150 Best Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Updated: January 8, 2024

Compare and contrast essay is a regular assignment in various levels of education. That’s because it is a pretty effective way to monitor students’ knowledge and skills. Moreover, this task makes young people analyze and make decisions on the research. They think about particular matters, create arguments, research cases, and offer appropriate solutions for tackling the issue.

Tips on How to Select the Best Compare and Contrast Essay Topic

If you have been assigned a compare and contrast essay but are struggling to come up with a topic, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Writing a successful compare and contrast essay requires following specific rules and guidelines. The essay needs to be properly structured, with relevant content presented in a suitable format. Unlike other essay types, this type of essay requires you to find the right ideas to compare and contrast.

Choose a subject.

First, decide on the discipline your essay will cover. Choose a topic from your area of competence or interest, as this will make the writing process more manageable. Your task is to provide arguments based on your background knowledge and research findings.

Keep it concise.

Your essay topic should be no longer than ten words. It should be a concise and precise sentence or even a word combination. You don’t need to be too creative – the topic formulation should simply include the terms to analyze and compare.


To write a successful compare and contrast essay, you need to distinguish one thing from another based on solid arguments. Look for distinctive features and commonalities between your chosen topics.

Ensure that your chosen topic is suitable for comparison, and that it includes two or more concepts or terms between which there is some confusion.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to selecting the best compare and contrast essay topic.

Top 20 Compare and Contrast Essays Topics for 2024

  1. Online education vs traditional classroom education.
  2. Android vs iOS: Which operating system is better for mobile devices?
  3. Living in a city vs living in the countryside.
  4. Renting vs buying a home.
  5. Renewable energy sources vs fossil fuels.
  6. Online shopping vs in-store shopping.
  7. Dogs vs cats: Which is a better pet?
  8. The benefits and drawbacks of using a public transportation system vs driving a car.
  9. Traditional book reading vs e-book reading.
  10. Facebook vs Twitter: Which social media platform is better for communication and networking?
  11. Christianity vs Islam: A comparison of two major religions.
  12. Vegetarianism vs meat-eating: Which diet is better for human health and the environment?
  13. High school vs college: A comparison of two different educational levels.
  14. Traditional art vs digital art: Which form of art is better?
  15. Democracy vs dictatorship: A comparison of two different forms of government.
  16. Conventional medicine vs alternative medicine.
  17. Yoga vs Pilates: Which form of exercise is better for physical and mental health?
  18. The differences and similarities between fiction and non-fiction writing.
  19. Real books vs audiobooks: Which is better for learning and entertainment?
  20. The differences and similarities between the two most popular mobile app stores, Google Play and Apple App Store.
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20 Compare and Contrast Essay Topics For College

  1. The distinction between wit and humor
  2. Sustainable or gradual development
  3. Price and cost
  4. The personality of a leader and subordinate
  5. International financial standards and national ones
  6. Psychological features of management styles in classical and non-classical typology
  7. Social stereotypes and role behavior in business communication
  8. Grammar peculiarities of English and Spanish language
  9. Constructive and destructive conflict
  10. Verbal and non-verbal communication
  11. Techniques to stimulate communication and build trust
  12. Is there strict differences between the terms “benchmark” and “reference point”
  13. Styles of business communication: Their distinctive features
  14. The difference between the parties to the conflict
  15. Refusal or acceptance of the conflict
  16. Buddhism and Islam
  17. Self-regulation and relaxation against letting things slide
  18. Stressors and human psychology
  19. Negative emotions, the rationality of beliefs, self-esteem
  20. Consumerism or zero waste era?

20 Compare and Contrast Essay Topics For High School Students

  1. Manipulation in communication: In favor and against
  2. European football against American football
  3. E-book and printed edition
  4. Organic and non-organic foods
  5. Openness and closeness in communication
  6. Patterns of the behavior of wild and domestic animals
  7. Relations between student and professor
  8. Warfare and peaceful settlement of the conflict
  9. Discrimination and freedom
  10. Offline and remote education
  11. Financial statements and audit
  12. Misery and luxury
  13. Conscience and egoism
  14. Eligibility and duties
  15. Liberalization and protectionism in the international trade
  16. Film or book
  17. The mental distinction between men and women
  18. Upbringing and environment in terms of significance for character formation
  19. Android or iOS
  20. Cloud storage or printed copies

20 Easy Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  1. Business and casual discussions
  2. Conflict and conflict situation
  3. Psychological types of interlocutors: To who is no difficulty talking?
  4. Psychological techniques and distinctions between them
  5. Personal qualities of a person and the success of argumentation
  6. Conflicts in management and executive activities
  7. Communication as a social and psychological category
  8. Fascism and nationalism
  9. Rationalism and consumerism
  10. Extracurricular activities or classes
  11. Visual or auditory memory
  12. Waking up early in the morning or falling asleep late in the evening
  13. Traveling abroad or within one’s country
  14. Ways to spend your pocket money: What are they, and in which situations are they different?
  15. Pesticides and herbicides: Ways to distinguish between them?
  16. Predicting future vs. living for today
  17. Innovation and technology and their input to the rate of unemployment
  18. Immunity and psychological health in terms of criticality to the state of the body
  19. Theoretical and practical expertise
  20. Covering letter or references
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20 Interesting Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  1. Comparative analysis of corporate governance models in the world economy
  2. Cultural discrimination and ethics in international entrepreneurship
  3. Abilities and intelligence of the leader
  4. Gender inequality and tolerance in management activities
  5. Management concepts: rational management theory, probabilistic management, and leadership theory
  6. Modern approaches to the problem of styles and types of management: Coaching and management
  7. Benefits and drawbacks of classic and contemporary leadership styles
  8. Leadership style and qualifications of management
  9. Opportunities for constructive and destructive criticism
  10. Communication with “difficult” subordinates and managers
  11. Organizational innovations in the team and social and mental consequences
  12. Prevention of stress and conflict in the team
  13. Effective and ineffective time management and its features
  14. Career psychology and degradation of development
  15. Competence in resume and interview when applying for a job
  16. Methods of professional growth and self-improvement
  17. Self-management, self-regulation, and self-organization of the manager
  18. Training and professional development as a stimulating factor
  19. General and specific principles of management
  20. The structure of the manager’s personality: Socio-biographical, psychological and ethical characteristics of the modern manager

Psychology Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  1. Psychology as a science. Where is the method of comparison and comparison used in psychology?
  2. Comparative analysis of everyday and scientific psychology.
  3. Branches of psychology. Comparative analysis of the most popular trends.
  4. On what criteria is the analysis of everyday psychology and scientific psychology divided?
  5. How was scientific research in psychology conducted in 2021? Comparison with the last century.
  6. Comparison of instinctive and conscious behaviour.
  7. Comparison of the psychology of men and women.
  8. Comparison of the level of development of psychology in the 19th, 20th, 21st centuries.
  9. How can ancient knowledge of psychology be compared with modern knowledge?
  10. Cognitive psychology. Cognitive structures and processes.

20 Compare and Contrast Essay Ideas

  1. The external and internal appearance of a business person
  2. Rules of conduct in public places and at home
  3. Psychological and ethical features of a telephone conversation. Business Correspondence Rules: Distinctive features of the rules of communication on a cell phone and the Internet
  4. The significance of compliments and gifts in working relationships: Formulation rules and specifics of using compliments
  5. Types of relationships in the manager-subordinate system: Ethics of business relations “top-down,”  “bottom-up,”  “horizontally”
  6. Stages of development and professional maturity of the team: Limitations hindering its effective teamwork
  7. Formal and informal relationship between a manager and a subordinate
  8. The Concepts Of Coaching, Mentorship and Their Differences
  9. First impressions, effects, and problems of interpersonal perception in business communication
  10. Loss of information and the ability to listen to the interlocutor
  11. Reflective and non-reflective listening
  12. Socializing or disappearing into oneself
  13. Criteria for determining the truth of statements, openness, and closeness in communication
  14. 2-weeks holidays twice a year or a few days vacations every three month
  15. Creativity and commonality
  16. A person with ambition or expertise: Who to select to hire?
  17. Providing more career opportunities or larger salaries
  18. Fashion or brands
  19. High inflation or high rate of unemployment
  20. Sociology vs. psychology
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20 Funny Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  1. McDonald’s vs. Burger King: Which fast food chain has the better mascot?
  2. Dogs vs. cats: Who makes a better companion for introverts?
  3. Apple vs. Samsung: Which brand produces more ridiculous advertisements?
  4. Marvel vs. DC: Which universe has the most unrealistic heroes?
  5. Netflix vs. Amazon Prime: Which streaming service has the better selection of bad movies?
  6. Summer vs. Winter: Which season is more annoying?
  7. Coffee vs. tea: Which beverage is more pretentious?
  8. TikTok vs. Instagram: Which app is better for procrastinating?
  9. The Office vs. Parks and Recreation: Which show has the more cringe-worthy moments?
  10. Halloween vs. Christmas: Which holiday is more overrated?
  11. Airplanes vs. buses: Which mode of transportation is more uncomfortable?
  12. Pizza vs. Tacos: Which food is better for a hangover?
  13. The Bachelor vs. The Bachelorette: Which show is more unrealistic?
  14. IKEA vs. Walmart: Which store is more likely to induce a panic attack?
  15. Facebook vs. Twitter: Which social media platform has the more ridiculous trending topics?
  16. Horror movies vs. Romantic comedies: Which genre is more predictable?
  17. Paper books vs. e-books: Which is better for starting a fire?
  18. Water parks vs. amusement parks: Which is more likely to give you food poisoning?
  19. High heels vs. flip flops: Which footwear is more impractical?
  20. Online shopping vs. in-store shopping: Which is more likely to result in buyer’s remorse?

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