Causal Analysis Essay Topics

A causal essay is a type of academic writing that answers the question “why something happened.” Since most of the time, it is never easy to prove absolutely why a certain phenomenon occurred, this essay is then also referred to as a “speculating about cause” essay.

Whenever you are given this kind of article to draft, it is important to remember that you will first have to describe what happens and then give your reason as to why you think the said event occurred. You will also be expected to support your answer with evidence.

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The drafting of this type of paper requires the writer to show the connection between a particular event and other ones that had occurred before it. Remember, the event that had occurred before the one you are writing about should have some reason to show that they are what caused it to happen. Some of the problems people face when choosing a topic include:

  • Poorly defined relationships- whenever you choose to write a causal analysis essay on two events that are not related, it becomes difficult for you to provide sufficient evidence of causality, which leads to the creation of a weak article. Always ensure to choose that topic that contains phenomena whose relationship is clearly defined. In doing so, you will always have a lot of input facts to utilize when creating your essay.
  • Biased sources- whenever you are picking a topic for your article, always make it a point to determine that the sources of your information are never biased. This will ensure that you present relevant evidence in your paper, which will, in turn, help you create an award-winning article.

A List of Causal Analysis Essay Topics to Try Out

Here are some fairly strong causal analysis essay topics to look at the case that you are embarking on the creation of such an article:

  1. What makes people homophobic in modern society?
  2. Why are a lot of countries becoming xenophobic nowadays?
  3. Why do the female students outperform the male students in all subjects except sciences, technology, and math?
  4. Why do terrorist groups target certain countries in the world?
  5. Why is Kim Jong Un so intent on negotiating with Donald Trump more than any other President in the history of the US?
  6. Why is it so easy for a person to remember images more than the written or spoken word?
  7. What makes teenagers rebel against their parents more than any other age in the human life span?
  8. Why are police shootings on the rise in the US?
  9. What are the reasons behind school shootings in the United States today?
  10. Why has the neo-Nazism movement been gaining support in Germany of late?
  11. Why are there so many far-left parties on the rise in Europe and the western world at large?
  12. What were the main reasons behind the decisions for Germany to open its borders to refugees?
  13. What might be the reasons for the increase in teen suicides in some nations and not in others?
  14. What has made online gaming so popular in recent years?
  15. What are the reasons behind the spread of Ebola in the Congo region in Africa?
  16. What were the main events that fueled the rise of the Arab Spring in the Middle East?
  17. What were the main causes of the great recession in the year 2008?
  18. What are the main factors motivating private companies to join the space race?
  19. Why are cases of police depression on the rise in France?
  20. Why is the yellow vest movement protesting on the streets every weekend?
  21. Why do you think Brexit is turning out to be such a headache for Teresa May?
  22. What are the major factors for the rising popularity of soccer in the US?
  23. Why do people grow old?
  24. Why is the Apple tech company so successful?
  25. Why was Facebook fined such a high amount by the US congress in 2019?
  26. What are the leading causes of the prolonged war in Syria?
  27. What are the main factors that caused the rise of the term “fake news”?
  28. Why is China abandoning its one-child policy?
  29. What is the impact of the one-China policy on the economy of the Chinese republic?
  30. What factors enabled Donald Trump to win the 2016 US presidential elections?

A Few Causal Analysis Essay Questions from Experienced Gurus

Examples of causal analysis essay questions that one can implement when creating this type of paper include:

  1. How has social media impacted personal security?
  2. How Cambridge Analytical influenced the US 2016 elections.
  3. How have the actions of man brought about global warming?
  4. How are regular earthquake occurrences bringing about innovation in China’s construction industry?
  5. In what ways is social media influencing politics in today’s world?
  6. Why is the gun control debate such a burning issue in the US today?
  7. How is bullying affecting students in high school and middle school in the United States?
  8. What are the measures being taken to curb bullying in schools today?
  9. What are some of the factors that keep women tied up in abusive relationships?
  10. Why are HIV/AIDS infections so high in Africa compared to the rest of the world?

Get Causal Analysis Essay Ideas from an Established Organization

When it comes to creating these types of articles, you must pick that topic that you feel you are familiar with, and that has secure connections between an event and its potential causes. Here are some categories that can help you come up with unique ideas for your essay:

  1. Information technology.
  2. The environment.
  3. Politics.
  4. Youth and education.
  5. Social issues.

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