60 Commentary Essay Topics

Updated: May 19, 2023

We provide services that consider your needs as you embark on writing that quality essay. Our platform online is the right place to visit if you are looking for quality commentary essay topics. We provide a wide range of issues that broaden your thinking and in-depth analysis. It is an extension of the author‘s thoughts, which pushes the argument further.

The literary commentary aims at a complete analysis of an original writer‘s text. Books and journals utilize criticism such that publishers seek them for new stories and articles. You require adequate preparation before handling a commentary.

How to Select the Best Commentary Essay Topics

In case you are looking to choose interesting topics for your essay, our platform offers you updated questions to impact the audience at low prices. You are allowed to select the title to the theme of choice and get additional assistance in completing the essay. Commentary papers will enable you to discuss your ideas freely without fear.

If you need help on a good topic for your commentary essay, we are available to help you land that topic now. We have issues that help you draft an article to enable you to communicate with the audience. Choose our services and find quality words by experts in your field of study. Writing a great commentary requires you to read extensively and to look out for necessary information on the specific topic.

List of Commentary Essay Topics

Essay topics will guide you to come up with a professional paper. The following is a list of items you can choose from to write a quality essay.

  • How to respond to a law that accepts abortion practices
  • Effects of social media platforms on the users
  • Impact of the internet on social life
  • The role of gender relations today
  • Reactions to feminism in society
  • The problem of being raised by a single parent
  • How the church relates to the government
  • How loneliness and isolation affect the youth in society
  • How you feel the disabled in the community should be treated
  • How you react to mistreatment in society
  • How health is handled in your native country
  • Discussing the effects of mental diseases in life
  • The cost of healthcare in your hometown
  • How to reduce obesity
  • Why you should avoid extreme sports
  • Reasons why kids‘ access to the internet must be limited
  • Your favorite field of study
  • Advantages and disadvantages of video games
  • Impact of conflicts with parents
  • The effect of mobile apps to the youth
  • Your favorite sport
  • Some of your shortcomings in life
  • Negative experiences in life
  • How your first love impacted your life
  • Your favorite subjects in senior high school
  • Memorable encounters in life
  • How you would change world affairs if you had the power
  • The effects of alcoholism on society
  • Gender relations in college
  • Consequences of poor leadership in society

10 Social Commentary Essay Topics

  • How is feminism looked at in the United States? What about globally?
  • Are kids these days sissies? Analysis of overprotection.
  • Is bullying getting worse with the internet?
  • Discuss the current wave of censorship. Do you agree or disagree?
  • Should the church have a say in law-making? Why or why not?
  • How does society treat the disabled community? Do you think it’s fair?
  • What are the pros and cons of raising children in same-sex marriages?
  • How young is too young to allow children to go through a gender transformation?
  • How will Covid-19 impact the future?
  • Discuss how influencers are changing the face of business.

Higher Education Topics for Commentary Essay

  • The Rising Cost of Higher Education: Analyzing the financial burden on students and the impact on access and equity.
  • Online Learning in Higher Education: Evaluating the advantages and challenges of virtual education and its long-term implications.
  • The Role of Technology in Higher Education: Examining the integration of technology in the classroom and its impact on teaching and learning.
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education: Discussing the importance of creating inclusive environments on campuses and addressing equity gaps.
  • Mental Health Challenges Among College Students: Exploring the growing concerns regarding mental health issues and the need for better support systems.
  • The Skills Gap: Analyzing the gap between the skills acquired in higher education and those required by the job market.
  • Student Loan Debt Crisis: Discussing the consequences of rising student loan debt and potential solutions to alleviate the burden.
  • Ethics and Academic Integrity: Examining the importance of upholding ethical standards and combating plagiarism in higher education.
  • The Liberal Arts vs. STEM Education Debate: Evaluating the value and relevance of different educational approaches in today’s society.
  • Internationalization of Higher Education: Exploring the benefits and challenges of international student exchange programs and global academic collaborations.

Personal Commentary Essay Topics

  • The Impact of Social Media on Personal Relationships: Reflecting on the influence of social media platforms on our ability to connect and form meaningful relationships.
  • Overcoming Adversity: Sharing a personal story of overcoming a significant challenge or setback and the lessons learned from the experience.
  • The Pursuit of Happiness: Exploring the meaning of happiness and discussing personal strategies for achieving and maintaining happiness in life.
  • The Importance of Self-Care: Reflecting on the significance of self-care practices and discussing personal experiences and tips for maintaining mental, emotional, and physical well-being.
  • The Power of Vulnerability: Sharing personal insights on the transformative power of embracing vulnerability and opening oneself up to authentic connections and personal growth.
  • Finding Purpose and Meaning in Life: Reflecting on personal experiences and perspectives on the search for purpose and meaning, and discussing strategies for finding and living a purposeful life.
  • The Role of Travel in Personal Development: Exploring the transformative effects of travel on personal growth, cultural understanding, and expanding one’s worldview.
  • Navigating Identity: Sharing personal experiences and reflections on navigating personal identity, including aspects such as race, gender, sexuality, and cultural background.
  • The Influence of Family on Personal Development: Discussing the impact of family dynamics, relationships, and values on personal growth and development.
  • Embracing Failure: Reflecting on personal experiences with failure, discussing the lessons learned, and exploring the role of failure in personal and professional growth.

More Good Commentary Essay Topics

  • The Role of Art in Society: Examining the significance of art in expressing cultural values, challenging norms, and sparking societal change.
  • The Impact of Climate Change on Future Generations: Discussing the moral and ethical implications of climate change and the responsibility to protect the environment for future generations.
  • The Influence of Media on Body Image: Analyzing the role of media in shaping body image perceptions and its impact on self-esteem and mental health.
  • The Intersection of Technology and Privacy: Discussing the ethical and social implications of increasing surveillance, data collection, and privacy concerns in the digital age.
  • The Criminal Justice System and Racial Inequality: Exploring the systemic biases and disparities within the criminal justice system and potential reforms to address racial inequality.
  • The Role of Education in Social Mobility: Examining the impact of education in bridging socioeconomic gaps and promoting upward mobility.
  • The Implications of Artificial Intelligence: Discussing the ethical considerations and potential consequences of advancing artificial intelligence and automation.
  • The Impact of Globalization on Local Economies: Analyzing the effects of globalization on employment, local industries, and income inequality.
  • The Role of Women in Leadership: Reflecting on the challenges faced by women in positions of leadership and discussing the importance of gender equality in leadership roles.
  • The Future of Work: Exploring the changing landscape of work due to technological advancements, automation, and the gig economy, and its impact on job security and worker rights.

Commentary Essay Questions

Essay questions offer you an idea of themes for discussion. They guide you to present a professional argument on paper. Below are commentary essay questions to consider:

  • Do you like new social challenges in life?
  • Do you interact freely in a new environment?
  • Have you been abroad?Did you want it?
  • What are your favorite foods and drinks?
  • What was your memorable experience in high school?
  • What is your impression of the current social life?
  • Do you have a favorite video game?
  • What was your favorite class in high school?
  • Why should the internet be limited for kids?
  • Do you think the internet has a positive impact on society?

Commentary Essay Ideas

Essay ideas form the foundation for great works. They give the writer a beginning towards the bigger picture. Some ideas include:

  • Internet and society
  • Health education
  • Love and relationships
  • Mobile apps and the youth
  • Single parenthood
  • Games and sports
  • World health
  • Politics and the economy
  • Gender roles in society
  • Feminism vs. chauvinism
  • Abortions today
  • Diet and fitness
  • Foods and drinks
  • Policy and education
  • Social media and the youth

In summary, a commentary provides a platform to express oneself from different perspectives. The essay can be on a topic that affects individuals in society in several ways. You do not need a general explanation on the subject but narrow down on the idea in question. If you need help in formulating plans for essay writing, contact our pro essay writing service now.

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