right job, internship, mentor, and career. This is a great opportunity to save time for both students and employers who want to hire the best people from high schools and colleges across Texas.

Campus2Careers was created by college students for students because the company’s founders wanted to find the best opportunities for young interns. Just in about 3 years, this amazing company has grown up into a large job board for Texas students. Campus2Career is based in Austin, TX, and serves as a great bridge between college education and future employment and job.

Any employer can use the site Campus2Careers to match students and jobs and find the best candidates for employment. It’s possible to use various preferences and filters to select talented and skilled students without leaving the office. With Campus2Careers, it’s simple to recruit the best people online.

How Can Students Find Their Careers?

Thanks to Campus2Careers, every student can use the company’s site for free and get wonderful benefits:

  • View hidden jobs on the website. Many companies in the USA cannot recruit their future employees on campus, so these opportunities can be hidden from students. With Campus2Career, every student can get access to these jobs.
  • More opportunities. When you work at an SMB, it can be more rewarding than a bigger employer.
  • Work suggestions. Needless to say, it’s quite difficult to find a good job for a student. The site is created to make some suggestions about the future job following your skills, interests, and other parameters.
  • More than just a CV. With Campus2Career, every student can create a rich profile or a virtual CV (for example, for essay writer position) that includes an e-portfolio, video, and more interesting information to make a good impression.

How Can Employers Find Their Future Workers?

Any SMB organization can recruit students using the Campus2Career website without wasting a lot of money. The company offers a wide range of benefits to employers:

  • Saving a lot of time. Employers don’t have to waste time looking for thousands of resumes to find a good employee. With the site Campus2Career, they can quickly search for students who fit their requirements and needs perfectly.
  • Saving money. Compared to other job boards, Campus2Career will help employers to find excellent students without wasting a lot of money.
  • Greater access. Employers can easily get access to young and energetic students to recruit.
  • Building your company profile. On the website of the Campus2Career company, every employer can create their profile with all the needed information about the company and future jobs.

How Can Career Centers Use the Campus2Career Website?

The site Campus2Career is free to use for partners, including career centers. Here are opportunities for them:

  • New companies. Using the career community Campus2Career, every career center can find interesting candidates and companies.
  • Reports and analytics. It’s easy to track and measure all the information about recruited students, the most pursuing careers, and any other parameters.
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