Campaign Strategy to win November’s Elections

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Texas home District 134 structure and voting patterns show that there is no clear candidate in the upcoming elections. On that note, it is good to look for a way to ensure that we get a competitive edge over our opponents. In the following analysis, I have written for the best strategy that I have researched and thought upon and sought references from the campaigning team on how we can win this upcoming election. 

The Race

The main competitor in the race for the win in District 134 is the incumbent Sarah Davis. Davis has won three consecutive elections and has proven to be difficult to match for previous Democrats candidates. Sarah Davis has been touted as one of the recent upcoming influential women and some of her stands in the recent past have brought her admiration and support from some of the neutrals. The Districts are dubbed as a Republican District, which means we have to dig deeper to get the votes to make you the next member of the Texas House of Representatives from District 134. Davis has backing due to her economic stands that have seen improvement in the economic status in the District (Elliot). However, she has not transferred the same success into education and healthcare, which are vital aspects that we will touch on to bring in more admirers for your candidacy. Selecting the main loopholes in her candidacy and leadership will be the target to assure the public that you will do a better job than her if elected. 

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Funding the campaign may be a tricky affair. However, in a research conducted by Wheaton (1), the incumbent is said to need more money to fund the campaign that the opponents. As such, all we will have to do is get enough money to mount a serious challenge that will give us a better chance at ensuring that you get the win come November. Our projection as the campaign team projects the amount to be around $400,000. The amount will help on the campaign trail, on the advertisement to make you more popular with the people and on the organization of the campaign process. Most of the population in the District is learned individuals who focus more on the issues that affect the society. We first get them to be on our side, and they will help in funding the campaign. On the same note, the public may help if we can set a platform for them to do so and inform them of your plans for the District if selected. 

Focus Group

It has been known that most of Davis’ supporters are from the affluent in the society and the high-class individuals since her policies favor them more than the middle and low-class individuals in the society. As much as your policies will also favor the affluent, they will mostly favor the middle and low-class individuals. As such, most of the campaign and policies should look at bettering the marginalized groups, middle-class and low-class parts of the society. 


As noted earlier, Davis has mostly focused on the economic factors of the society, but failed to look at issues such as education and healthcare. As such, your campaign should focus on improving the education sector of the District and rectifying the aspects of Medicaid that have been seen to bother the residents of the District (Pudwill). Another issue that should be tackled is the poor infrastructure compared to other Districts and security and the right of families to have a way to protect themselves. 

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