30 Commentary Essay Topics

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How to Select the Best Commentary Essay Topic

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Can One Order a List of Commentary Essay Topics?

An individual can order a list of commentary essay topics in an online platform at any particular time. Writing essay topics that cover the entire area of study needs a lot of research. However, most students find it hard for they do not have enough time, and thus they need help from professional writers who have adequate skills and expertise in writing commentary essay topics. Some of these could include:

  1. Social and political challenges in the United States
  2. Importance of smartphones to high school students
  3. Importance of government controlling food served in school cafeterias
  4. The advantages and disadvantages of legalizing euthanasia
  5. Ways of boosting hygiene and promoting healthy habit among the citizens
  6. Methods of improving nursing service delivery to patients
  7. Things to consider to guarantee children’s health
  8. The impact of bullying
  9. The meaning of bullying
  10. Importance of attending college
  11. The meaning of abortion
  12. Response to the laws that allow abortion
  13. Mechanisms to control social anxiety among teens
  14. Defending death penalty law for the murderers and rapists
  15. Contribution of women movement in the society
  16.  Major causes of single parenthood
  17. The meaning of cyberbullying
  18. Contribution of the church as well as the state in the society
  19. Importance of social media in communication
  20. The effect of the internet to the current generation
  21. Video games as a learning tool
  22. Importance of having a balanced diet
  23. Importance of college education
  24. Advantages of group discussion
  25. Best learning methods for slow learners
  26. Contribution of school policy in enhancing the learning process
  27. Contribution of online writing platform
  28. The impact of the internet on education
  29. Importance of a study timetable to a student
  30. The advantages of peace in the country

Get Commentary Essay Questions

Apart from commentary essay topics, you can equally get questions. In most cases, you are expected to choose a topic while answering certain questions. Getting help in selecting a topic should thus be accompanied by the ability to equally come up with a relevant topic when answering a question. Some of the questions include:

  1. Is it important to limit children’s access to the internet?
  2. Should policies be introduced to control media coverage?
  3. What is the main cause of obesity in children?
  4. What is the meaning of human trafficking?
  5. What should be done to control human trafficking?
  6. What is the meaning of beauty?
  7. What are the negative impacts of video games?
  8. Should college athletes be compensated?
  9. Is technology changing the way of life?
  10. Should one use a phone while driving?

Get Reliable Commentary Essay Ideas Instantly

In writing, one needs to have an idea of how the entire document should be organized. However, this can be a tough task for most students and researchers for lack of skills. In this regard, the introduction of an online writing platform has made it easier for students to get commentary essay ideas on time and thus enabling them to write a constructive essay that will allow getting top-quality grades. Some of the commentary essay ideas include the following:

  1. The commentary essay on the reflection of a real-life situation. Thus, before writing an essay, it is important to have an analysis of your personal life.
  2. The commentary essay should express a personal opinion on the subject matter.
  3. Commentary essay on whether men should be allowed to marry more than one woman.
  4. Commentary essay on your opinion concerning gay marriage.
  5. Commentary essay on the introduction of new policies to control bullying in schools.

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