Goldfield community health assessment


Top priorities

The first priority regarding low access to preventive healthcare in the community encompasses preventing substance abuse in rural areas. Referring to the community in question, more than 50% of the population is struggling with the menace of addiction to substance use. Smoking tobacco is no longer a secret in the rural areas for they believe that norm is part of their life. Moodie et al (2013) in their study attest due to insufficient information in regards to the awareness of the harmful effects of tobacco in the rural areas, they tend to hide under ignorance, which adversely limits their chances of living. Besides, the increase of the uninsured population by 5% in the preceding ten years in Maricopa country is an evident reason that a higher population of the community is not accessing necessary preventive healthcare measures in case of adverse effects due to smoking such as cancer (Banner Health, 2015). However, the community member Banner Gateway has committed to reviving the healthcare of this community by increasing the level of awareness regarding the negative effects of smoking on people. For instance, the information contended by the Arizona Health Department alleges that more than 45 people per village in the community are addicted to smoking and smoke at least 60 to 100 cigarettes in their lifetime (Arizona Health Services, n.d). This is a higher number compared to the national averages in Pinal County. Moreover, the trend of the rate of smoking has been on the rise since 2009 because there are inadequate health care services in Pinal County (Arizona Health Services, n.d). According to numerous healthcare scholars globally, evidence-based preventive healthcare services are the most effective in the reduction of diseases brought by smoking since they are cost-effective (Moodie, Stuckler, et al, 2013). Effective counteraction in regards to substance abuse in the community, outreach events are some of the objectives of the Banner gateway organization and a national health priority with a view to reducing diseases that emanate from the high level of addiction that characterizes Pinal County.  For instance, events such as health screening, formation of support groups, and blood drives constitute these effective preventive measures that are made available to people around Banner Goldfield primary service area to ensure high awareness about the adverse effects linked to smoking in their lives. Thus, the strategy of increasing awareness towards preventive measures on substance abuse will aid in curbing maladies like cancer among the people in the t hares as well as the entire Pinal County. Therefore, the organization in this area uses different criteria in achieving its objective of raising the health standards of the people around this area (Banner Health, 2015).

Thwarting obesity is a behavioral health concern in the community. Nicoletto et al (2014) relay extensive information re the effects of obesity on both children and adults. For instance, high blood pressure is can be high on obese people than people with a normal weight. Therefore, training the children on healthy eating habits is a way of preventing the diseases at a tender age. According to the Arizona health records, approximately 50% of Pinal County residents are obese. Moreover, in 2008 Pinal county was among the top five counties that exhibited a high rate of people experiencing obesity. This number also surpasses the national average which stands at 27% by almost doubling the latter (Arizona Health Services, n.d). For instance, referring to the effect seen on the behavioral health practice in Scottsdale, several NGOs have been providing a nationally recognized behavioral health program on nutrition for both children and young adults who are facing various psychiatric challenges. In addition, this practice of healthy eating aids in curing diseases like chronic diseases that are mainly on obese individuals (Nicoletto et al, 2014). Increasing patient-centered medical homes in the community translates to the heightening of care coordination among the ailing that needs the necessary assistance. Success planning of behavioral health in the community will increase the number of community members seeking early advice about different diseases as well as decrease the number of patients suffering from chronic infection in the community. Thus, heightening education on nutrition in the community in a way of resolving the future diseases that many people in the community are bound to suffer from.

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Curbing Suicide is another top priority in rural areas. Hirsch and Cukrowicz (2014) argue that the rate of youths, as well as adults committing suicide in rural areas, doubles the rate in urban areas. This is because the people in the rural zones are more explodes to risk factors as compared to the urban population. These factors come from health problems as well as depression that later cause many to resort to death as a solution for their problems. This is the exact scenario in the community in question. Deaths due to suicide caused approximately 18% per every 10000 people (Arizona Department of Health Services, 2013). This is more than the national averages that raise an alarm in the community. Therefore, one way to make this a priority is by parting with the Banner Psychiatric Centre (BPC) to deploy various telehealth services to various patients suffering from mental illness that can later culminate into madness, which can be an avenue for the increase of suicide rates in the community. Besides, using the partners in counseling people stating from children to adults in the community is a faster way of reaching every member in Pinal County within a short time. This further increases the efficiency of offering health services to the individuals reading their depression that can end in suicide.

Relation of the plans to the key concepts in culture of community

The suggestion that came from patients included the integration of community events such as HealthMobile, health fairs, screenings, blood drives, broad-based communication, print advertising, family health literacy, providing Medicaid enrollment assistance for those who are uninsured, and assistance with transportation issues (Banner Health, 2015) is relevant in the culture of the community. This is increasing access to healthcare has been a problem in the community before. Besides, heightening the awareness by disseminating enough information to the community members like the information behavioral health is in line with the ethics of the community.  The alignment occurs in the sense that better health care will reduce the high chances of committing suicide, which is an abomination in the community. Moreover, the treatment, as well as preventive measures to be applied in the community on nutrition, will not only decrease further the chronic diseases but also take care of the future reduction of such diseases.

Key findings and conclusions

From the above study, it is evident that the community has the greatest need for efficient health. This is because several diseases, as well as various addictions, have been part of the life of most open in this since they have no information on better health practices. Before banner gateway launched an outreach in the community, there was evidence of low standards of health care, high rates of chronic diseases, poor nutritional practices, smoking, and high rates of committing suicide. However, an intensive analysis of the root cause of the problems showed that the health care practices in the community were on the decline. This could further be evident from the number of people who were having their life insured for medical purposes. Therefore, it is fact that the Banner organization, as well as other partners, help the poor people who could have otherwise left to die more so due to lack of such health care facilities.

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