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Updated: December 27, 2023

100+ FREE Ethical Research Paper Topics

Ethical research papers entail various assessments to guide scholars when conducting investigations on particular subject matters. It covers principles such as honesty and integrity in reporting data, findings, and research methods. Students should not include false or fabricated data that misinterprets the entire study.

Most students find it challenging to compose exceptional work because of irrelevant topics. Therefore, you need interesting ethics topics for a research paper to make your work stand out from the rest. This article discusses various topic ideas to help you start your writing process.

How to Select the Best Ethical Research Paper Topics?

Choosing a topic is often challenging for most students, especially if they have no guidance from their tutor. But if you understand the research question, picking a topic is easy.

First, you have to consider a few aspects before settling on a theme. Brainstorm all the ideas relating to the research question and write them down on paper. Each major subject has sub-topics and branches that make the topic richer in content. It is essential to choose a not too broad or narrow subject to avoid stressing you during the research phase.

Please make sure you are familiar with the subject because it is easy to write about something you know. Moreover, select an original topic to prevent plagiarism issues. It would also be best to consider the topic word count; make it clear and concise.

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List of Ethical Research Paper Topics – 20 BEST Ideas

We have compiled lists of topic ideas to help you jumpstart your ethical research paper.

  1. Effects of cigarette smoking on an individual’s health
  2. Impact of alcohol on skin aging
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of assisted suicide
  4. Effects of cybersecurity on user privacy
  5. Impact of gender inequality in modern society
  6. Benefits of organic foods in a fast-paced world
  7. How technology aids disabled leaners
  8. The legal implication of plagiarism to students
  9. Cause and effects of air pollution
  10. Depression: Is it a mental illness or a mood disorder?
  11. An extensive analysis of UV rays and their adverse effects on the skin
  12. Debunking the myths of depressive disorders
  13. Should animal testing be banned globally?
  14. Impact of advanced technology on teenagers
  15. Are diet supplements harmful to human health?
  16. Impact of social media on mental health illnesses
  17. Effect of corruption on governance and development
  18. Cause and effects of terrorist attacks globally
  19. Positive strategies to prevent and manage obesity in children
  20. How technology affects social relationships

20 Ethical Research Paper Topics For 2024

  1. The ethical implications of artificial intelligence and machine learning in decision-making processes.
  2. The ethics of gene editing and genetic modification in humans.
  3. The ethical concerns surrounding the use of facial recognition technology in law enforcement.
  4. The ethical implications of data privacy and protection in the era of big data.
  5. The ethics of organ donation and transplantation.
  6. The ethical implications of the use of CRISPR-Cas9 technology in agriculture.
  7. The ethics of animal experimentation in scientific research.
  8. The ethical implications of the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sports.
  9. The ethical considerations of using autonomous weapons in warfare.
  10. The ethics of euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide.
  11. The ethical implications of the use of drones in warfare and surveillance.
  12. The ethics of human cloning and reproductive cloning.
  13. The ethical considerations of social media algorithms and their impact on society.
  14. The ethics of resource allocation in healthcare systems.
  15. The ethical implications of genetically modified organisms in agriculture.
  16. The ethics of surveillance capitalism and data mining.
  17. The ethical considerations of the use of non-human animals for entertainment purposes.
  18. The ethics of corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability.
  19. The ethical implications of using blockchain technology for online transactions.
  20. The ethics of nuclear energy and nuclear waste disposal.

15 Ethical Issues Topics for Research Paper

  1. Discuss the implications solutions of climate change
  2. Should abortion be legalized?
  3. Discuss the ethics surrounding plastic use in enhancing the beauty
  4. Is it ethical to acquire wealth through fraudulent ways?
  5. Should sexism be incorporated into an organization’s ethics?
  6. Discuss practical ways to fight racism
  7. Pros and cons of legalizing euthanasia
  8. Impact of job automation on employment
  9. Discuss why women need more leadership roles in government
  10. Is it unethical to use animals for vaccine testing?
  11. Should the government give refugees work permits?
  12. Causes and effects of carbon pollution on fertility
  13. Discuss why religion should be incorporated as part of the school curriculum
  14. Should modern nations pay for the evils of past regimes?
  15. Pros and con of civil wars

15 Easy Ethical Research Paper Topics

  1. Effects of smoking on pregnant women
  2. Evaluate the implications of unethical leaders
  3. Discuss the causes and effects of racial conflicts
  4. Discuss the ethical role in governing modern society
  5. Should the government recognize prostitutes as legal workers?
  6. Discuss the ethical approaches to vaccination
  7. How forced marriages affect the family unit
  8. Discuss ethical hacking and its impact on privacy breaches
  9. Is moral leadership a measure of good governance?
  10. Does ethics impact an organization’s productivity?
  11. Does gender discrimination affect employee performance
  12. Is it ethical for companies to mislead consumers through false advertisements?
  13. Discuss how profit-seeking affects an organization’s ethical objectives
  14. How personal ethics reduces environmental pollution
  15. How social media affects human perception

10 Ethical Egoism Research Paper Topics

  1. Is human cloning ethical?
  2. How deodorants and soaps can potentially cause breast cancer
  3. Impact of social background on ethical norms
  4. Discuss ethical egoism theory
  5. The relationship between ethical egoism and criminal activities
  6. The comparison between morality and ethics
  7. Is selfishness ethical?
  8. Discuss the forms of psychological egoism
  9. Discuss the relationship between hatred and envy
  10. The impact of negative emotions on ethics

10 Controversial Ethical Topics for Research Paper

  1. Discuss how plastic surgery boosts self-esteem and its long-term effects
  2. Capital punishment violates human rights
  3. Is there justification for committing suicide?
  4. Pros and cons of diet pills
  5. The effects of adoption on a child’s development
  6. Is human trafficking morally ethical
  7. Why students cheat in examinations
  8. How ethnic adoption causes identity disorder
  9. How social media impacts human interaction
  10. Why some parents choose to homeschool their children

10 Ethical Leadership Research Paper Topics

  1. Discuss the significance of ethical leadership
  2. What are relational leadership and its impact on good governance
  3. A case study of good leadership: Nelson Mandela
  4. Why teachers should be morally upright
  5. Discuss why universities should practice ethical leadership
  6. Do students need to learn leadership courses in school
  7. Ethical leadership improves an organization’s performance
  8. How ethics impacts employee relationships and productivity
  9. Corruption impacts ethical leadership: Discuss
  10. Moral leadership is necessary to prevent corruption in countries

10 Ethical Research Paper Ideas for Extreme Writing

  1. Is homosexuality morally acceptable
  2. Are parents responsible for the moral ethics of their children?
  3. Should you call the police when a friend or relative commits a crime
  4. Should politicians be banned from campaigning in churches
  5. Discuss genetic cloning and its impact on human development
  6. Pros and con of ethical hacking
  7. Discuss the ethical issues surrounding surrogacy
  8. The role of ethics in the medical field
  9. Ana analysis of ethics in psychiatric patients
  10. Should the law execute violent criminals?

20 More Good Ethical Topics For Research Paper

  1. The ethics of using social media in political campaigns and elections.
  2. The ethical implications of autonomous vehicles and their impact on society.
  3. The ethics of using placebo treatments in clinical trials.
  4. The ethical considerations of using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for commercial and military purposes.
  5. The ethics of surveillance and privacy in the workplace.
  6. The ethical implications of using psychedelic substances for therapeutic purposes.
  7. The ethics of mandatory vaccination policies.
  8. The ethical considerations of using blockchain technology for voting systems.
  9. The ethics of animal rights and animal welfare.
  10. The ethics of using human embryonic stem cells in medical research.
  11. The ethical implications of global climate change and the responsibilities of individuals and governments.
  12. The ethics of using predictive analytics in hiring and employment decisions.
  13. The ethical considerations of using robots and automation in manufacturing and service industries.
  14. The ethics of using biometric data for identification and authentication.
  15. The ethical implications of using virtual reality technology for education and entertainment.
  16. The ethics of artificial intelligence and its potential impact on job displacement.
  17. The ethics of using performance-enhancing drugs in e-sports.
  18. The ethical considerations of cultural appropriation and its impact on marginalized communities.
  19. The ethics of using gene drive technology for pest control.
  20. The ethics of using embryonic gene editing for inherited genetic diseases.


Selecting a good ethics paper topic may seem easy, but the real work lies in the writing phase. After settling on an appropriate topic, you must now focus on the pre-writing stages. It is imperative to conduct an in-depth topic analysis before you finally get to compile your research.

Here are a few tips to help you compose a stellar ethical research paper that will earn you impressive grades.

Understand the Research Question

It is essential to take time and read the assignment question carefully to understand all the requirements. If you find vague statements, make sure you ask your tutor for detailed explanations. It is essential to know the main objective of the ethical paper. Writing an excellent paper is in the specific details; otherwise, you might stray away from the topic.

Pick a Doable Topic

Sometimes, tutors can give out the topic; if not, you have to come up with your own. Thus, ensure you pick a doable topic that will not complicate the writing process. You can pick a broad subject with adequate content and incorporate relevant information.

Narrow Down

The ethical essay research topics you finally select should be relevant to align with the research question. It is advisable to narrow it down to give the audience a more profound overview of the subject matter. You can compose several essay drafts before you settle on the final essay copy.

Outline Main Points

Write down all the significant points relating to the topic; it helps you know all the arguments you will include in your paper. Make the points brief and clear since it acts as a guide.

Thesis Statement

An ethical paper is similar to other standard essays; thus, you must formulate an appropriate thesis statement. It will be the foundation of your paper that gives the audience a direction. Moreover, you can amend it as you progress with your paper.

Extensive Research

You have to conduct comprehensive research on relevant academic resources online. Incorporate concrete quotations to make your ethical essay stronger. Ensure you use credible and reliable sites to have valid arguments.

Editing and Proofreading

Submitting poorly written papers results in mediocre grades. Therefore, please don’t skip this step since it is critical in eliminating all errors and rectifying grammatical issues. After writing your paper, conduct a thorough edit to polish your paper.

Writing ethical research papers require in-depth research and analysis if you want to compose an exceptional paper. Make sure you pick an interesting topic that will not bore the target readers. Your essay must have relatable arguments that align with the subject matter.

Don’t forget that you can always seek professional assistance from a pro essay writer if you are stuck and don’t have any idea on topic selection.

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