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Alternative medical system is a complete medical treatment procedure, which includes effective practices connected with continuous testing method. The alternative medical practice is a biologically based medicinal and energy enhancer program, through which an alternative medical practitioner can introduce a manipulated as well as mind-body based practices to the patients (Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, 2016). Additionally, the complete medical practice enables the practitioners to provide an energetic atmosphere for patient’s well-being without illness. Concerning the concept associated with the traditional interventions, alternative medical system is an unconventional approach and has some differences from conventional health therapies provided to people (Gale, 2014). In this essay, a comparison and contrast has been made between the alternative system associated with medical practice and the traditional interventions. In addition, through in-depth analysis of complementary and traditional interventions, the essay has been capable to develop understanding about the beneficial and risks aspects associated with both the interventions. Besides discussions on the holistic and traditional interventions has able to combine both of these aspects to ensure a healthy well-being for people. In respect of the alternative system discussed, the essay includes interview of a professional practitioner to gain a comprehensive understanding regarding the complementary modality within traditional interventions.

Alternative System of Medical Practice

Alternative medical practices are associated with the belief-based medicinal programs, which contradicted with the scientific medicinal practices. Fundamentally, the alternative medical procedure consists of a vast range of therapies, as well as medicinal practices including Traditional Chinese Medicines, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, and Homeopathy along with Ayurvedic Medicines. All of these alternative medicinal processes are related with different kind of healing methods that were introduced in ancient era of medical science. Ayurveda and Naturopathy are the ancient herbal and biological therapies, which are based on the belief that individual body can be healed itself without any type of traditional medical method. The alternative practice used includes effective massage, exercise, herbal, and homeopathy medicines, and nutritional supplements, to recover from illness. For example, in case of selecting Ayurvedic medicines as an effective alternative medical technique, there is no doubt about it that herbal medicines and oil massages eventually effective for arthritis. From this instance, it can be highlighted that there is no such scientific evidences associated with these medicinal practices. However, in the modern period these processes have been combined with the scientific methods for better implementation of care practices (Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, 2016).

Compare and Contrast the Complimentary Modality with Traditional Interventions

Traditional interventions are the base point of medical science. In prior era of medical science, practitioners typically followed the aspects associated with traditional interventions. However, in this global era, medical technology and science is also changing with time. Now, there are several Complementary and Alternative Healthcare and Medical Practices evolved as a diverse range of health care service (Guttmacher, 1979). These Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practices has extended an exceptional version of traditional health care practice. Generally, traditional interventions are associated with knowledge, skills, and beliefs of people from different cultures and communities such as Indian, and Chinese, who are linked with maintenance of health. The traditional interventions are related with Prevention, Diagnosis, along with Treatment for both the physical as well as mental health. According to Tabish (2008), complementary and alternative health care practices are associated with five major fields of health science such as alternative Medical System, Biologically Based Treatments, Mind Body Alternative, Energy Therapies along with Manipulative and Body Based Treatment Methods. Concerning the traditional interventions, the practitioners must include several methodological techniques within their traditional medical practices. Alternative practices are associated with an approach of life. Rather than focusing over the particular parts of individual’s body, the traditional or holistic approach may consider the person’s entire body, mind, along with the interactive atmosphere to improve illness of the person (Malliori, 2010). Contextually, it can be inferred that complementary and alternative health care practices are entirely new division of medical science and has several better aspects than traditional methods, but the base of this aspect is associated with holistic approach. In the next segment, the essay determines the actual benefits and disadvantages associated with both the approaches.

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Discuss the Benefits and Risks of both the Traditional and the Complementary/Integrative Interventions

Traditional InterventionsIt is effective for long term basis

Minimum cost involved

It can decrease the risk of obesity

It is easy to access

Effective for several chronic diseases

The treatment take long time to heal the cause of the illness

It is less effective for serious trauma

There is always a risk of fake traditional medicines (herbs) associated with patients’ mind

Complementary InterventionsThis particular intervention not only addresses the physical health of the body of patients, but also the patient’s emotional as well as spiritual health

Personal attention is another important aspect of alternative medical approach

This process mainly concerned with the effective prevention process of diseases than its cure

The scope and researches based on alternative medicines are limited

The marketing trend of alternative interventions are confusing for people, because of which there exists maximum chances for dissatisfactions

There are several chances of negative feedback and side effects

Source: (Gale, 2014; Barrett & Ollendick, 2004)


Combination of Traditional and Holistic Interventions to Achieve Optimal Client Outcomes

From the above discussed benefits and risks associated with both the interventions, it can be inferred that there are some drawbacks in traditional and the alternative approach. If both the approaches are combined, it can make revolutionary interventions for people through the effective collective characteristics. Based on the traditional intervention, it can be highlighted that it is one of the most effective approach for patients to reduce chances of side effects. On the other hand, alternative or complementary approach is having some side effects within its treatment procedure, through the combined process of traditional and alternative medicinal practices, both the processes can be accomplish utmost enrichment within medical ground with proactive scientific approaches. Additionally, both the approaches are associated with patients’ treatment for a long-term basis. In response to this fact, it has been inferred that both the approaches can be able to collectively develop an intervention, which is completely free from all types of negative drawbacks. Moreover, traditional intervention techniques are enriched with the experience of ancient times, which can improve the methods of complementary approaches and make it effective rather than prior. Apparently, complementary approach is associated with complete treatment of patient’s body, mind and soul, through which it can capable to heal the psychological problems and trauma. From these instances, it can be concluded that to accomplish utmost patients’ satisfaction, both the approaches have to be combined from the perspective of their drawbacks, because if the major limitations are mitigated then both the interventions are thoroughly capable to cure illness from patients’ body, mind, and soul as well (Capuzzi & Gross, 2014).


From the discussed intervention, it can be concluded that body, mind and soul are internally related with each other. In this context, the essay discussed about the traditional and complementary interventions along with their beneficial and risks aspects. Through which it can be inferred that both the interventions are effective on the patients when it collaborates with each other. To gain empirical evidence the essay has been conducted an interview with a professional practitioner, which enriched the study with knowledge associated with alternative system of medical practice along with the interventions and its practical usages.

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