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Apple Inc ranks among the most admired organizations in the world. This reputation has been built by its innovative products that comprise of different mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The company is also famed for producing software and music content with the aid of its iPods and iTunes (Johnson et al. 2). The firm has reinvented the mobile phone market with the use of various applications, for example, the App store and iPhone. It is also notable that these applications are responsible for redefining the future of both mobile communication and media with the aid of its iPad. This essay discusses strategies that Apple Inc is using to achieve its mission. 

Apple’s Mission 

Apple’s mission statement has evolved with the passage of time. The main reason for this advancement is a change in technology and different technological systems. The firm is aware that for it to adjust to new methods, there is the need to employ new and modern tactics. It has therefore put in place some checks and references on the business landscape that influence its operations. These factors are necessary for increasing the company’s visibility and global stimulus on the world scene. It is therefore worth noting that for this to be achieved, there is a need to exert effort and implement its mission. The current mission statement reads: 

Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professional software. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store. Apple has reinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App store, and is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices with iPad. ( 2018)

The company believes that an organization must primarily seek to please its customers first before worrying about its shareholders. For Apple to accomplish this, it realizes that modern technological advancements are a necessity for outright development. It is therefore evident that Apple endeavors to accomplish its mission with the aid of its product development and pricing strategy. The association focuses on making innovative products capable of meeting the different customer needs and offer exceptional experiences when compared to that which is presented by its competitors. The corporation’s mission is specific as it indicates both the firm’s current and future business intentions. The description of the products that it manufactures offers and is obtainable in the market suggests the company’s present position (Johnson et al. 3). 

The statement mentions various goods, for example, its Mac series of personal computing devices, the operating system OS X iLife, and iPod. This is in addition to other innovative merchandises that have revolutionized mobile media, its applications, and cloud computing. The mission statement offers details that recognize and set the foundation for future actions that Apple intends to equally execute and attain in its overall mission (Bajarin 1). The strategies offered point to a glimpse of what the establishment currently proposes to accomplish both today and in future. For instance, Apple Inc is categorical that it desires to define the future of mobile media and computing devices. The understanding of this statement, therefore, points to Apple Inc’s intention to pull all stops and capitalize, while allocating more funds in both research and development (R&D).This is mostly applicable in the relevant areas of mobile media and associated devices. Mobile systems may include increased content on a program by incorporating iTunes, and Apple TV that may be compatible with other mobile devices in its product portfolio (Reuter 1). Therefore, the mission statement is categorical that innovative product development through research is the most appropriate method in which the company can use to attain its mission. The corporation further lays great emphasis on content development since all these products incorporate its features in their merchandises. The innovative approach implies that content is a significant factor and is at the core of the firm’s present and future product portfolios. 

Apple’s Products and Product Development

Product development requires innovation, and Apple Inc has demonstrated its unique ability to develop various products that offer customers exceptional experience in the mobile media circuit. The goods are unique as it designs and develops its operating systems, hardware, software applications, and other associated services. This is important since the technological aspects on offer are relevant to new solutions and products pertinent to the customer alongside enhanced usability, seamless integration and innovative designs (Johnson et al. 4). The company has a distinguished reputation in the field of electronics and has established a loyal customer base that values the simplicity of the products, and yet provides exceptional performance. Apple believes in a high-quality purchasing experience capable of enhancing its capacity. This is aimed at capturing the imagination of its current customers and increasing its market intending to attract new ones. Therefore, the strategy put in place seeks to develop and expand both its retail and online stores, and additionally its distribution network via its partners clustered in different market segments around the world. 

Apple holds the distinction for the high quality exhibited by its hardware products that include Macintosh computer series, the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. In 2013, the organization unveiled its sleeker iPad Air and iPad Mini that use Retina display. This move heralded a substantial growth in sales, and by the first quarter of 2014, the company pointed out that it had sold close to 26 million iPads. With the passage of time, the enterprise has continued to make innovative products such as the MacBook computers. It has also established an in-house policy in which the prices of both PC and laptops are fixed at a given premium. The strategy is meant to ensure that it offers the best quality hardware. In an age in which market forces have pushed down sales in PCs and laptops, Apple has focused on producing both enhanced and improved versions of its iPhone and regularly releasing them into the market (Bajarin p1).The iPhone offers exceptional customer experience while the Macs are designed to execute complex tasks. These tasks are carried out with the aid of simplified operating procedures. 

Apple software products include the Mac OS X operating system, the iTunes, the iLife used for multimedia and creativity, and the iWork software used for productivity at work (Farfan 1). Other software produced by the company include Aperture that has a professional photography application, Final Cut Studio used for professional audio and film-making and Logic Studio that encompasses audio tools. Others are iCloud with different accessories, service and support deliverables. Apple also launched a new software application into the system known as the iBeacon in its retail stores in the United States. This form of technology uses Bluetooth wireless technology to sense the exact location of a user in an Apple store. Its other task includes sending messages on the establishment’s products and events, in addition to carrying any information that is tailor-made to meet the said location.  

The organization also offers digital content and applications using its App Store, iTunes Store, iBook Store and others (Bajarin 1). The firm sells these products across the globe with the aid of retail stores, direct sales people, and through third-party mobile network carriers, and wholesalers. It also trades in different types of third-party products that are compatible with its own and comprises application software. Additionally, this is inclusive of a wide range of accessories available in both its retail stores and online. It is also worth noting that the business has also developed its TV, aptly branded the Apple TV which is a set-top gadget that bridges content sold on iTunes with high-definition television. The device allows one to play HD videos from iTunes and other third-party content developers for example Netflix. Users have the option of playing music, taking photos from iCloud and streaming numerous content from the iOS devices (Pearce p1). Research and development on the Apple TV continue with the consideration of future innovation being a factor for enhanced performance. This practice aims at allowing users to play games and other explore other features available for their use. 

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It follows that Apple Inc. focuses on developing content to be used in cooperation with these products and applications. The practice is put in place with the intention to reach a broader market and also attain its mission (Pearce 1). As part of its business strategy, the company seeks to grow its platform estimably and in the same vein to both discover and deliver third-party digital content and applications through its software, for example, iTunes, App Store and iCloud (Reuter 1).The firm continues to adopt advanced features and capabilities in both its product and service offering as a means of attaining its competitive edge and in the same vein, achieving its overall mission. 

Product development remains its primary goal with professionals pulling all stops and applying intensive strategy aimed at achieving sustainable growth and fulfilling its mission. As has been observed, Apple believes that active product development requires the organization to offer attractive products to grow its market and enhance its performance. It is worth noting that these are critical components needed by the firm in its quest to achieve the overall company mission. 

The product differentiation policy used by Apple Inc implies that the firm must have an intensive marketing policy to guarantee its penetration in the market and acquire a more significant share in its sphere of influence. Upon the implementation of such factors, there is a high probability that it can sell more of these products thereby gaining more exposure and in the long run attain higher profits. For instance, Apple uses the said strategy when seeking to sell more of its goods such as iPhones, MacBooks, and iPads. This approach is directed into the targeted market segments with the assistance of its premium pricing strategy. 

In its product development initiatives, the company does not focus on emerging the first, but rather producing the best products. When coming up with new products, the organization does not seek to be the first to unveil a new product such as an iPad or an iPhone, the company simply evaluates whether the new gadget will provide quality outcomes to the customer. For instance, it should be easy to use. The firm acknowledges that it does not have to be the first to unveil a product, instead, the organization learns from its competitors which enables it to improve on the products it produces (Jana 1). 

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How the Company Manages its Product Development 

Apple continues to invest in research and development with the aim of ensuring that its leadership in both product development and offering quality goods and services sustains the momentum in the long term. Innovation plays a critical role and becomes a motivating factor on the road to success that ensures that the Pal-Alto based multinational attains its competitive advantage in its area of relevance. Estimations are however still needed for the attainment of this goals and are discussed irrespective of the availability of intense competition. For example, Apple continues to offer enhanced and newer versions of its products such as iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch (Pearce p1). The firm then gradually grows based on the availability of new products and models which prompt it to generate increased revenues. The intensive product development strategy that focuses on offering unique products to different market segments captures the company’s overall mission and business strategy. 

The firm manages its products by expanding its distribution channel and is achieved with the aid of more authorized dealers or resellers. The method mentioned allows the firm to penetrate markets in which it does not possess a significant market share and in turn build a rapport with a pool of untapped customers. Such environments are set up in both developing and emerging economies situated in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia.

Apple promotes its unique products using media outlets and online platforms that offer users interfaces. The said interfaces allow them to view these products and services in a better modus operandi and also play a part in the making of their decisions when carrying out a purchase. By selling more of the present products to customers in the current markets, the strategy enables the California-based multinational to reach more market segments, increase its visibility to new audiences and build its profile as a technological powerhouse. It is stimulated even further by various needs that translate to expanded product offering and development through R&D initiatives (Bajarin 1). Again, Apple develops more market segments based on the feedback received from its customers concerning its goods. Market development ensures that the firm focuses on establishing a business presence by bringing out new and advanced merchandises and services that can meet the desired needs of these consumers. 


It follows that Apple Inc’s strategy to attain its mission focuses on developing innovative products targeted at specific consumer market segments. This offer increased sales, brand positioning and revenues to create new products and consumer avenues. Imperatively, Apple has focused on the manufacture and development of unique products based on its resource capabilities to attain its mission and improve its reputation. It has also put in place mechanisms that seek to create new audiences while in the same vein retaining the already established ones. 

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