A New Government

Subject: Political
Type: Critical Analysis Essay
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Topics: Constitution, Government, Political Science

The European settlers had lived in America for more than two-hundred and fifty years before it was declared independent from Great Britain. During this period, American colonialists decried the lack of self-regulation as well as the taxes levied on specific commodities. Consequently, their decision to rebel paved the way for the founding fathers to write the Articles of Confederation and form a new government. The years that followed were characterized by intense political debates which revolved around the government’s role in its citizens’ lives. A critical examination of the events that followed will create a picture of how the new government came into existence.

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The Constitution described how the government should be established. For instance, it defined the three arms of government, which included, the judiciary, executive and legislature. Additionally, it described the powers that each branch would hold, including those of the federal government. The constitution also dictates the rights of the American people (Davis).

The nation needed new leaders before the United States Constitution could be implemented. Members of Senate, House Representatives, President and Vice President were to be elected by electors chosen to represent different states. The elections dictated the kind of people who would govern the country. The presidency shaped the public unity and helped foster unity among the various states (Nash 45).

The Bill of Rights defines the fundamental rights that people should have. The former served to reassure the public on their concerns about the strength of the Central government. It also recognized individual liberties that people would have in the new government (National Archives).

Power had to be balanced to ensure that the government runs efficiently. Checks and balances needed to be incorporated to avoid a scenario where one ruler makes all decisions. Separation of power among the different arms of government, therefore, ensured that neither of them had total control of the government. Similarly, State and Federal powers were defined to ensure that their roles did not clash (Main 119).

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