What Is College Day?

College Day is a community created in 2011 by Santa Clara County to promote a college culture among young people, mostly for those who are going to be the first who went to college in their families. In 2018, the SVEF made College Day their program. During its work, the community inspires about 250,000 students from Santa Clara to make plans for their college studies. The main goal of the organization is to involve young people to become college students and plan their successful studying, graduating, and receiving a job.

The website collegeday.org is created to celebrate College Day and inspire students worldwide to go to college. This organization has many partners, like Santa Clara County Office of Education, San José State University, Center for Educational Partnership, Leo M. Shortino Family Foundation, UC Santa Cruz Educational Partnership Center, and others.

Anyone can join the College Day company to become a speaker of the community. Individuals, foundations, and companies can make their donations to develop the project. Any local school can be involved in College Day activities.

How to Sign as a Speaker?

Any student from a local school can be a speaker on College Day to share their experience about the importance of education, getting higher grades, and making plans for the future. Anyone can share their journey and talk about the college education, any experience connected to studying, and the future job. The project is made to support students, especially first-generation, to get success in college studying.

Teachers can also join the project and tell their stories. We know that everyone has their unique way to success, so you can invite a volunteer from the community to the classroom to share any experience on College Day. Your students will hear interesting stories about getting into college, graduating from college, starting to work, growing up a business, helping their children to choose their way, and many other exciting ways.

Donations to College Day

Anyone can donate to the community to make College Day more successful and interesting. Supported by the College Day Coalition and SVEF (Silicon Valley Education Foundation), the company takes care of those students who became students for the first time in their families to support their studying and motivate them to get higher grades.

Foundations, companies, organizations, groups, and individuals can donate money to College Day. The project will spend these foundations for various materials, including wristbands, pencils, posters, etc., to promote the community and create a college culture. Investing in this company means investing in the success of students and making college studying popular and accessible for anyone. All the donations to College day are tax-deductible.

High-Qualified Education is Important for Everyone

Needless to say, in our modern world of new technologies and innovations, education means a lot. When a college student knows what he or she wants in the future, it is getting easier to make plans, set goals, and develop the needed skills. College Day is an organization that makes studying popular and interesting for future students who dream of getting success. It helps students to concentrate on their dreams, make new goals, improve skills, and find all the possible ways to get success in college. Of course, it helps these people to graduate from college without problems, find a good job in any sphere, and create a brilliant career.

Our company, Essay Writer, supports the College Day community because we are also interested in developing students’ skills and getting higher grades in college. Education shouldn’t be something boring and uninteresting for students, but they should see their benefits and learn how to make goals when they are studying. This will help young people to get good skills they can use in the future job to get success. It’s quite important to promote the importance of education and show students how many benefits they can get from it.

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