Adolescent Concentration Disorder

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Topics: Anxiety Disorder, Adolescence, Social Psychology

The difficulties in concentration experienced by this adolescent patient could be caused by a wide range of issues related to emotional stress. The hormonal imbalances during adolescence affect concentration as well as the appetite of an individual. This mental condition mainly affects the brain causing endocrinologic disturbances which have major impacts on the cognitive functions of the patient. As a result, the concentration is impaired (Hoagwood et al., 2014). The initial areas of concern when examining this patient would be concerned with the condition known as the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) 

(Barkley, 2014). The gerontologist should, therefore, be concerned with both the psychological and the biological aspect of the patient since the condition is associated with hormonal disturbances in adolescents which also affect the biological aspects such as eating habits.

The most appropriate diagnostic tools for diagnosis of this condition should be focused more on curing the mental disorders then treating the hormonal imbalances using the appropriate medication. This calls for application of both pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment interventions. However, based on the patient’s explanation of this condition, it’s imperative to apply various mental health assessment tools such as the depression test, the youth test, the bipolar test, the psychosis test, and the eating disorder test to evaluate the various underlying causes of this condition (“YRBSS | Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System | Data | Adolescent and School Health | CDC”, 2017). Moreover a series of lab tests should accompany the eating disorder test to facilitate proper medication.

Health promotion refers to the process applied to help people have a greater extent of control on their health. I would, first of all, discuss the importance of the health promotion strategies to enable the patient to understand the underlying reasons behind this strategy. The most appropriate health promotion strategy for this case is the personal lifestyle strategy that aims at helping the patient the principal causes of common illnesses and mental disorders to individuals. Moreover, this approach of health promotion will help the patient to know how to avoid some practices that compromise the psychological and the physical aspect of their health.

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