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The potential disasters likely to affect the family and household

The potential disasters that are likely to affect the family and household include heavy rains, flooding, earthquakes, huge fires due to earthquakes, civil war and man-made attacks, terrorist attacks, hurricanes, tornados, landslides and cyclones (American Red Cross).

The supplies needed in case of a disaster

The supplies that are important to the family and the entire household in case of a disaster are medical equipment, gas masks in case of gas leakages, eye glasses, disaster kits, first aid equipment, fire extinguishers, safety boots and leather aprons.

The storage of supplies stored in the event of a disaster

Supplies for the purposes of avoiding injuries and death will be stored in a safety room where accessibility will be easier to every member of the household so as to avoid potential harm that may be caused by disasters.

The means of communication in case of a disaster

Communication between members of the family during disasters will be by the means of a family emergency telephone booth that is placed at a centralized place near the safety house. Every member of the family is also required to know the personal phone number of other household members. After a disaster strikes, members are advised to meet at the safety room which is located meters away from the main house (CDC).

Action towards the elderly and pets

It is the duty of the middle aged members of the family to assist the elderly and household pets in the household to access the safety room for the purposes of their safety in order to protect them from injuries. The elderly are also advised to run for the safety room in the case of a desperate situation.

Fortification of household against potential disasters

The household is built in a manner in which it can reduce the risk of injuries and death in the case of natural disasters such as earthquakes and tornados. The house is seismically constructed to reduce the risk of shakeups and falling debris, which pose risks to injuries. Fire extinguishers are installed to in several rooms in order to help prevent the spreading of fire (American Red Cross).

Responsibilities of members in the case of a disaster



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