Air Quality Assessment

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Topics: Air Pollution, Health, Public Health, Smoking


Air quality assessment is an essential aspect that people should be continually be considered to prevent air pollution. Air pollution is an extensive and broad field because it can involve pollution from a great number of things. However, it is important to understand what is riskier and how it can be curbed. Air quality assessment involves collecting air quality and meteorological data and in turn validating it, compiling inventories of emissions, and analyzing the inventories and data collected (World Heath Organization, 2016). There is a need to look into details on the issue of e-cigarettes and show how they cause pollution to the air. Electronic cigarette pollutes the air with some fine particles and nicotine (Sglantz, 2016). E-cigarettes do not produce any side stream smoke, but that does not mean that they are environmentally friendly.

Air quality assessment is a good way to understand how these cigarettes affect the environment and the damage that they ultimately cause. Air quality assessment is supposed to come up with an extensive report on the impacts of e-cigarettes on the environment, the strength of the damage, and the long-term results. This will help plan ahead and decide what can be done to contain this kind of pollution.

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Aim of Paper

The paper should clearly outline the effects of this kind of pollution. It should be able to show why it is important to conduct an air assessment gauging the consequences of e-cigarettes on the environment. Air pollution causes a lot of environmental effects as well as harming the human health. Therefore, it is important to understand where the problem is coming from and how to solve it. Air pollution can lead to serious or even life-threatening conditions to humans, and therefore, the paper should be able to detail the risks show how to deal with them.

E-cigarettes produce a lower level of nicotine in the air. However, the people who are exposed to this air consume same levels of cotinine as the people who are exposed passively to cigarette smoke. Cotinine refers to the measure of the amount of nicotine that is taken into a person’s body. Therefore, it is important to understand the risk of consuming this air, and finding a way to stop it. Air pollution cannot be fully eliminated but it can extensively be limited. This can only be achieved through air quality assessment, where data about the air is collected, gauged, and ultimately determined the level to which the consumption of these cigarettes should be lowered to so as to make the air and environment more people friendly.

Problem Assessing Sources

There are a lot of sources that discuss the issue of e-cigarettes, but they do not elaborate on how it affects the environment. The studies that have been conducted have not been conclusive and are often one-sided and thus do not look at the issue from different dimensions. It was hard to assess files about air quality assessment on this field because the past researchers shy off the real outcome and effects of e-cigarettes.

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