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American Hollow Movie season two Asylum review

The second series of the American horror movie unfolds in the confines of ghosty mad asylum.  The show is set in the New England mental asylum back in the 1960, its cohesive and narrated directly. It brings out Sister Jude who is seen having centrally opinions with Dr. Oliver concerning the inmates held at Catholic Sanitarium. The film takes great risks in killing its major characters and leaves many questions on psycho-sexual and religion than answers. The asylum movie digs back into the dark past of the hospital administrators, doctors and patients.  Jessica Large gets back to the series as Sister Jude who is a troubled and finds herself in trouble with confused Arthur Arden a doctor with penchant in experimental procedures. The film is filled with pretty dark secrets, unexpected turns and sinister twists.

It’s endowed with compelling mystery plot and plenty of suspenseful moments. It brings out Murphy who is wholly concerned with the idea of power. At this season people who were responsible for running public institutions were having questionable characters. Those in power are obsessed with exclusions, hierarchies, rules and punishments where non-conforming women and wrongdoers are severely punished.


Overpayment of sins done

Jude was always on the run from vehicular man slaughter but at one moment she begins to see things more clearly and feels bad for the things she used to do wrong.  She starts pitying Anne Frank and started to see the cracks in Arden and Mary who was demon possessed, she got her punishment through being framed with the murder of a security guard, she is locked up in solitary for years. She only returns after she had prepared to confess the crime she did to the family of the young girl she hit with a car. The message in Jude punishment was that no evil will go unpunished no matter who the perpetrator is. The film depicts that evil will always be rewarded with evil.

Fear and madness

From the start of the show it’s evident that there are monstrous captors who are fierce and more aggressive than the inmates.  The film portrays them as more crazy and dangerous. Sadism is incorporated to science and religion and is expressed in the form of sexuality and used to exert control and repression of the people. In the film the border between normalcy and madness is porous and the world outside is portrayed as evil and unsafe. The show demonstrates that there is neither refuge nor safety and it’s all hell. In the asylum its total horror whiles the world outside is cruel with no peace but danger. At one incident in the film the inmates escape only to have them return since the world outside is full of fresh-eating monsters created by Dr. Arden through his science.

The show capitalizes in omnipresent danger and threat revolves around the public imagination of the 9/11 since the world is dominated by the ideology of poor politics and pop culture. It portrays that there is no safe harbor, although your neighbor may not be a terrorist he may be a rampage killer. The film portrays a world where people are not certain of the future. In real life today people are also fearful about the threat of global warming.

Annotated Bibliography

Jessica, Samuel & Adrienne “American Horror Story: Asylum and the power of the Mad Monster”

The authors of this article present the film American Horror Story section two with a lot of clarity. They go out and beyond to discuss multiple themes portrayed by the different episodes in the film. The article introduces the different characters in the film and portrays their different roles in the film. The article brings out the role played by science in 5he film. It depicts science as a god tool of technology but it has been manipulated by Dr. Arden to serve his needs. He is using it to cause harm to the inmates through his experiments. He applies electroshock to cure and control his patients and uses them as guinea pig. This is the highest show of inhuman. His actions goes hand in hand with those of the modern technology where the governments spends lot of resources to manufactured dangerous weapons and chemicals only to end up using them to terrorize people through wars and global warming.

The article highlights the issues morality and madness as witnessed in the film American Horror Story: Asylum. Sister Jude is seen using religion as a reason to cruelly punish the sinner as a way softening them for God to enter His light in them.  The forced confinement in in the asylum resulted as a way of responding to threats in social stability to control crime, immigrates influx and overcrowding. But it was overturned and used as a way of exercising evil against the others.

The theme of overpayment of sins done is highly brought out in the article, the article portrays that there is no single evil doing that will ever go unpunished. It’s therefore a warning to those who do evil to shun away before their wrong doings start haunting them down. In the film Jude is haunted by her actions which takes her to prison where she servers her sentence.

Murphy, Ryan, et al. “American Horror Story,” 2011). The theme of madness and fear is highly brought this article. The writer goes out to bring the different terrifying scenes in the film. He depicts how today people live with the fear of the unknown. The roaming threat of global warming is a cause of fear among many people today. The people live with the unknown fate of what will befall the tomorrow for their children with the continued irresponsible destruction of forests in Africa and the emission of carbon dioxide by the American industries and other developed nations.

The writers of this article successfully brig out the theme of fear and madness to large extent. They manage to marry the film theme with the current happenings in the society. The writers are also a team of successful writers who have gone beyond in writing review on other films.

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  1. Jessica, Samuel & Adrienne “American Horror Story: Asylum and the power of the Mad Monster”
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