Disney Research Paper Topics

Updated: December 27, 2023

80 Best Disney Research Paper Topics

A great film storyteller, one of the pioneers of world animation, and winner of 22 Oscar awards. Perhaps none of the filmmakers who are now alive and have left this world could boast of such widespread fame and love of viewers around the world as Walt Disney. We all know what a huge contribution he made to the development of animation and films.

This incredible and legendary man opened a window to a beautiful, colorful and happy world for many people as a child thanks to his works. And to our time we see a huge legacy of many serious and instructive works that are watched by both children and adults. You can see our top 60 topics, which can open even more ways for you to explore the history of this company.

3 Tips on How to Select the Best Disney Research Paper Topics

To successfully choose a topic for research, you need not only ask yourself what you would like to study. It will be useful to delve into the history of the origin and development of this cartoon company, in which you can find many interesting questions or incomprehensible gaps in information. Thus, you will have more opportunities for interesting and high-quality research. Don’t forget to watch Disney movies and cartoons directly, as well as documentaries and read articles.

If the topic is too abstract, try clarifying the wording. See what intertwines and what doesn’t, what resonates and relates to your question. Collect more information on what you want to explore in this huge Disney theme. If the Disney Research Paper topic is officially approved, and you can no longer change it, then in the first phrases of the introduction, write that critical are focusing on a certain private plot in such a broad topic.

You can also choose a poignant and exciting topic from this article. They will most likely generate those emotions of curiosity in you that will help you do your research quickly and efficiently. They will help you re-discover Walt Disney and his company’s legacy, as the history of this company is very diverse and constantly changing, improving, and expanding in scale.

List of Disney Research Paper Topics For College Students

  1. What Disney studios exist today?
  2. Ambiguity and Morality in the Peter Pan Film.
  3. Symphonic hits in cartoons.
  4. Walt Disney biography. What led him to success?
  5. When and how was Walt Disney nominated for first place in the world of animation?
  6. Walt Disney’s cause of death. The answer to the question of why cigarettes are not shown in Disney films.
  7. Disney Company is one of the largest players in the modern media market.
  8. What is Disney’s biggest competitor? Their differences and similarities.
  9. How did Disney manage in his works to describe important human issues, psychological stereotypes, and mental images in great detail?
  10. Key motives of the most popular Disney works.
  11. How did the Disney studio expand from cartoons and amusement parks to TV shows?
  12. Disney as a brand.
  13. When did Disney first become the top-grossing Hollywood studio?
  14. When and why did Walt Disney receive the first Oscar?
  15. Disney’s collaboration with Marvel.

15 Research Paper Topics About Disney Movies 2024

  1. The Impact of Disney Live-Action Remakes on Nostalgia and Audience Reception.
  2. Cultural Appropriation in Disney Movies: Analyzing Representations of Different Cultures and Their Influence on Identity Formation.
  3. The Evolution of Disney Princesses: From Stereotypes to Empowered Characters.
  4. Disney and Social Justice: Exploring Themes of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in Recent Movies.
  5. The Role of Disney Movies in Teaching Values and Morality to Children.
  6. Disney’s Influence on Gender Roles and Body Image: Analyzing the Portrayal of Female Characters.
  7. The Representation of LGBTQ+ Characters and Themes in Disney Movies.
  8. The Impact of Disney Movies on Mental Health and Well-being: Examining the Effects of Storytelling and Emotional Engagement.
  9. Disney’s Engagement with Environmental Sustainability: Analyzing Eco-Friendly Messages and Conservation Efforts in Movies.
  10. Disney’s Influence on Family Dynamics: Exploring the Representation of Parent-Child Relationships and Family Values.
  11. The Cultural Impact of Disney-Pixar Collaborations: Analyzing the Cross-cultural Appeal of Movies like “Coco” and “Soul.”
  12. The Use of Music in Disney Movies: Analyzing the Role of Soundtracks and Original Songs in Storytelling and Emotional Engagement.
  13. Disney and Empowerment: Examining Female Empowerment and Self-Discovery in Recent Movies.
  14. Disney’s Impact on Tourism and Destination Marketing: Analyzing the Connection between Movies and Travel Destinations.
  15. The Future of Disney Movies: Exploring Trends and Innovations in Animation, Technology, and Storytelling.

15 Walt Disney Research Paper Topics

  1. An exploration of Walt Disney’s anti-communist views in his wartime and postwar animation work.
  2. Animation was a propaganda tool during World War II.
  3. Walt Disney’s collaboration with the FBI.
  4. Walt Disney’s depression and how he fought it.
  5. Walt Disney as an exemplary family man or a home tyrant?
  6. How did Walt Disney make money in both World Wars?
  7. Why did Walt Disney consider himself a genius and visionary? How did his employees and employees feel about him?
  8. Walt Disney’s sexism and his totalitarian approach to work. What harsh rules were there in the company?
  9. “Fantasy” by Walt Disney and the introduction of stereo sound in cartoons.
  10. What techniques and new techniques has Walt Disney brought to the animation industry?
  11. The idea of ​​opening Disneyland and why is it so popular nowadays?
  12. The idea of ​​developing an entire city by Walt Disney. What was the obstacle?
  13. How many awards does Walt Disney have, and why did he receive these awards?
  14. Produced films by Walt Disney in the last years of his life.
  15. What plans of Walt Disney did not come true in reality?

20 Disney World Research Paper Topics

  1. The History and Evolution of Disney World: From Concept to Iconic Theme Park.
  2. Disney World as a Cultural Phenomenon: Analyzing its Impact on Pop Culture and Entertainment.
  3. The Disneyfication of Childhood: Examining the Influence of Disney World on Children’s Imagination and Play.
  4. The Economic Impact of Disney World on the Local Community and Tourism Industry.
  5. Disney’s Approach to Customer Experience: Exploring the Strategies and Practices that Create Magical Moments for Guests.
  6. Gender Representation in Disney World: Analyzing the Portrayal of Gender Stereotypes in Characters and Attractions.
  7. The Role of Disney World in Promoting Diversity and Inclusion: Evaluating Representation of Different Races, Ethnicities, and Cultures.
  8. Environmental Sustainability in Disney World: Assessing Conservation Efforts and Green Initiatives.
  9. The Architecture and Design of Disney World: Examining the Unique Themes, Layouts, and Structures of the Parks.
  10. The Influence of Disney World on Theme Park Design and Industry Standards.
  11. Marketing and Branding Strategies of Disney World: Analyzing the Success Factors Behind its Global Appeal.
  12. The Disney Princess Franchise: Exploring its Impact on Gender Roles and Identity Formation.
  13. Entertainment Technology in Disney World: Investigating the Use of Animatronics, Special Effects, and Immersive Experiences.
  14. The Role of Storytelling in Disney World: Examining the Narrative Techniques and Story Development in Attractions and Shows.
  15. Disney World and Consumer Behavior: Analyzing the Factors that Influence Guest Satisfaction and Repeat Visitation.
  16. The Cultural Representation of Disney World: Evaluating the Portrayal of Different Countries and Cultures in the World Showcase.
  17. The Influence of Disney World on Local Education and Learning: Exploring Educational Programs and Partnerships.
  18. Accessibility and Inclusion in Disney World: Assessing Accommodations and Services for Individuals with Disabilities.
  19. Disney World and Community Engagement: Examining Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives and Philanthropic Efforts.
  20. Crisis Management and Disney World: Analyzing Strategies for Addressing and Mitigating Unexpected Challenges and Controversies.

15 Disney Research Paper Ideas

  1. The main prototypes of Disney princesses and which prototypes have been best shown in cartoons?
  2. The portrayal of Chinese culture in the cartoon “Mulan”.
  3. How has the animation of the Disney company changed from the beginning to the present day?
  4. How do old and modern cartoons affect children?
  5. What should Disney cartoons be banned from viewing?
  6. How can you describe the term “family movie”?
  7. Are there many types of love and relationships shown in Disney cartoons and films?
  8. Psychological analysis of the most popular Disney cartoons.
  9. Folklore and ethnographic material, referring viewers of Disney cartoons to the culture and history of different peoples.
  10. Breaking stereotypes about femininity in the cartoon “Brave”.
  11. The cartoons from the Disney company are best-shown vices, sins, and false paths that can lead a person to the most terrible corners of existence.
  12. Conduct a psychological analysis and comparative analysis of the influence of princesses and romantic love images on the development of the worldview of young girls and adolescent girls.
  13. How do the characters in Disney cartoons differ from their prototypes and real historical figures?
  14. How are Disney films and cartoons perceived in different countries?
  15. The most interesting facts about Disney cartoons are encoded and intertwined in them.

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