Argue for the 2nd admendment in the Bill of Rights


The Second Amendment has two principle versions, one of them was distributed to individual states which rectified it and later endorsed it while the other one was passed by Congress. The Second Amendment is observed to promote the right of individuals to maintain and have arms. The Second Amendment was adopted in 1791, as part of the ten amendments that constitute the Bill of Rights. The Congress passed that the right of a person to own and keep firearm should not be invaded. This right only applies in cases where the militia is regulated properly and is necessary for security. The States ratified that if it is necessary for safety and the Militia is properly regulated, they have a right to own and keep arms with no infringement.

It is important to note that it is the civic right of any individual to resist any forms of oppression and act in the defense of the state. The amendment provides the capacity for individuals to engage in the protection of the state and the protection from any forms of defense. United States’ Second Amendment of the Constitution intends to protect individual rights on the possession of weapons. The right to protect yourself using firearms is considered personal liberty to prevent oppressive or undemocratic government bodies or institutions from being formed and repelling potential invasions. Additionally, the right to own was added to the Bill of Rights to reduce insurrection, contribute and acknowledge the law. It is to enable citizens to organize militia in the United States and to ensure that they can naturally protect themselves.

The Second Amendment is observed to protect the rights of individuals to safeguard themselves from harm. Consequently, it presents an imperative part of the rights of every individual since it protects human instinct that dictates the need to survive. The Supreme Court of the United States dictates that the right to bear arms is possessed by the people, however, the Supreme Court also ruled that the right is not unlimited. Hence, proper regulation of firearms is bound to ensure appropriate application of arms by individuals in the contemporary world. The length of the Second Amendment is only one line long. Nevertheless, the Amendment contains very important phrases. Militia, for example, is one phrase. In the early American history, most males between the ages of sixteen to sixty were necessary to be members of a certain local militia in their hometowns and communities. At this point in time, many people owned guns, and they used them to protect themselves and their communities from Indian invasions. Those who did not use their guns were required to contribute some amount of money so that they could be allowed not to take part in militia activities. After the amendment was printed, bear arms did not only mean artilleries though guns were included. This Amendment did not define the categories neither did it state which weapons were considered arms. Bearing arms means that you can carry a weapon in public. The weapon can be at home, or you can be carrying. Additionally, the Second Amendment does not provide any right to carry arms. Nonetheless, the other parts of the bill do not describe any right to bear arms. Most of these rights in the Amendment are considered God-given or natural. The Bill of Rights found in the Second Amendment only act as a reminder to the government that it should avoid trying to keep people away from this right.

This Second Amendment was established after the tyrannous rule in the British parliament. Countries which were colonizers were forced to unjustified taxes due to the unruly parliament. Because of this, people from America wanted an Amendment which would allow them the right to own and possess firearms which they would use to protect themselves in similar situations. This Second Amendment was developed to provide general welfare and common defense of the United States through the capacity to support and raise the militia.

The United States presents a civilized and advanced society with an advanced judicial system. This has made it possible to regulate the use and application of firearms. The debate on guns in the United States majorly revolves around how the Second Amendment was intended to be interpreted and applied. The people who support this amendment justify that their forefathers developed and endorsed the Second Amendment to ensure that individuals were allowed to own and bear firearms. The other group which opposes this amendment and want more rigid rules to claim that their founders were directing this Amendment for the resolution of the militia.

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