Achievements of The US Government

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The US is one of the greatest and ancient countries in the continent having attained independence in the year 1776. It is a democratic state led by a president who is elected by the people. Over the past many years, the united state of America has had quite a number of presidents accounting for 45 to the current president. There have been quite a number of negative reports that the US has not made many achievements as it ought to have considering the time it attained independence other than the Military. In opposition to the negative reports, the US has made tremendous achievements.

One of the greatest and much-known achievements of the US is the Military. The United States has invested enormously in its military forces both the soldiers and the weapons especially the nuclear weapons. It is where the World’s first nuclear reactor was made according to Dan (2016). Dan also highlights another achievement in his article that the US is the first and actually the only country to have a successful manned moon landing. No other nation has been able to accomplish this. Dan, in his Article, 10 Great American Achievements in the History and Headlines, also goes back in history identifying that the first flight in the world was invented in America by the Wright brothers from Ohio who also invented the airplane crash fatality.

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In an Article by Amy, he first starts by saying that there have been myths spreading that the government has poor records of achievements. The writer says that conservatives and libertarians promoted constantly the failures of the government that its successes. The writer tells that there have been a lot of critics to the government that it fails even in the simplest tasks. The conservatives say that the government has not been adding any value to the society. Critics have been that the government does not solve the problems of the people; in fact, it worsens. Bureaucrats have also been blamed for making things and problems worse rather than solving them. In order to curb this, the writer tries to remind of the achievements that have been made in order to oppose these critics. Amy highlights some of the milestones that the US has taken that may have been forgotten making there to be so many critics. The US government has facilitated consumer protection greatly. This is by protecting its citizens from taking substandard and hazardous products. Moreover, the US has been on the forefront in Regulation of Business Cycle, Promotion of public health programs, Social security and Medicare, Federal Housing security and the GI Bill to mention but a few as from the article. This is as a reminder by the writer of the achievements to oppose the critics. 

The US government has made great achievements, yes, however, there are problems that come as a result or in the name of targeting success. Hudgins (2001) brings this out in the article on looking at failures or successes. In many situations, the activities done by the government may end up resulting in failures rather than success. For example, the government increasing market competition came as result of reducing telecommunication, financial services, and utilities. This strengthened the nation’s air system through inhibiting its own airline regulations decades ago. This is just an example showing that some activities may bring down or inhibit others.

In summary, the US has made great achievements since Independence Day which have been tremendous. Furthermore, in every government, there may be people who may critic its activities but the main thing is looking at the bigger picture. Also, in every project, there are possible good results that may be forgone to have greater positives. The US Government has made quite great achievements.

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