Can GPT-3 Chat Surpass Human Being in Essay Writing?

Updated: March 2, 2023

Chat Bot GPT-3

Nowadays, we are lucky to witness significant technological progress. Automatic high-quality text generation is one of the merits of IT developers that strives to create original, errorless, and credible writings based on available information. However, can such a tool replace a human being and become a lifeline for immature students? In our article, we will shed light on all the peculiarities, pros, and cons of the GPT-3 essay generator that has already won the hearts of millions of learners.

GPT 3 Essay Generator: What Is It?

GPT-3 is a third-generation AI text generator, a machine-learning model that can use the information and generate text according to your requirements. Generative Pre-trained Transformer recommended itself as the most advanced neural network base tool that can produce large scopes of sophisticated text during short periods.

Compared to its predecessors, who were big players in the automatic text generative field, GPT-3 AI chat may boast more than 175 billion ML parameters (GPT2 had only 1.5 billion parameters). So, naturally, such a tool gained popularity among students who can use a free demo version and save time and money on essay writing.

Why do Students Like Using GPT3?

The main reason students prefer the GPT-3 essay generator online tool is time-saving. Instead of spending tons of time looking at and analyzing information, they may get ready-made text in several clicks. Moreover, developers promise originality, variety of services, and coverage of all the possible topics. This makes students believe in a free cheese that is available, as we know, in a mousetrap. Obviously, educators are tuned to look for simple ways to solve their problems. However, is everything as bright as it seems at first sight? Good results do not come easy, and this issue must be the first alarm bell.

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How to Use GPT3 Chat for Essay Writing

The application of text generator AI is more straightforward and less time-consuming than ordinary essay writing. GPT3 uses information from the Internet. Developers collected data from books, texts, Wikipedia, and other Internet resources for this AI writer. So, when working on your text, this tool may apply over 300 billion words and credible resources from the Internet.

If you want to try a chat with GPT-3, you must sign up first. This process is quite common for most online services and requires your phone number and email address for verification. After successful registration, you must return to the homepage and log in. And voilà, you can chat with GPT-3 online and ask to generate an essay you need.

It will take several seconds to get ready-made text after you provide a topic. You are free to request the GPT-3 chat online to add more information or extend the text, and the bot will satisfy your wish. In addition, you may ask specific questions on your topic to clarify issues you find complicated or incomprehensible.

Our Experience with GPT-3 Essay Generator Online

Since all the capabilities of GPT-3 sound too sweet and made us doubt the further necessity of people’s participation in text writing, we decided to give it a try and ensure that everything is really so fantastic.

First, we investigated user feedback and found out that most users found GPT-3 a usable tool that assists in essay writing. There is much positive feedback that emphasizes the key benefits, like:

  • Intuitive interface.
  • Understandable answers.
  • Fast writing.
  • Variety of covered topics.

We also placed our task: to write an essay on ‘Gun violence’ topic. After getting our results, we may state that we agree with some opinions. Chat with GPT 3 to place your assignment does not require much time, and the process is comprehensive since there are hints that assist in overcoming all the pitfalls. Moreover, our text was generated in several seconds. So, we may state that some developers’ promises do not raise any questions, but digging deeper, we found numerous points requiring more precise analysis.

AI-Generated Text Was Written Poorly and Messy

The quality of the text and its credibility are the key factors that influence grades. So, when you use modern technology, robots, or AI-based innovations, you want to be sure of the supreme quality of their services. Concerning the AI-generated text we got, it had a good structure and corresponded to the topic we asked for. But some failures can play a bad trick on students:

  • It may generate text based on the fake information available on the Internet.
  • The use of sexist or racist phrases is possible if such phrases on the Internet are related to your topic.
  • If the text is long, the same information (in different forms) may be repeated over and over again instead of new facts.
  • In the case of debatable topics, the AI can use biased data due to its popularity among users.

So, as you may see, even AI-based technologies like the GPT 3 essay generator are not perfect.

On the one hand, it may seem that they handle their task and generate texts of the required scope on certain topics. But on the other hand, there is no guarantee that the result is ideal, and you will not cheat or offend your reader.

Text by GPT 3 Essay Generator Is Easily Detected by AI Content Detector

In the history of GPT3’s existence, there was a case of using AI-generated text that went through minimal editing as a blog post. After the post became viral and had over 26,000 visitors, Liam Porr became a star of Hacker News as a case that did not raise doubts about human participation in writing. However, there were also incidents when AI-generated essays got higher grades than students’ written ones. It may be explained by the fact that blog readers or teachers do not apply AI content detectors to everything they read but consider content, message, and information.

Since progress is not static, with the appearance of AI-based text generators, special programs may analyze and detect what writing was generated by special tools. And GPT-3 essay generator online is not an exception. Of course, if your essay or text does not have critical information, it has a right to exist. But if you want to cheat someone using text-generating tools, you may be easily detected.

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AI Writer’s Texts Lack of Creativity and Require Editing

Since humans generate all the ideas on the Internet, all the facts are processed and presented by people. GPT-3 essay generator only refers to the available information. According to reviews from GPT 3 users, the strongest weakness of the tool is creative writing.

Let’s have a look at the abstract we got from the GPT-3 essay generator:

‘Finally, promoting gun safety can help to reduce the overall level of gun violence in society. This can help to create safer communities, as well as reduce the economic and social costs associated with gun violence.

In conclusion, promoting gun safety is essential to reduce the risks associated with firearms. By educating individuals on basic gun safety rules, reducing the number of suicides and homicides committed with firearms, and reducing the overall level of gun violence, it is possible to create safer communities and reduce the devastating consequences of firearms’.

You clearly can see, how messy and self-repetitive this text is. Chat GPT-3 cannot produce original ideas. It can only paraphrase thoughts available on the Internet. Moreover, you must definitely revise it to ensure smoothness. Seems a little bit complicated for a tool that has to simplify your life, right?

GPT Cannot Self Improve

Despite the opportunity to chat with GPT-3 online and ask to expand the text or add more details, the tool cannot go outside its borders. What does it mean? Since it is still an AI-based program that can handle numerous tasks not worth people, it cannot self-educate or develop.
Unlike the majority of humans who are tuned to constant self-development and improvement, AI writers cannot objectively analyze the gaps and the necessity to enrich the database since they are only programmed to be connected to certain resources.

As a result, GPT 3 chat may generate a text that reflects users’ viewpoint at a definite moment, so, sometimes, the information needs to be more credible. Moreover, like many programs, it is also sensitive to hacker attacks and bugs that may result in data misuse. We may observe GPT3 prevalence in the speed of text creation, but it still can not ‘feel’ the right information.

A Final Thought about GPT-3 Chat

After experiencing the services of GPT 3, we may conclude that there is still room for improvement since the tool is still in the development phase. So, if you do not want to try your luck relying on beta versions of promising AI text generators, you should better delegate any scope and complexity assignments to experts with rich experience and excellent reputations.

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