Engineering Research Paper Topics

Updated: August 25, 2022

100 Best Engineering Research Paper Topics

The choice of topic is the starting point for the long-term writing of any academic paper. That is why you should take this point as responsibly as possible. The consequences of indifference and choosing a direction that is not interesting for you will be boredom, constant procrastination, and negative ideas about the learning process in general.

For this reason, it is necessary to carefully consider all possible options and find the most exciting idea for you from the variety of engineering research paper topics.

How to Select the Best Engineering Research Paper Topic?

It is necessary to build on your interests and preferences. However, very often students need to write a paper on a topic that they are completely unfamiliar with. In this case, an excellent solution would be a conversation with a professor or scientific adviser who will give advice and help you understand the essence of the assignment, and help you choose one of the engineering topics for the research paper.

List of Engineering Research Paper Topics

Among other things, a common problem is the inability to focus on a specific piece of a large scientific stratum, causing distraction and a range of different troubles. In this context, your task is to familiarize yourself with each of them in detail. It will help expand the knowledge base and finally make sure of your choice.

It is not necessarily limited to the number of scientific articles. Try searching for relevant videos on YouTube and other platforms. Also, you should not forget to keep in touch with your supervisor and consult on every issue that interests you.

Below is a list of quirky and exciting engineering research paper topics. Each of them belongs to a certain category into which the entire scientific field is divided as a whole.

Thanks to this, you will be able to broaden your horizons and create a more detailed impression regarding the saturation of the chosen industry. Among them, there is an idea that you will want to devote your work to research.

25 Genetic Engineering Research Paper Topics

  1. Biotechnology: history, state, and development prospects.
  2. Manipulation of genetic material.
  3. Problems of the value of human life and health in the light of the prospects for genetic engineering.
  4. Genetic engineering of secondary metabolism of higher plants.
  5. Modern problems and methods of biotechnology.
  6. Construction of genetic maps of human chromosomes
  7. Genetic engineering of plants.
  8. Factors and tools for managing mass consciousness as part of genetic engineering.
  9. Genetic engineering and the right of citizens to privacy.
  10. The role of genetic engineering in the adaptive system of plant breeding (myths and realities).
  11. Chromosomal engineering of plants as a direction of biotechnology.
  12. The role of the value approach in genetic anthropology and genetic engineering.
  13. Pharmaceutical biotechnology.
  14. Genetic polymorphism.
  15. The use of plant biotechnology methods for the conservation and study of the biodiversity of the world flora.
  16. Molecular biotechnology: principles and applications.
  17. Haploid biotechnology for genetic improvement of crops.
  18. Plant biotechnology and biosafety.
  19. Zoology is a part of genetic engineering.
  20. Biotechnology at the vaccine production.
  21. Biological nitrogen fixation and genetic engineering.
  22. Plant biotechnology as a method for the rational use of biosynthetic potential.
  23. Criminology and Biotechnology.
  24. Development of a system of biotechnological methods aimed at accelerating the selection process of vegetable crops.
  25. Biotechnology coming years.

25 Industrial Engineering Research Paper Topics

  1. Methods for constructing regression models of heterogeneous data sources for industrial engineering.
  2. Industrial engineering in the chemical engineering industry.
  3. The first industrial revolution.
  4. Oil and Gas Engineering for Well Completion.
  5. Criteria and levels of formation of readiness for professional activity of future engineers-teachers of food profile in the process of production practice.
  6. Information technologies and the context of their application: industrial revolutions.
  7. Diagnostics and engineering of industrial processes.
  8. Modern paradigms of social engineering: a communication approach.
  9. Augmented reality technologies as a new component of industrial engineering and production systems.
  10. Engineering as an environment for the formation of engineering thinking among gifted youth.
  11. Modern industrial microbiology.
  12. Organization of production of an industrial enterprise from the standpoint of the methodology of functional and cost engineering.
  13. Industrial synthesis of proteins with the participation of recombinant microorganisms.
  14. Management of the development of integrated industrial corporations based on the consolidation of intellectual resources.
  15. Modern methods of genetic design of industrial strains based on various kinds of bacteria.
  16. Computer science and software engineering in education.
  17. The system of organizational and managerial disciplines for the study of life cycle management processes for marine equipment.
  18. Microbiological cleaning of industrial waste.
  19. Modern realities of industrial policy: comparison of the experience of different states.
  20. Historical knowledge in teaching biotechnology course.
  21. Human Factors Industrial Engineering.
  22. A new approach to defining innovative and technical activities.
  23. Various educational modules in areas such as aerospace and industrial engineering.
  24. The current state of international standards for systems and software engineering.
  25. Cybersecurity of progressive production technologies in the era of digital transformation.

25 Environmental Engineering Research Paper Topics

  1. Environmental engineering is a branch of science.
  2. Oil and gas engineering from the point of view of ecology.
  3. Methodological foundations of engineering culture and tendencies of its functioning.
  4. Environmental engineering of life support.
  5. New engineering: myths and reality.
  6. Environmental aspects of the engineering of surfaces of machine parts.
  7. Biogenic technologies in solving the problem of human health and adaptation to the environment.
  8. Sanitary and Environmental Engineering.
  9. Problems of the practical use of environmental indicators of sustainable development.
  10. Theory and Practice of Environmental Modeling.
  11. Environmental and Technical Engineering in Contemporary Design.
  12. Ecosystem health and environmental engineering.
  13. Mechanism of international relations on global environmental impacts.
  14. Environmental problems of animal morphology.
  15. Indicators of the ecological well-being of the territory as a standard of the quality of life.
  16. Environmental engineering in industrial animal husbandry.
  17. Prospects and opportunities for high-cycle waste processing.
  18. Cognitive human ecology in the digital age.
  19. Experience and design features of the content of professional training of environmental engineers in the states of the Anglo-Saxon type.
  20. Social engineering of environmental behavior.
  21. Spatial design and ecosystem services.
  22. Environmental engineering in systems of land reclamation of seawater bodies.
  23. Quality and environmental safety of food.
  24. The content of professional engineering and environmental training in the countries of continental Europe.
  25. Genetic Engineering: Legal Requirements for Ensuring Health and Environmental Safety in Japan.

25 Interesting Engineering Ethics Research Paper Topics

  1. Engineering ethics: nurturing moral competence.
  2. Theoretical aspects of the development of engineering culture of students.
  3. Ethics in the field of information technology.
  4. Stages of engineering ethics formation.
  5. Engineering ethics of high aspirations (analysis of a professional and ethical project).
  6. The importance of developing the professional ethics of the future engineer.
  7. The worldview role of engineering ethics.
  8. Ethical views of students of polymer specialties.
  9. Ethics of the architect as a type of professional activity: ethical and normative analysis.
  10. Engineering ethics in the oil and gas industry as ethics of responsibility.
  11. Code of Engineering Ethics in the Context of Sustainable Development Strategy.
  12. The problem of the responsibility of the engineer and engineering ethics.
  13. Engineering Education: Between Mission and Standard.
  14. Ethics of the information society as a modern stage in the development of ethics.
  15. Problems of Engineering Ethics in German Philosophy of the Late XIX − Early XXI Centuries.
  16. Examples of violation of engineering ethics in the practice of rocketry.
  17. The value foundations of engineering work.
  18. Engineering thinking in an anthropological context.
  19. The concept of public morality (experience of conceptualization).
  20. Problems of the formation of professional responsibility of an engineer in the context of modern innovation.
  21. Engineering and ethics of Immanuel Kant.
  22. Problems of the Engineer’s Creativity.
  23. Past and Present of Technology Ethics: Towards a History of Concept Definition.
  24. Professional and ethical requirements for the engineering workforce during the technological singularity.
  25. Business ethics.

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