Amazon Company


Organization background

The Company will be established mainly targeting a massive of educated youth in the city. Generally, the Company will offer affordable and accessible internet to the intended youths to give them quite a lot of opportunities to work, socialize and communicate as well. It will offer a conducive environment to get entertained while having coffee and snacks with friends. Amazon city Company will offer a cool environment where clients can spend an hour or two to work or just relax. The Company shall be a cool sanctuary located in the middle of bustling Manchester city where clients could just slip in to check a work email, work or to have a snack or coffee.

Business vision and customers

Amazon Company will mainly put more emphasis on its environment and the quality of services it is going to offer. The Company will offer best of quality services, which are excellent and non-discriminatory to all its customers. The Company focuses to offer its services to youths both men and women below the age of thirty-five. Key quality services will include offering full internet access to websites and emails among many other applications. The Company management will source services of the best providers to supply coffee, snacks and fresh fruit juices to the Company. The Company will have top quality designers to do the interior, which will be one of the most outstanding features to mark it out of possible competitors like Millennium Company, easy internet Company and Masters of internet Company.

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Mission and goal/objectives

To recognize that every person have value and to become leading place for work and entertainment to their customers. The demonstration of this will be through provision of high quality services, friendlier environment, equitable and affordable services to all its customers. The Company will not only be socialization place but also a social active place where youth can engage actively in their hobbies and common interests and also engage in available games provided at the Company.

Organization structure

Amazon structure will be simple and precise with an aim of ensuring that they offer high quality services (Dekoulou, Dekoulou, Trivellas, & Trivellas, 2017). It will comprise of chief executive office or the president who will be in charge and oversee all the activities of the business. Slightly below the president there will be three CEOs and two senior management personnel have to head the respective departments. The accounting personnel will also be responsible of human resource management, as the human resource management will fall under him.

Amazon Company organizational structure

Decisions to be addressed 

To imbue and realize its goals and attain success Amazon Company will put emphasis on a few decisions. For instance, the company will consider the installations of high-speed internet computer employ friendlier and educated personnel, vibrant and intense promotion and advertising campaign on online basis, conducive environment to enhance communication and socialization among customers and outstanding interior to offer clients a pleasant environment.

Swot analysis

Internal strength

Amazon Company will employ high-qualified personnel who have great expertise in their respective fields (Streitfeld, 2015). The internet manager will have high knowledge in the computers to ensure that all technical issues are well handled and solved. The welfare managers shall have skills in hospitality management to ensure that customers are served to satisfaction. The rest of the staff will have knowledge in their respective fields since they are people responsible for all tactical duties. The Company will recruit staffs on competitive bases to ensure that they end up with the most competent ones. All staff will sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure that privacy is up held and very little is leaked to competitors

Internal Weaknesses

Amazon Company internal weaknesses are the initial senses of dissatisfaction and law morale among the employees. The fact that hr department does not generate income on its own poses a great hindrance to the human resource activities.  


Along with the anticipated growth, Amazon city Company will translate this into rise wages of the current stuff and higher more qualified employees from the surrounding community. Through a good earned reputation and ranking in the industry, the Company will be able to enhance its workforce and resultantly become the employer of choice.  

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External Threats

Amazon Company cannot insulate itself from all of the possible threats underlying externally since some of them are imminent. The Company’s threats are mainly identified with the competitors who offer better wages or benefits, working conditions and HR policies, which see them recruiting the most, qualify employees in the market (Salm, & Schwab, 2016). If exiting and new competitor gain an edge in the market share, the profitability of Amazon Company would be affected and this will destabilize the operations of the HR department through lay-offs and threats of closure.

Gap analysis

Amazon Company shall focus on a number of main goals to benchmark its actual realization of goals. The Company will observe the current performance, conduct interviews as well as use of quantitative measures with an a aim of identifying Quality of services, customer satisfactions, employees level of satisfaction and efficiency of online campaigns. Currently, customers are not happy in that the Company does not accommodate kids where many of the clients have children and would like them to get entertained as well. Amazon Company will embark on children services to fully satisfy the intend clients.

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