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The 3D artwork has taken the world by grasp with artists trying to create images and sculptures that catch the attention of their prospective audience. Most importantly, various artists are looking at ways in which their works can be more visible and interpretative. Kate Malone and Koji Shiraya have created 3D artworks that have generally uplifted the 3D artistry. Conventionally, they have created 3D works that can be viewed from any dimension while adding value to their backyard cultures. Malone’s Four Season Mother Gourd and Spiral Atomic 2 are some of creations that could be of interest to any 3D artistry’s prospective audience. Koji Shiraya’s The World is also another creation that elucidates the 3D artwork. The artworks by the two artists reflect their cultural background with the artists trying to elucidate what their culture is made of.

The Artworks

Spiral Atomic 2

The Spiral Atomic 2 comprises of a vase that express the Swiss culture. Standing at 34 centimeters, the artwork is a clear representation of the Swiss culture. The piece is 14 centimeters wide and 13 centimeters deep making it a simple creation that may interest any prospective 3D art’s audience. The creation was developed in 2011, a year when 3D artistry was taking shape in the art world.  The artwork is crystalline grazed stoneware that has revolutionized the 3D artistry (Malone, 1). The work is unique of its kind which indicates the changing nature of 3D artistry. The crystalline nature of the creation makes it more appealing to any audience.  This piece is a clear insinuation of the modern 3D industry. Malone’s impressions have been on display for quite some time and they have been highly rated for elucidating the Swiss culture. The image above represents what could be termed as perfect 3D artwork as it can be viewed from any dimension. The image presents a grazed stoneware vase that can be viewed from any side which translates to 3D artistry. This work presents a principal artist who knows the elements and principles of 3D artwork. From the image, the vase can be viewed from any direction as required in the 3D artwork. 

Four Season Mother Gourd

The Four Season Mother Gourd is another creation by Kate Malone that is a clear expression of 3D artwork. Standing at 104 centimeters, the gourd represents the 3D artistry while clearly representing the Swiss culture (Malone, 1). The gourd is a crystalline glazed stoneware that has added value to the 3D artistry world. The artwork has been displayed in various art shows gaining high rating as a 3D artwork element. The piece is a clear elucidation of the metamorphosis that artwork has undergone in the last one century. This creation by Malone is a clear expression of the 3D artistry of the 21st century. The blend of color on the creation also adds value to Malone’s Four Season Mother Gourd. The image above indicates that the artwork has been created using 3D technology as it can be viewed from any dimension. This piece is one of the biggest creations that can be given the 3D tag accolade. The Four Season Mother Gourd is an interesting piece of 3D that clearly depicts the elements and components of the Swiss culture. 

Koji Shiraya The World

The above image is Koji Shiraya’s The World which was created in the year 2005. The work is composed of six separate artworks with each piece acquiring a different form. The work is a clear representation of three dimension artwork. It is imperative to note that the artist who created the work, is passionate about 3D artistry and was creating artwork that could capture the attention of the prospective audience. The piece is a clear representation of the artist’s impression regarding the world. The artist notes that the legs of the artwork represent how things change their form from the original nature (Shiraya, 1).  The melting nature of the pieces is a clear representation of how normal things may take a completely new form or nature. The work gives 3D a new feeling, with a closer look at the picture allowing anybody to get a picture of what Koji Shiraya was trying to elucidate. Most interesting about the artwork is the materials used to create it. Contemporary, porcelain made artworks have gained popularity among the general demographic. People find things made with porcelain more interesting a fact which insinuates that Shiraya’s choice of material was critical in enhancing the popularity of the artwork. 

Comparison and Conclusion

 The selected artworks can be identified as similar due the 3D artwork elements that they exhibit. Malone and Shiraya have created artworks that contain all elements of 3D forms while their choice of material also adds value to their piece. However, the pieces differ slightly in terms of material choice, volume, and size. For instance, both of Malone’s works are crystalline glazed stoneware while Shiraya’s work is made of porcelain. While all items are trying to reflect an idea that crossed the minds of the artists, Malone’s work is cultural while Shiraya’s work represents normal ideas concerning life. It is crucial to note that the three artworks are balanced as required in three-dimensional artwork. The artists must have been aware of the need to create visual balance. The World by Shiraya can be said to be the one possessing a unique visual balance due to the melting legs. Malone’s works, however, appear to be more rhythmic than the piece created by Shiraya. Malone’s artwork appears to have a repetitive and recurring pattern that gives them a rhythmic form. The rhythm is, however, broken in Koji Shiraya’s artwork with no repetitive pattern being noted. Due to the message Shiraya was passing to his audience, it would be hard to create a recurring pattern in his work, The World. Malone’s works also contain medium additives, an element that lacks in Shiraya’s work. The presence of medium additives explains why the Malone’s work has a crystalline finish and a glossy look. Shiraya’s work is the smallest of the three artworks as it stands at 7 centimeters. Nevertheless, the three artworks are a clear representation of 3D artwork. 

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