AIDS/HIV in the United States of America

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This is a research paper that is conducted in group. my part is, when were AIDS first discovered? And by whom?

The ailment was first discovered in the democratic republic of Congo. A group of scientists relates the disease with the chimpanzees. The people of the democratic republic had the regular practice of consuming chimpanzee meat not knowing the existing implications that came with its consumption (Stolley and John 156). It is believed that the animal contained the simian immunodeficiency virus that affected the people. It is believed that the virus is most likely to have been transmitted through the regular consumption of the meat (Bayer and Gerald 137). The earliest form of the infection was recorded in 1959 from a man from the country. The disease then spread to various parts of the world on a rapid basis. The activity prompted the introduction of various researches into the disease and the causes behind the ailment. 

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The rapid spreading of the ailment prompted investigations into the matter. A team of scientist embarked on the issue to facilitate to the diagnosis of the ailment owing to the fact it was a rising threat to humanity. Dr. Luc Montagnier led the team of scientist in making the discovery about the existence of the disease. The team that he led conducted the research on the Pastuer institute back in France. He was a French scientist that was dedicated in addressing the issue. The discovery of the ailment plays a vital role in the reduction of the number of mythical deaths that was evident in various parts of the world (Shilts 113). This led to the creation of several preventive measures to ensure that the disease was not passed on to other generations.

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