American Red Cross


Organizations usually have different governing principles depending on a sundry of ideologies. The purpose of the organization is one of the leading determining factors that dictate the various principles to be used in the formulation of the mission and vision principles that guide the organization to achieving the various set goals. It is vital to have a clear definitive mission and vision statement in order to also have a decisive policy formulation for the institution. Proper analysis of a mission and vision can determine their viability and effectiveness in guiding the institution towards the set objectives. Notably, there are usually two types of institutions. There are the nonprofit organization and profit-making organizations. These two types of organizations have quite different guiding principles due to their difference in set objectives. In the case of non-profit organization, majorly, their objectives are providing assistance without any financial gain but, in the case of profit-making organization, their primary objective is to attain profit.

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One of the most influential non-profit organization is the American Red Cross. It is one of the most prominent non-profit organization who mandates is to assist individuals who are in need in various capacities. It is their mandate to provide empathetic care to those individuals who are in great need of their assistance. It is through their network of generous donor that they are capable of delivering the various services to those in need. Also, they teach individuals on different essential lifesaving skills hence the community can be properly equipped to deal with the different life threating situations that may arise.

In order to ensure that American Red Cross has a definitive guide that guides the many volunteers to achieving the various set objective, there is need to properly analyze the mission and vision of the organization. Analysis will be done taking into consideration the strength, weakness, opportunities and challenges evidence in both the mission statement and the vision statement. In analyzing the mission statement, primarily, it strength it provides a definitive description of its purpose which is alleviating human suffering in the face of emergencies (Irwin, 2013). Secondly, the mission statement displays weakness in terms of defining what it alleviates human suffering where one may comprehend its only purpose is assisting the disaster-afflicted victims which are not the case.

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The mission statement offers opportunities as it explains that it is through the donors that the volunteers are empowered to assist those in need. It attracts the intervention of donors in order to assist the volunteers (Skocpol, 2013). In analyzing the mission statement, it offers challenges of giving the perception that the entire organization works on the basis of generosity of donors where the organization has other avenues for revenue generation. In regards to vision statement, it has the strength that offers the determination and assurance of the strong network. Also, the vision statement offers the opportunity of offering the communities to have preparedness for disasters.

Understanding the budgeting strategies, the human resources, and information technology of an organization is vital in further comprehending the structure of the organization. Analyzing these entities of the American Red Cross is key in further understanding the working of the organization. In terms of the strength, the budget is primarily from donation which brings about togetherness in achieving the set objectives. The budgeting primarily focuses on assisting the needy and those have been stricken with disaster (Skocpol, 2013).    Human resources, it has the strength of volunteers who through cooperation, all involved parties work together to help those in need. Through the incorporation of the other Red Cross organizations around the world, the organization has a superior information technology systems through other various supportive technological organizations who have offered their services as sponsors. Through the installation of the system, it empowers the organization to becomes efficient in assisting those in need.

Communication in any given circumstance may it be a personal conversation or in this case, an organization is essential in ensuring all the involved department are working together towards attaining the set goals. Choosing the correct communication system is key to ensuring communication is achieved. American Red Cross communications display its strengths through the structure of the organization. It is structured into small manageable groups that all have a team leader who offers guidance to those within in the group (Skocpol, 2013). The efficiency of the communication is improved through the incorporation of the various divided groups. However, there are weakness evident in the communication system where miscommunication can occur in the case communication comes from the center of the organization and other smaller groups especially if the groups are working in remote areas.

In terms of leadership, the organization displays its strength through the structure of the organization. There is a clear leadership structure which has definitive set of responsibility. Additionally, due to the precise leadership structure, the organization has strength in their management structure. Finally, due to the expansive network of the organization in different cultures, there is strength where different volunteers are exposed to different forms of cultures.

Different organizations have different management strategies that have different yields. Analyzing the various strategies used in vital in determining the efficiency of the used strategies. Depending on the organization, and the used strategies, it will determine the efficiency of achieving the set objectives. American Red Cross use different strategies that majority of the used strategies contribute greatly to the success of the organization.

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