Economics Thesis Topics

Updated: August 26, 2022

140 Best Economics Thesis Topics

Economics is one of the most exciting and challenging fields to study. You need to analyze and understand the vast amount of information. Thus, it is not surprising that many students get all confused. It starts to be worse when your professor asks you to choose the topic for your thesis. So, the students need to pick one topic among the WHOLE economical theory.

Having this in mind helps to understand why many students find it rather challenging to choose the particular idea for the thesis. In this article, we want to help you out with it. We present you with the 140 Best Economics Thesis Topics.

Tips on How to Select the Best Economics Thesis Topic?

It would be rather strange to give you the list of best ideas to choose from without providing some tips on selecting the topic that suits you.

  1. Choose a narrow topic.

Every single topic about the ideas for academic papers includes this tip. Our team highly encourages you to pick up the issues that will allow you to concentrate on the particular problem. However, we can’t stress enough how vital it is to choose a specific topic. The broad idea makes you stretch your ideas too thin, thus making your paper worse in quality.

  1. Choose a topic in the field that you know about

Every student has favorite themes in their discipline. We recommend you use your accumulated knowledge so that you will spend less time researching. However, don’t forget to write according to the MLA, APA, or other rules of academic writing.

  1. Get inspired by the works of the previous generations.

The great minds of the past accomplished phenomenal results by inspiring the specialists of the past. You can repeat their way by reading the works from the older generation. Don’t get us wrong. We don’t encourage you to plagiarize, but rather to get the ideas and write your fantastic thesis. Who knows, maybe the students will use your work in the future to write their papers?

List of Economics Thesis Topics

  1. The economics of the “Green technologies.”
  2. Why the communist economies are doomed to fail
  3. Pros and Cons of Japanese Economical Wonder
  4. How Germany uses politics for economic profit
  5. The economics of Sub Saharan Africa
  6. How the superpowers use their power to dominate the world economy
  7. How cryptocurrencies will affect the economy
  8. Why the 1% of the citizens accumulate 98% of the money
  9. The pros and cons of globalization
  10. How ecology affects the economic prosperity
  11. The economics of nuclear energy
  12. How terrorism affects world economies
  13. How the multipolar world will affect the economy
  14. Why Russia suffers from economic sanctions
  15. How the Greece and Spain went into the financial disaster
  16. The morals of the modern corporations
  17. How international development influences economic growth
  18. The economics of Eastern Europe
  19. How Scandinavia ensures the prosperity of its people
  20. Why does Russia have so many raw materials, but its citizens are poor?

20 Economics Master Thesis Topics

  1. How the technological improvement affects the economies
  2. The freelance economies
  3. Why will Gen Z not retire?
  4. How does the Chinese economy work?
  5. The reasons and consequences of the 2008 economic crisis
  6. Why the green technologies are not economically profitable
  7. The new financial goals of the Western World
  8. How will Britain improve its economics outside the European Union?
  9. The difference in income among the different genders
  10. The “glass ceilings” phenomenon in the economics
  11. How do countries become economically prosperous?
  12. When will oil stop being the most valuable resource?
  13. How does immigration affect the U.S. economy?
  14. Why doesn’t the stock market shows the condition of the “real” economies?
  15. The economic explanation to the political dishonesty
  16. How the inflation affects the U.S. economy
  17. When will the world recover from Covid-19?
  18. The behavioral theory in the modern economics
  19. How does the world fight extreme poverty?
  20. The economics of the Sub Saharan Africa

20 Financial Economics Thesis Topics

  1. How has the internet changed the finances?
  2. The case of r/wallstreetbets and GameStop
  3. Big data and financial economics
  4. How does Twitter affect stock prices?
  5. When will the world have the next economic crisis?
  6. The machine learning and stock trading
  7. How the Hedge Funds manipulate the politics
  8. Why are certain companies “too big to fail”?
  9. How many citizens invest in stocks?
  10. How companies like Robinhood affects stock trading
  11. Why don’t people act rationally on the stock market?
  12. What is the actual price of Bitcoin?
  13. Why Tesla is so expensive
  14. How the internet changed the world of finances
  15. How do V.C. funds gain so much money?
  16. The financial economics for infrastructure
  17. How the finances affect “real” world
  18. The difference between “virtual” and “real” economies
  19. Why investors are irrational
  20. Financial accounting as a basis for business decisions

20 Environmental Economics Thesis Topics

  1. How do developing economies affect the planet?
  2. How much money does the world need to go green?
  3. Why are green technologies so economically unprofitable?
  4. How to economically encourage developing countries to go green?
  5. Why India and China don’t want to go green?
  6. How certain countries make money refining the trash
  7. Why is Africa the most exciting region of the 21st region?
  8. How does getting raw materials from the sky affect our climate?
  9. How do the market forces drive the improvement of green economics?
  10. Which economic agents affect environmental economics?
  11. How do renewable sources of energy affect economics?
  12. How does energy efficiency affect ecological economics?
  13. How does European environmental economics affect its geopolitical situation?
  14. How the green energy will affect day-to-day economics
  15. The gender inequality of environmental economics
  16. The economics of solar energy?
  17. Why is nuclear power the most economically logical?
  18. How the lower taxes affect the popularity of green energy
  19. Why are economists skeptical about green energy?
  20. How can we make green energy affordable?

20 International Economics Thesis Topics

  1. The economic development in Latin America
  2. How do African countries escape poverty?
  3. The “glass ceiling” in the developed economies
  4. How do developing countries become richer?
  5. How can China escape extreme poverty?
  6. How do Chinese economics differ from classical capitalism?
  7. How do immigrants change European economics?
  8. The economic battle of Australia against China
  9. How does behavioral finance affect stock trading?
  10. Why do the social sciences understand the market?
  11. Why do males get more than women?
  12. How the “helicopter money” will affect the economies in different countries?
  13. How does inflation affect household economies?
  14. The trends on how to make the country rich?
  15. The relationships between stocks and inflation?
  16. Moving industries back to the United States
  17. Why do companies flee from China and go to India?
  18. The economic rise of India
  19. Why has the Japanese economy improved in the last three decades?
  20. Is it necessary to have a right-wing economy to build a robust social state?

20 Economics Thesis Ideas

  1. The income of the average household in the United States
  2. How does the economic role encourage gender equality?
  3. How does the liquidity of the U.S. market affect macroeconomics?
  4. The macroeconomic development of African countries
  5. How can developing countries ensure education for their population
  6. How does the market use microeconomics?
  7. The role of psychology in the economics
  8. The Russian’s energy market
  9. How the natural disasters in Asia
  10. How has globalization affected markets in developing countries?
  11. The economic development in tourism in Africa?
  12. How does Electronic Payment work in African countries?
  13. The economics of the E.V.
  14. The rise of self-development and how it will affect the economy?
  15. The Singaporean economic wonder
  16. The clash between Chinese and American economic theory
  17. The giant bubble in the Chinese economy
  18. The decrease of the middle class around the planet
  19. The theoretical approach and the real economy
  20. Why is the economy the most important for the country?

20 Featured Thesis Topics About Economics

  1. The effect of Covid-19 on the global economy
  2. The Universal Basic Income in the modern economies
  3. Why are cold countries richer than hot ones?
  4. The economics of modern Afghanistan
  5. How do different countries prepare to go green?
  6. Why do the Millenials have problems finding jobs?
  7. The economic possibilities of the American colleges
  8. The rise of eCommerce and its effect on the economy
  9. Why do people lean to the left of economic theory?
  10. How does China combine capitalism with communist ideas?
  11. The economy of healthy food
  12. The hustle culture and its effect on the economy
  13. The economic role of social media
  14. How to deal with the rise of economic inequality?
  15. The cryptocurrency markets around the planet
  16. The economic impact of the cryptocurrency legalization
  17. How to build an egalitarian society using financial instruments?
  18. The freelance culture and how it affects the economy?
  19. The inflation in the current world
  20. The UBI and classical economy


Any research needs excellent effort, and it is an exhausting and challenging task. You have to find, analyze and organize the information which you want to present in your paper. This work is taking so long, but our time is more valuable than money. You can spend it with your family or friends, while we will provide a high-quality piece in the short term. Stop wasting your time and let our essay writer make your life easier!

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