Accountable Care Organizations Improve Of Quality Care

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I agree with you that the health practitioners are waking up to the new realities that it is no longer business as usual but must comply with the legal requirements in their professions. Today, the world is experiencing an organized health care provision where practitioners are required to account for whatever they do to their patients and ensure that there is value for money in everything they do (Rosenbaum, 2015). Thus, I agree that there are measures through the accountable care organizations that ensure that patients and other people seeking the services of health care providers obtains quality services at a fair price that is agreeable by all. This means that measures are placed to ensure that health practitioners account for the services they render and where it meets the value for money that patients pays.

As you have said it earlier, I agree that Medicare Shared Savings program is one of the established accountable care organizations that support better coordination of services and quality. The program is paramount in ensuring that there is a check on what the medical providers gives to the patients as well as the service charge (Bartels & Naslund, 2015). Through all these, the high rate of accountability is achieved.

On the other hand, I feel that the position of the hospitals and other health institutions remains the same when it comes to the provision of medical services to both the rich and the poor. Initially, these health institutions were charging fees directly to the patients and could help the disadvantaged groups who did not have money to pay. Today, the hospital is giving priority to the insured and less attention to those who do not have insurance cover. Overall, the uninsured still get the health care services with or without money.

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