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Among all writing tasks and assignments that students need to prepare at the university, dissertation is probably one of the most complicated and responsible tasks. You will not find a masters graduate volunteering to write a dissertation, since it is always a hard kind of writing to accomplish. Dissertations require the usage of all your knowledge gained over the years of studies, research and analytical skills, often creativity, and almost always the price for an excellent dissertation is the lack of good rest and sleep.

The task becomes even harder for modern students when taking into account the external factors like part-time job, family, or procrastination over the paper. To sum everything up, there are definitely no guarantees that you will cope with the task and produce a decent paper. Is it really a hopeless situation? No! Even under such complicated circumstances, there is a way out! EssaysWriter helpful custom dissertation writing services are here for you!

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Stages of Dissertation Writing

  • Create a sparkling dissertation proposal

Proposals are important prerequisites for winning dissertations. You will have to lay out a plan of your future work as well as provide a number of reasons to persuade the committee that you are going to touch on a number of interesting, valuable and challenging issues.

  • Carry out a thorough research

Researching for the topic, literature and organization of your primary and secondary sources is a vital step when it comes to dissertation writing. This stage will set the tone of the future discussion and guide the reader through the main aspects you are going to cover in your dissertation.

  • Writing a compelling introduction

The first chapter must include the general statement of the problem as well as purpose of the study. Additionally, it is necessary to give explanatory definitions of the main terms of your subject. Finally, you will need to provide your expectations for the final results.

  • Composing a comprehensive literature review

Usually reviews should be focused on the research process and acknowledgments, which you will later use in your dissertation.

  • Describing your methodology

This chapter has to be dedicated to the methods, which you used for location of resources and implementation of results.

  • Exposing your findings

This piece is the most crucial of all chapters of your dissertation since it reflects your intellectual capacity. Here you will get back to the problem you posed in the introduction and provide the results of your research.

  • Wrapping up with the conclusion

In this final chapter, you will summarize the main findings and describe the results. You will also need to explain how those findings can be beneficial for other scientists at your university or other academic schools and how they can be applied in practice.

  • Collecting the bibliography

Make sure to mention all sources that you employed during your research and writing as well as format the references to those sources in a proper citation style. For example, you may be required to use Harvard citation style, which is a hard nut to crack even for the most excelling graduate.

Remember that successful completion of these stages requires good time management skills and patience that will later award you with a top-notch dissertation. However, if you find yourself struggling to write the whole piece, you can use our custom dissertation writing services.

Benefits of Professional Dissertation Writing

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