120 Education Research Paper Topics

Updated: June 23, 2023

When you are required to write a research paper, you should pick up an interesting subject. This may be not so easy to do, that’s why we offer to you our list of good topics for education research papers. We hope you will get inspired by our little help, and create a bright paper to impress your audience.

Tips How to Select the Best Education Paper Topics

What can make your education research paper stand out among dozens of other similar ones? A proper paper is the one that readers want to read until the end. A bad topic can make them run away from your piece of writing and never come back to it.

Here are the key features of a suitable theme for a strong research paper:

  • It’s compelling;
  • It’s arguable;
  • It’s controversial;
  • It’s short;
  • It’s narrow.

The choice of topic will greatly depend on the course you’re taking and the skills you have. You will need to brainstorm all possible ideas. Then come up with the list of the most compelling ones. It’s a prudent idea to choose something that you are good at.

In general, you can write about anything that has sense and that has been researched by others. In short, you need to focus on what doesn’t seem too boring for the readers.

20 Best Elementary Education Research Paper Topics

  1. Should children be allowed to play computer games as long as they want?
  2. Should parents pay fees if their children say curse words in school?
  3. Is it possible to replace the real school with a virtual?
  4. Why do so many young people hate school?
  5. Describe your favorite teacher and why you like him/her
  6. How books can affect our lives?
  7. The faster way to learn Japanese.
  8. Why is it important to get high grades in school?
  9. How to pass exams successfully?
  10. How to improve your writing skills?
  11. Do schools give too much homework to children nowadays?
  12. Should schools simplify the admission process?
  13. Should school children be allowed to talk on cell phones during lessons?
  14. Relationship between students and teachers.
  15. How should our education system be changed?
  16. Is it necessary to teach children handwriting in schools nowadays?
  17. Is it possible to study online at elementary school?
  18. How to help your child with homework?
  19. How should young parents make contact with their kids’ school teachers?
  20. The education system of different centuries.

20 Higher Education Topics Research Paper

  1. Can we use cell phones in the education process?
  2. Should boys and girls study in a school in separate classes?
  3. Do modern technologies make students lazier?
  4. What is the future of modern technologies in schools?
  5. What’s more effective – listening to audiobooks or reading?
  6. Online students and traditional students.
  7. What are electronic books and how do they work?
  8. How modern technologies help to develop education?
  9. The education system of Australia.
  10. How to be popular in school?
  11. The best way to act with students in high school.
  12. What makes students get low grades?
  13. Why has online studying become so popular?
  14. What causes students to cheat on exams?
  15. The effect of a teacher on students.
  16. Why do people order papers online instead of writing them?
  17. Selecting education topics for research papers
  18. How does COVID-19 affect the process of education over the world
  19. How to define the right major to study?
  20. Should students be allowed to work during studying?

20 Graduate Research Topics in Education Paper

  1. Why is a teacher’s profession isn’t prestigious nowadays and how to change it?
  2. Why should reality shows be banned for teenagers?
  3. Why is multilingual education so important?
  4. Why do students hate dress-code in schools?
  5. The difference between people who studied at the university and those who don’t.
  6. Discussing different methods of studying a new language
  7. Comparison of different education systems.
  8. Why is it so important to study for people?
  9. Is the dress code a good thing in high schools?
  10. Would it be better for studying if all students were allowed to have tablets in lessons?
  11. Should a student pass a test before graduating?
  12. Is it better for students to have individual tasks or work together on a project?
  13. Are such classes like music and art important for high school students?
  14. How different competitions in high school can help students in their future?
  15. Is it important for a student not only to study but to participate in activities (football, art, theater, music band, etc.)?
  16. Should students be allowed to smoke?
  17. Why is it quite important to get an education?
  18. How to choose the best college.
  19. Why are most of the students lazy to do the homework?
  20. How does online education work?
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20 Interesting Research Paper Topics About Education

  1. Is online studying can be better than the usual schools?
  2. Will paper books be replaced with Ebooks?
  3. Is it cool to wear glasses in school?
  4. Should schools forbid using smartphones to teenagers in school?
  5. How modern technologies affect teenagers?
  6. Should schools have lessons on sex education to tell students about birth control and abortions?
  7. Why do so many teens hate school uniforms?
  8. Should teenagers participate in sports events apart from studying?
  9. How does studying and participating in sports and activities help teens to plan their time?
  10. Should teachers help teens in solving their personal problems?
  11. What modern teenagers think about religion?
  12. Can learning problems cause insomnia?
  13. Is it possible to make good friends in a public high school?
  14. Should high school students be involved to learn a foreign language?
  15. Why would it be a huge problem for a teenager to move from one school to another?
  16. Should parents feel safe sending their teens to summer camps?
  17. Should all schools have a psychologist to talk with teenagers about their problems?
  18. Why do some people have a pile of friends in high school, when others stay alone and closed from others?
  19. How to keep a balance between studying and job?
  20. Should schools start their lessons later?

20 Early Childhood Education Topics Research Paper

  1. The Importance of Play-Based Learning in Early Childhood Education.
  2. The Impact of Parental Involvement on Early Childhood Education Outcomes.
  3. Effective Strategies for Supporting Language Development in Young Children.
  4. The Role of Early Literacy Interventions in Promoting Reading Proficiency.
  5. Assessing the Effectiveness of Inclusive Education Practices in Early Childhood Settings.
  6. The Influence of Technology on Early Childhood Education: Benefits and Concerns.
  7. The Impact of Early Childhood Education on Social and Emotional Development.
  8. Addressing Behavioral Challenges in Early Childhood Education: Positive Discipline Approaches.
  9. Supporting Dual Language Learners in Early Childhood Education Programs.
  10. The Role of Early Childhood Education in Promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Skills.
  11. Exploring Cultural Competence in Early Childhood Education: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion.
  12. The Benefits of Outdoor Learning and Nature-Based Education for Young Children.
  13. Understanding the Impact of Trauma-Informed Practices in Early Childhood Settings.
  14. The Role of Early Childhood Education in Fostering Creativity and Critical Thinking.
  15. The Influence of Early Childhood Education on School Readiness and Long-Term Academic Success.
  16. Exploring the Montessori Approach in Early Childhood Education: Principles and Outcomes.
  17. The Effects of Preschool Curriculum Models on Cognitive Development and School Achievement.
  18. Supporting Social-Emotional Learning in Early Childhood Education: Strategies and Interventions.
  19. The Role of Early Intervention Programs in Addressing Developmental Delays and Disabilities.
  20. Examining the Relationship between Teacher Quality and Early Childhood Education Outcomes.

20 Physical Education Topics for a Research Paper

  1. The Impact of Physical Education on Academic Performance and Cognitive Development.
  2. Assessing the Effectiveness of Physical Education Programs in Promoting Healthy Lifestyles.
  3. The Role of Technology in Enhancing Physical Education Instruction and Learning Outcomes.
  4. Exploring the Benefits of Inclusive Physical Education for Students with Disabilities.
  5. The Influence of Social Factors on Student Participation in Physical Education.
  6. Promoting Gender Equality in Physical Education: Challenges and Strategies.
  7. The Impact of Physical Education on Motor Skill Development in Early Childhood.
  8. Examining the Relationship between Physical Fitness and Mental Health in Adolescents.
  9. The Role of Physical Education in Preventing Childhood Obesity and Promoting Healthy Weight.
  10. The Effects of Physical Education on Self-esteem and Body Image in Adolescents.
  11. Strategies for Promoting Lifelong Physical Activity Habits through Physical Education.
  12. The Impact of Competitive Sports in Physical Education on Skill Development and Team Building.
  13. Exploring the Use of Gamification in Physical Education to Enhance Engagement and Motivation.
  14. Addressing Issues of Inequality and Access in Physical Education Programs.
  15. The Role of Physical Education in Promoting Social Skills and Positive Peer Relationships.
  16. The Influence of Socioeconomic Factors on Physical Education Opportunities and Outcomes.
  17. Exploring Different Teaching Approaches in Physical Education: Traditional vs. Alternative Methods.
  18. The Effects of Physical Education on Stress Reduction and Mental Well-being.
  19. The Impact of Physical Education Policies on Student Participation and Program Quality.
  20. Assessing the Long-Term Health Benefits of Physical Education in Adulthood.

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